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  1. New to modding so bear with me lol... Working on recreating this real life ship, the M/V Ocean Freedom. Its a Heavy Lift ship. Carries containers, vehicles and misc Cargo. Originally the vessel was created to carry windmill blades. Plans for the mod: Container spawning on deck and interior cargo holds. Arma 3 VIV storage system. Static Ship Full interior layout including engine room with doors and hatches. Movable Cranes and gangways (Cranes will not be drive-able but I want to be able to set the angles of rotation and elevation of the boom in the attributes menu in the editor.) Sinking animation My progress so far (as of 4-27-20): https://ibb.co/31pFMyg I've been reaching out to other mod makers for help. If anyone who has Arma 3 modding experience and wants to assist message me!! Really excited to take on this mod!