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  1. I don't even have crash logs, in the error itself there is not a single clue because of what it happens. My сomputer: Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 3.10 GHz Video card: GTX 660 RAM: 8 GB DDR3 In general, I tried: 1) Complete removal and subsequent reinstallation of Visual C ++ 2) Complete removal and subsequent reinstallation of NET framework 3) Complete removal and subsequent reinstallation of Arma 3 4) Updating graphics drivers 5) Updating processor drivers None of the above helped. Probable solution to the problem: Reinstalling Windows
  2. Same problem after reinstallation... I dont know what to do. Most likely the only solution to the problem is reinstalling Windows. 😕
  3. Alright, i deleted all versions of visuall C++ and installed 2015-2019 visual C++, now arma forces my computer to reboot. After rebooting arma disappeard from "installed games" list (I still have arma in steam library but it unistalled itself somehow).
  4. Yep, I installed exactly the version that I had before
  5. Error: https://ibb.co/DVBNT52 (English: **System Error** the code execution cannot proceed because (Here must be missing file name but in error here is just nothing) was not found) I already have 1000 hours in arma 3, I have never seen such a mistake. I have reinstalled arma, Visual C++ and NETframework, nothing helped. It began to appear after I removed Visual Studio 2017 using VScleanUnistall (found it on the GitHub) and installed it again. Other games work properly.