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  1. itsdonjon

    [A3 Island] Alpha: Pianosa!

    I feel like its nearly a new map :D the feel is so different bc of all the changes made..but im happy i did them
  2. itsdonjon

    [A3 Island] Alpha: Pianosa!

    So! The Beta Version 0.9 with all of those beautiful changes is now available on Steam! Let me know how you like it and more important: Tell me about every missplaced object u may find! I only have 2 eyes :D https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=518363666
  3. Hey! First: Insane handy tool, im really glad to have found this. It seems to be problematic for me though: it did already work but now when i try to generate the surface mask.. it just tells me its generating the pixels now...and nothing happens at all. Or can this take some minutes to work for >100 painted pixels? Greets, Don
  4. itsdonjon

    [A3 Island] Alpha: Pianosa!

    Yes! There already is the old version of this Terrain on Steam but as soon as i have a playable version it will also go on Steam Greets, Don
  5. itsdonjon

    [A3 Island] Alpha: Pianosa!

    In case someone is still remembering my little baby: After a 3 year long hiatus on Map Building/A3 in general im working at a massive overhaul of Pianosa at the moment: A new heightmap (Much more elevation, no more flat island!) (mostly done) A remodelled Sattelite Map (in Work) ~10 new locations (military camps, air control, new artificial airport, etc) (Working on it) Overhauled ground texturing Fixed bugs Reworked some older locations I may be able to release a first test version of the rework with the new heightmap and the new locations soon, but until that: Here are some beauty shots:
  6. itsdonjon

    [A3 Island] Alpha: Pianosa!

    Yeah, thats one thing im still thinking about ;)
  7. itsdonjon

    [A3 Island] Alpha: Pianosa!

    Like i said, i will finish Pianosa now! Just need a lot of bug reports and stuff. but i will add some work on the mask (so we have to beaches) and then push a "real" release :) Greetz, Don!
  8. itsdonjon

    Problem with Map display

    this effect depends on the parameters of the map (like makhno said). but as usual with TB: Settings working for the one, can be not working for anyone else. :D
  9. itsdonjon

    [A3 Island] Alpha: Pianosa!

    Hey Fellows! Since my internship is ending soon (after 7 months) i will have more time again and will start to improve Pianosa again. So please, if you found any errors in the last few months of testing pls write them here or send me a PM with location and description of the error! maybe someday, this will be a finished island! :) Greetz, Don! (and i hope you guys still like it. let me know!)
  10. itsdonjon

    [WIP] Kihnu Island

    Hey! The map looks really good for! But keep the AI and the overall gameplay in mind, those dense forests (beneath the streets) will be very hard for the players to fight against KI. Also the framerate may drop in this area (depending on how dense it really is, maybe i'm wrong :D ) Also, are you in the skype Map Maker channel? Could be worth joining it for many, many, many tips! Greetz, Don
  11. itsdonjon

    A3 Map: Golan [WIP]

    Hey! At the moment i'm thinking about splitting the map in some smaller parts, which could be released one after another. At the moment i am working on the southeast part of the map, so i could maybe release a version of only the lower left part "soon" (that means it still some months maybe :D)
  12. itsdonjon

    A3 Map: Golan [WIP]

    Since its still the same person doing the map (ME! :D) i hope it will be the same level! But ofcourse, it is a different map ;)
  13. itsdonjon

    A3 Map: Golan [WIP]

    Ein Gev is one of the smaller cities on Golan! ;)
  14. itsdonjon

    A3 Map: Golan [WIP]

    Yeah, i am using JBAD! Best desert-y buildings available at the moment. I may add Opteryx' Buildings as soon as they are available. Greetz, Don! EDIT: Oh, i forgot to mention the new Harbor! Here are more screens
  15. itsdonjon

    A3 Map: Golan [WIP]

    So here are some pictures of the new city Ein Gev As usual please give me some feedback, its the only way to improve the map!! Greetz, Don!