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  1. pinaz93

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Which pylons are you talking about? If you have any reference from real life typhoons pylon configuration I will appreciate it!
  2. New Drogue model thanks to DSabre!
  3. It's already included in the last update on steam 😁
  4. A couple of years late, but I managed to release it at the end ahah Thanks again mate for your amazing work 😁
  5. pinaz93

    Boeing 737 and variants

    The first version is now released 😉
  6. Hi All! this is the releasethread for the Boeing 737 and its variants! Planes included: KC-737 (Tanker version) C-737 (Cargo version) E-7A (AEW version) 737-S5/C40 (Passenger version) Features: -Mid-air refuelling with most aircraft mods (Firewill's planes, my planes, TeTet's SU-35 and F/A-18E/F). -The three military versions are mid-air refuellable by the kc-737 -Terrain and sink rate alarm sound -Wide radar range and data link for the E-7 Skins: E-7: -USAF -NATO -Italian air force -RAF -German air force -AAF C-737/KC-737: -USAF -NATO -Italian air force -RAF -German air force -3 civilian cargo operators (also used as smuglers planes on all sides, the planes are full of weapons/ammo to loot!) 737-S5/C-40: -Various civilian operators for the 737-S5 -USAF C-40 DOWNLOAD version 0.1: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1835744247 Credits: Sabre[dust]: for porting the model and let me use it Helija For the original model Known issues: -the cockpit is like the old 737-200 one, I will update it in the future -The passenger cabin is still wip, you will find it "empty" apart from the seats -no static version at the moment HOW TO MAKE YOUR PLANE COMPATIBLE: -You will need a memory point called "refuel_receptacle" if you need the "Boom" or "refuel_probe" if you need the "basket". This is the point where the basket or the boom will be connected to your plane. -An animation source in the config and an animation in the model called "fuel_probe" or fuel receptacle. -The kc-737 skript will automatically look for the value "1" of the animation, if the response is positive the plane will extend the boom or the basket as necessary.
  7. pinaz93

    Boeing 737 and variants

    Compatility works with firewill's planes completed! Expect a release soon 😉
  8. pinaz93

    Boeing 737 and variants

    If I don't remember wrong the script will look in the model for a "refuel_receptacle" in the case that the boom is needed or for a "fuel_probe" if the "basket" is needed. I will post a guide asap, but at the moment I'm not at home, so you will just have to wait a bit 😁
  9. pinaz93

    Boeing 737 and variants

    Yes I will publish also the texture template so if you wish to modify them you will be able to do it 😁
  10. pinaz93

    Boeing 737 and variants

    Today I'm testing the refuelling with various aircrafts, The Kc737 is compatible with most aircrafts mods: Firewill's F/A-18F (but also the F-14, AV-8B, etc) TeTeT's F/A-18E/F and SU-35 My planes (here the SU-34): su-34, mig-29, eurofighter typhoon, panavia tornado, E-130 I'm working on a fix to get it working with firewill's F-16/F-15, etc., at the moment it is refuelling them but with the drogue instead of the probe. Also I'm still testing the other versions of the plane: Here a german E-7 escorted by a USAF F-16C. And at the end some more pics of the passengers version, seems that someone important is in town today!
  11. pinaz93

    Boeing 737 and variants

    USAF E-7 taking off from Utes airfield
  12. pinaz93

    Boeing 737 and variants

    A couple of screenshots for the airliner version! This may be a common plane for most europeans ahah And then two fictional airlines:
  13. pinaz93

    Boeing 737 and variants

    The 737 is coming back 😉 E-7 KC-737 Also a cargo and a passenger version will be in the pack 😉
  14. pinaz93

    Livonian Defence Force 2019

    V1.0 released! Steam worshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1816635402
  15. V1.0 is out! Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1816591840 KNOWN ISSUES: The sam launcher looks empty with the new missiles, I'm currently trying to find a solution