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  1. BluePhoenix

    Model size limits

    There's something which escapes me. I've always built my models according to the well known size limits (~50m) dividing them in parts and spawning them together with a script. For instance, my actual submarine model is 180 meters long and I divided it into 5 parts. But... I had a look at the HMS Proteus pbo and I found no spawn script: nevertheless it is 98m long and works perfectly ingame. I cannot check the p3d file since it's binarized, but independently of that the model as well is that long, or there must be something (maybe the config file, but as far as I know I'm quite sure it isn't) that sets the ingame size. So... what am I missing?
  2. BluePhoenix

    The SSBN-X Project

    The second one. Actually I never considered a chamber flooding animation but I guess it would be a nice feature, I'll think about
  3. BluePhoenix

    The SSBN-X Project

    Lockout hatch open action, then you'll have another one for releasing the SDV to the outside. I'm working on the opposite actions (basically when you get outside the chamber you'll get the docking SDV action, and so on"
  4. BluePhoenix

    The SSBN-X Project

    A small update just to announce that while USS Argo is still on sea trials the second ship of the class, the SSGN submarine USS Artemis, was launched. Here's a picture of the event.
  5. Hi guys, I need your help. I made a model with Blender, I use the 7 stage super shader RVMATs but when I preview everything in the game I get weird shadows on the model. All textures, maps, RVMATs etc should be ok, so I suppose it has something to do with the model itself. Things I tried: -recalculate normals (both in Blender and OB) -smooth/flat faces in Blender Any suggestion?
  6. BluePhoenix

    The SSBN-X Project

    Yep, that's what I tought too, I don't think those giant doors would be easy to open in real life. Anyway only the first release will be static, I'll make it drivable but at the moment it's not my main objective. And yes, it will have an artillery computer for firing missiles (the ballistic missile version will have 1-3 warheads for every missile to place - no more since the rendering of many nuke explosions is quite demanding for my potato pc - while the SSGN will carry about 40+ cruise missiles).
  7. BluePhoenix

    The SSBN-X Project

    Hi guys! I'm sorry for not having posted updates for a while, but I had a lot mess in the last year and had to put aside the project for more important things. Anyway, in the last month I restarted to work quite regularly on it, I improved the model and tried to make it more realistic. I'm still playing with textures (remember, this is my first model and I have to improve my skills ) but I hope to release by July a first pre-aplha-stub-whatever version, that probably will be nothing more than the sub with a walkable top and working hatches . It will be a nice static ship, tho. Here's some picture of the sub at the moment. The SSGN version is still under development. My first design had some kind of larger hangar with the top opening in two (pic below in the spoiler), but then I thought it was a little bit unrealistic and at the moment I'm considering to recreate some sort of Dry Dock Shelter like in the Ohio SSGN. What's your opinion?
  8. BluePhoenix

    The SSBN-X Project

    Textures are still far from being completed, but here's a small preview. Armed boat for scale.
  9. BluePhoenix

    The SSBN-X Project

    No the problem is not making a huge vehicle walkable but that when it moves, people on the moving surface remains in the same point, not following the surface and giving the impression of "sliding" on it. Probably the solution is giving the same direction and speed of the moving vehicle with a workaround, but at the moment I'm not working on this.
  10. BluePhoenix

    The SSBN-X Project

    In the beginning my idea was to create a SSBN carrying a replacement of the D5 missile (which should be retired in the 2040s) and a SSGN version carrying a replacement of the Tomahwak (but since its last block has not been released yet, I was considering whether it was worth creating something new or using the good old Tom). The Conventional Trident Modification has some drawbacks (which are reported in the Wikipedia article), but I think it could be a nice idea for this mod, and I tell you why. Although one of my goals was to recreate a missile with multiple nuclear warheads, like the real one, through a script that would allow you to select different points on the map on which route each reentry vehicle, I changed opinion for a few motives: - I realized that launch several nuclear warheads on relatively small sized islands like Stratis and Altis did not make much sense (moreover, as far as I know, the exact dispersion range of the warheads is still classified). I do not know how much would remain. - all the nuke scripts I know cause an important drop in the frame rate (so happens to me, at least), so I guess having many warheads exploding at the same time would not be a nice thing. So, probably the "nuclear" UGM-180 will have a single warhead (consider it an extreme product of the START agreements), but I will consider the idea for the conventional weapon.
  11. BluePhoenix

    Vehicle animation problem

    One more question. I have two objects, hatch_1 and hatch_1_1 (the first is the hatch itself, the second is the mechanism that raises it). They both rotate around their own axis, respectively hatch_1_axis and hatch_1_1_axis. http://i.imgur.com/I9U9o8B.jpg?1 I tried to create two linked animations and it works in Buldozer, but not in the preview (let's say: in the preview the hatch works, but not the mechanism below). Here are the files: Config.cpp class CfgPatches { class Hatch_1 { units[] = {"Hatch_1"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Static { }; class Hatch_1 : Static { scope = 2; model = "\Hatch_1\Hatch_1.p3d"; displayName = "Hatch_1"; vehicleClass = "small_items"; class AnimationSources { class HatchRotation1 { source = "user"; initPhase = 0; animPeriod = 10; }; }; class UserActions { class openHatch1 { displayName = "Open hatch"; position = "hatch_1_ap"; radius = 10; onlyForPlayer = 0; showWindow = 0; condition = true; statement = "this animate [""HatchMove"", 1];"; }; class closeHatch1 { displayName = "Close hatch"; position = "hatch_1_ap"; radius = 10; onlyForPlayer = 0; showWindow = 0; condition = true; statement = "this animate [""HatchMove"", 0];"; }; }; }; }; model.cfg class CfgModels { class Hatch_1 { sectionsInherit=""; sections[]={}; skeletonName="hatch_1_bones"; class Animations { class HatchMove { type = "rotation"; source = "HatchRotation1"; selection = "hatch_1"; axis = "hatch_1_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; animPeriod = 0; angle0 = 0; angle1 = "rad 90"; }; class HatchMove_1 { type = "rotation"; source = "HatchRotation1"; selection = "hatch_1_1"; axis = "hatch_1_1_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; animPeriod = 0; angle0 = 0; angle1 = "rad 90"; }; }; }; }; Tried different code options, but didn't find a solution. I'm sure I'm missing a stupid thing, but can't understand what. EDIT: as i guessed, just a stupid thing. Just added the second action in the statement in UserActions
  12. BluePhoenix

    Vehicle animation problem

    Sorry, I forgot to explain... looks like there were two different meshes in the same selection, and this didn't allow the animation to work properly. Convex hull, merging the meshes, solved the problem. My mistake. :rolleyes:
  13. BluePhoenix

    Vehicle animation problem

    Ok it seems there was some mistake with the p3d file
  14. BluePhoenix

    Vehicle animation problem

    This is the first thing i did. The boat worked fine, and that's why I wanted to try something bigger, starting with a static model and then (in the future) a drivable one. I'm proceding step by step, also because I have not much time to dedicate to it. Made a lot of animating shapes, all of them working, but this... doesn't. I also had a look at the USS Iowa and Atlas LHD to get how they made it, but it looks like they all use vanilla animations which don't need a model.cfg (this also made me doubt if this was the right way to get what I want).