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  1. CTFRaven

    Naval Expansion Mod

    I really like those ideas. I think they also wouldn't be too hard to accomplish with what I have already, but I'll have to do some feasibility tests before I can say it's a probable feature. I wouldn't want to promise more than I can accomplish :)
  2. CTFRaven

    Naval Expansion Mod

    Here are some sneak-peak images of the NATO frigate corvette (any idea what to name it?) The weapons are placeholders, with better quality models to come https://photos.app.goo.gl/yCFNHWr1WFiW0UgM2 (google album link) -cheers
  3. NAVAL EXPANSION MOD By CTFRaven Hello all! I would like to present to you the sum of all my projects thus far and their end goal. Throughout my modding career, I have dreamed of creating big vehicles and environments that challenge the player and create a sense of adventure! While this is no map mod, It certainly does all of the aforementioned! What does this mod do? This mod is designed to fill holes inside the Arma3 engine in regards to weapon systems, Ship systems, AI pathfinding, as well as other things the developers decided to look the other way on. It will also include my two ships, as well as 3 additional ships that will showcase all of these systems to their fullest. Features include but are not limited to: Scripts: Full SONAR package including passive, active, and remote capabilities. Active and passive Torpedo package that work while flying, while submerged or surfaced Depth-charge Package - so you can put a stop to your silent hunters. Surface locking Anti-radar missile compatibility package - so you can actually lock and shoot the ships! Surface artillery computer package - so the ship will actually hit its target on the move AI package - so they'll stop running in circles... Submarine compatibility package - so your submarines will actually dive and surface. Weapons: A package of standard NATO and CSAT weapons will be included: -MK-48 light torpedo - both air-launched and surface launched. -CSAT-esque torpedo -AGM/RGM/UGM-84 Harpoon missile - with Radar locking and tracking -3M-54 Kalibr SSM (missile) -OTO Melara 76 mm DP gun - with SR version -Fajr-27 76mm DP gun -MK110 57mm DP gun Vehicles: 3 Corvette-class vessels - including limited anti-ship and anti-sub capabilities (CSAT, NATO, and IND) 2 Frigate-class vessels - including asymetric anti-ship and anti-sub capabilities (CSAT and NATO) 1 Light Submarine - including great anti-ship capability (CSAT) Since this is an expansion, I've left most of the scripts all inclusive, which means that if you want to use these functions you are more than welcome to. I will also release the source files of my Demise operations vessel fully integrated into the system, along with a detailed PDF of how the systems work and how to utilize them. This expansion is also meant to be simple to understand from a dev's perspective, while remaining advanced and immersive to the player. Special thanks to (so far): rksl-rock - for collaborating with me AusSnipe73 - for letting me peek in the source files, and for some models -cheers!
  4. Nothing really major happens past the size limits for me. it starts to break down depending on how you approach the geometries, but I've managed to get 110m to work fine on occasion. from my experience at least, non-PhysX objects seem to clip through lods at around 50m, but i have yet to find a definitive dimension that PhysX objects stop interacting, though i imagine it to be about 128m. It may also be based on your CPU clock speed... as for engine interpretations, some hard-coded elements prevent certain functions from running smoothly, like AI path-finding, Artillery computers, etc.
  5. CTFRaven

    Operations Corvette "Demise"

    This is NOT the NATO corvette I've released this week on the workshop. The nato corvette is a byproduct of this project and was meant to help me learn the mechanics of the game, and produce several scripting abilities that may come in use for the Demise class ship. Also, The Demise is almost twice the size of the Workshop corvette, and will have more features if that's something to look forward to :D
  6. Texture artist wanted for a few ship models I have completed, but haven't been able to texture. All the ships have walk-able interiors, and are mostly UV mapped. intermediate to advanced texture-work knowledge is required, and also some previous experience working with others is preferred. list includes several small ships, a couple destroyers, and a cargo vessel. Leave a comment, or PM me for more details. will not pay, but will give credit where due. (as any good community member will do) Cheers!
  7. CTFRaven

    Operations Corvette "Demise"

    Hello Humans once again! I have been working a lot on this mod in the past week, and now I can confidently say that there has been a lot of progress. First, I fixed some aspects of the old version, so while you still cant tie the boat back up, you will no longer fall through the deck while walking on the outer reaches of the ship. Also, helicopers can now land on it in SP, with some odd issues that appear in MP that I'll have to find solutions to. Also, I've updated the weapons system to be closer to the final product for any of you who are eager to try it out as of now. One thing I have noticed is that the speed calculation for boats is similar to real life on the small scale, but drastically different on the larger scales. There are cheap workarounds, but I'm not about that life as of right now... Also, I've decided to push into the lore a tiny bit, and create this as a primarily AAF ship. The idea is that there are TONS of lore/realism based ships available for NATO and USSR/Modern Russia, so an addition to an already saturated market would be a waste in my opinion. That being said, the lore I've so far created says that the Altans contracted a ship builder to build 4 of these ships while their country was in it's prime, and have since updated the ships with more role-based Weaponry and electronics. For weapons, I think I've decided on some from the Italian based company OTO Melara to suit the lore. The generic corvette will have a 127mm Otobreda 127/64 LW, along with 4 DARDO bofors 40mm for CIWS. For missiles, i have yet to decide, though I'm heading towards a couple of Otomats and some anti air missiles. And now for screenshots of what I have so far :D (untextured as I still haven't decided whether or not this is the layout I want) -cheers!
  8. CTFRaven

    Operations Corvette "Demise"

    Aye. The plan is to have it as interactive as the FFAA's B.A.M. while still maintaining mobility. After all, why would you download a ship if you couldn't sail it? twice that, and then some! The naval classification of a corvette is in weight, armament and role. It would be a laughing stock as a frigate, and a pretty hefty patrol boat, so corvette seems like the healthy medium.
  9. Hello humans! So, i worked on a ship mod when i was in high school, and you may have seen it on the workshop or other places. I'll be honest i guess, it looked like a highschooler did the model and texture work, and i want to put out better. What I've decided to do is update the graphics and scripts of the 'Demise' Operations Vessel. The demise was designed to be a mobile platform for all sorts of coastal operations, with an armament designed to take out small ships and coastal armour, while still being durable and such. To make the vessel more realistic, I've decided to scrap the armament of the old mod and use weapons used by navies around the world. I've also redesigned the inner workings to accommodate the inner engineer within me (interconnected ventilation systems, wiring, etc.). What I hope to end up with is a ship that can be used by any Arma unit, and not just the ones who partake in naval combat. Proposed features (in order of importance): Some Screenshots so far: If you have any recommendations or suggestions for ship systems, feel free to leave em here. I'm also a university student so i may not have time to work on this from time to time. Also, if you wish to help with the mod, feel free to pm me. Thanks!
  10. it would be the maximum calculated for the computers that they used for the creation of the game witch i calculated around 5.5km and tested it was 5.5km so i think i did a good job at calculating. for the carrier-- it would be awsome if you could get it to move. i bet if you studied a game called FlightSimulatorX you may find the answer to the question everyonee has beed figuring out. pm me if you need a theroy. i am gurrently making a Ticonderoga class Cruiser for this game and i would like for it to see a bigger perpose than just sea patroll and gound support.
  11. basicly the missile are being launched from the deack of the BattleCruiser but none of the below missile work at all: Aim9L AGM114 AGM65 AGM86 (harpoon from anzec mod) The custum missile i made which are Surface-to-Surface missiles. proxies i dont know how to use properly apperently. barrels i dont know how to use properly apperently. its launching directly from the ship upwards crashes on every one of them. if somthing else may be at blame pleas hilight it- ill put a new script up here that i have also tried. and the "CfgModels\vehicle.skeletonInherit" error may also be playing a certin role Model.cfg:
  12. basicly all ar fixed ans such but keeps crashing=is there a certin steap i need to launch deack fired missiles?
  13. nope. still not working. but here is the entire script if anyone can correct it. ----------------------------------------------------------------- there is also another problem i cant figure out and i think the answer is in this script: all meshed and objects in place but still walktroughable/flythroughable help with that if possible
  14. hey, i realy dont know how to get these threads out to ppl so ill just try and type the details of my problem. i have this vehicle all set up and stuff but the actual weapon systems when shot crash the game. basicly Ticonderoga class Criuser only Forward launcher is working launches arma default: AIM9L and AGM114 the only Cfg required(so far): this is realy cunfuzzleing my brainz. some1 plz help here Hero, like 12 days modding so far