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  1. Do you have a geo lod with weight applied? I noticed if I don't have one it will float in the air when a player/AI dies. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/LOD
  2. I think you guys are using armatoolbox version 3.0.2 when you should be using 3.0.3. The 3.0.2 version had rtm export problems. https://github.com/AlwarrenSidh/ArmAToolbox/releases
  3. Download and install mikero tools, https://armaservices.maverick-applications.com/Products/MikerosDosTools/. open ArmA3p and say yes or Y to the prompts. this will unpack and debin all the arma 3 files except for the models. you can download Arma 3 samples in steam to get a look at how the arma 3 heads should be done.
  4. ahh yeah, I forgot that it was a different addon.
  5. Does the rtm import also not work for others when using blender version 2.79? I had to go back to 2.78c for it to show up under import.
  6. for some reason i coudn't post a second image to the first post... here's how it looks before exporting matrices Nvm I found a fix, If i make my animation in blender i can't make adjustments in object builder or the animations will bug out. So only make the adjustments in blender then export again.
  7. Hi there. For some reason part of my animation is messing up after pressing export matrices. Here's what i did, I made animation in blender, exported it using armatools addon into an rtm file. also exported my model as a p3d file which is only using one lod at the moment. I open up my model in ob, then i click on from matrices to bring in my animation rtm file. i checked it and had to move all my animation actions down by 1 in the y direction. I test again and eveything looks good, so i hit export matrices and overwrite the rtm file. I then close down ob and restart it to check if my animations is still good, but for some reason the back of my model is sticking out only during the animation. Any idea what could be causing this issue? The only way to get rid of it is to export the animation from blender and redo it in ob again, but then i still get the same problem after exporting matrices. here's how it looks after exporting matrices
  8. Forgive me if this sounds dumb or if i posted in the wrong forum. I am making a custom model with its own skeleton and was wondering if there is a way to test one of the animations i made ingame without having to make all the animations for the skeleton first. I just want to make sure its working right in arma first before i continue making the others. It works fine in object builder when i import matrixes on the p3d model.
  9. If i do make it with nation specific decals/insignias I'll make one that doesn't have any. No idea. Hasn't been much work done on it since i got a new job working 3 in 1 shifts and progress will be porbably be slow since i only get about a week off a month to work on it. Here's a few pics I took before i left. Here's an older ship pic that is sitting really low in the water right now, probably due weight and buoyancy issues. Will most likely remove or change the guard rail or whatever it called that goes around the ship, right now it has a really hi poly count just by itself.
  10. True, was only going to do one version of it anyways. Not to much progress these past few days, been busy. Added some detail to the ship ( still lots to do), adjusting the hull so it looks right (front part still looking a little wierd). Cut the ship in pieces so i can get it into the game. Been slowing figuring the config so i can get test it out in game. Here's a couple of pics Looks like this one piece belongs in the scenery :D
  11. Robb_

    shadow? problem in bulldozer

    Ah forgot to triangulate the faces, worked fine after that. Thanks.
  12. Hey there, I have this weird shadow problem or something when i zoom into my model in bulldozer. Here's a few pics Looks fine when i'm zoomed out far enough Anyone know what the problem is? Could it have something to do with my geometry lod? I have to redo mine. Was just testing to see if i could get the whole thing in arma, I put the ship into 4 separate models and using proxies to attach them. At the moment i only have one view lod, one shadow volume, geometry( needs to be redone) and a roadway.
  13. well i'm going to get it working as a stationary object first, then if its even possible maybe try to get it moving. Not just the russion navy, can also be used with the french or egyptian navy ;)
  14. Welcome to my Mistral work in progress I've been working on the Mistral class amphibious assault ship the past few days, thought i'd share some pics of the work in progress. I plan to have both the vehicle and helicopter hangers, landing bay, two elevators, the bridge and maybe a few other things. Don't think i'll be doing the crew quarters and such since there isn't really any use for them in arma 3, would probably take up to much poly's and time to do them anyways. There isn't too much to show right now but here's a few pics. Have pretty much everything in the basic shape now, and just started working on the tower. Might also need to make the rear elevator and landing bay entrance wider, they seem a little narrow to me. To to list: model exterior parts of the ship (20% done) unwrap and texture exterior Helicopter hanger Vehicle hanger landing bay Bridge Make the ship movable if possible Oh and the helicopter is just from the arma 3 sample models.
  15. this is a long shot but maybe try moving the mod source folder to your main hard drive and make the needed changed in the your config file. I sorta had the same problem with my first mod with finding no pictures, only found them when i moved it to my desktop folder. Also does your friend when he tried it have the same file path for the destination in the addon builder as you do from your addon builder pic?