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  1. And what would be the best way to pass the Object itself to the external Script? :S
  2. Hello there, I'm currently trying to pass the variable name of certain objects to another script, but so far I've had no success. If anyone of you has a solution, I would be very grateful :S _array = ["", "", ""]; { if (typeOf _x in _array) then { _x addAction ["Test", {[_x VARIABLE NAME] execVM "test.sqf"}]; }; } forEach (allMissionObjects "");
  3. Thank you very much for your help @Larrow and @Harzach buttonSetAction [_idc, format ["player moveInDriver %1;", [ _vehicle ] call BIS_fnc_objectVar]]; works like a charm and was exactly what I'm looking for.
  4. I know, corrected it already, it's getting late :S But that doesn't solve my original Problem with vehicles without a variable name^^
  5. private _onVehicleBoarding = ' params ["_vehicle", "", "", "_action", "", "", "", "", "", "", "_event"]; if (_action == "getInDriver") then { if (_event == "Action") then { createDialog "test_dialog"; _idc = 1600; buttonSetAction [_idc, format ["player moveInDriver %1;", _vehicle]]; }; }; true }; '; inGameUISetEventHandler ['Action', _onVehicleBoarding];
  6. In the same SQF File, it is passed via the inGameUISetEventHandler and getInDriver Action, in my case the _target parameter is _vehicle
  7. Hello there! I'm trying to pass a vehicle Object to a button action. On vehicles with variable names my current version works perfectly fine, but on vehicles without variable name it isn't... So do you guys have any ideas on how to pass the _vehicle variable to the button? // My current Version buttonSetAction [_idc, format ["player moveInDriver %1;", _vehicle]];