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  1. Hello ! I’m creating a scenario in which the player has to carry the only survivor of an ambush to a safer place (using the carrying interaction with ACE). So I would like to place in a trigger a condition to check if the player is really doing it (for tasks status). I’ve looked objectParent but I can’t figure out what to do with it. The idea was to check if the player and the wounded soldier were « assembled » Just like you can check if the different parts of static weapon are. Any idea ?
  2. Hello everyone ! I am making a mission and I would like to find out the seats index for SUVs (the ones from A2). So far this is what I found : Is there a way to find the missing ones ? Thanks !
  3. Mr_Sideburns

    Disable randomization

    I see. Thanks for the hint ! Edit : well I just thought of a quick and easy solution for my problem. I should have realised this earlier : CUP units with Project OPFOR gear... No more problem sorry for wasting your time guys
  4. Mr_Sideburns

    Disable randomization

    Damn, I see. Thanks for having a look at this. If I am not wrong they have been busy IRL recently, and lost interest in the mod as Arma is not stable. So I think I might have to get my hands on your CBA solution.
  5. Mr_Sideburns

    Disable randomization

    Hey ! Thanks for your answer. Which one of these solutions will purely and simply resolve the problem ? If it's possible I rather remove randomization once and for all than manage each unit individually.
  6. Mr_Sideburns

    Project OPFOR

    Hi ! Does anyone know how to avoid uniforms to be randomized at the start of a mission ? I'd like the units to use the gear I gave them.
  7. Hello ! I would like to stop the units gear to ramdomize when I am making missions. It's both frustrating and annoying. In an old topic I found this : this setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization", false]; but it doesn't work at all, the units uniforms are still radom when I start the mission. Is there an up to date solution somewhere ? ps : I use units from the project opfor. Thanks for your answers !
  8. Yes, it looks like what I am looking for ! Thanks ! I will try this tomorrow. Do you know where I can get the exact name of mortar ammo ? In my mission the mortar team is supposed to (constantly) shoot flares (so I will have to loop that and add some sleep). Edit : Here's what I managed to do. It works as intended with a trigger. []spawn { while {alive OfficerMortar} do { mortar1 doArtilleryFire [[4333.463,4411.297,0],"rhs_mag_3vs25m_10",1]; sleep (random 1 +2); mortar2 doArtilleryFire [[4346.318,4333.674,0],"rhs_mag_3vs25m_10",1]; sleep (random 3 +1); mortar3 doArtilleryFire [[4379.654,4261.604,0],"rhs_mag_3vs25m_10",1]; sleep 30 ; }; }; You can even write _unit doWatch [direction]; in the init. field of each mortar so that it doesn't move between each salve.
  9. Hello ! I'm creating a mission in wich an Ai mortar team has to shoot a target located in an other area of the town. I've tried many things without succeeding. To try to figure out my problem, in a simplier scenario, I made a soldier shoot a car with this : team1 reveal car1; soldier doTarget car1; soldier dofire car1; ps : it work fine with a trigger, but the car must not be hidden from the soldier's view Then I tried placing the soldier in a mortar or a DShKM UAZ. He targeted the car but didn't shoot. So where the problem comes from according to you ? Am I missing a command somewhere ? Must the unit see it's target ? Thanks for your answers !
  10. Mr_Sideburns

    How to override random

    Hi ! Sorry to resurect this old thread but your solution doesn't seem to work for me. I've been searching everywhere but I can't find an answer ... :/ Even if I insert this in the init field the uniform and gear are still random when I launch the mission
  11. Thanks a lot ! That's exactly what I was looking for
  12. Hello ! Sorry to necro this but it looks like I can find an answer here with you. I am making an ambush mission in which the player is alredy placed in his hiding place, and the ied as well. I would like to "link" the explosive to the player to be able to remotely detonate it with a firing system. I don't want the player to go to the ied to manualy activate it and go back to his hiding. It should be like he placed it. thanks for your answers !
  13. Nice ! It looks so obvious sometimes when you see it
  14. It won't bother me for that mission (well, unless someone delibarately kill the unit). Is there a way to avoid this ? I'm still curious, I might need it for other missions Thanks
  15. Thanks mate ! I was trying to do something like a script with randomness. The way I understand the one you suggest, it will run infinitely the animations in a random order ? Is that how it works ? Does this part means that the animation will change every 5 to 10sec on average ?