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  1. ventu121

    Formula Arma

    Bwah, great and awesome work! PS: Blue Flag!
  2. Yeah it could be: in a closed community. ArmA and its mods are accessible to anyone who buy the game, even to bad people. I think it is better to keep it the way it is. Me too would love to play VBS or any other military trainer simulator and I agree with you that a bigger community wuold improve both ArmA 3 and military trainiers, but it is too dangerous in my idea. Anyway BIS should improve the ArmA engine expecially for vehicles. The only thing I could suggest is military team training against selected ArmA gruoups. We all know the most mil-sims groups are playing with real-world tactics and most of present tactics are on the clean and dark net; so why not having military versus ArmA teams on VBS facing each other? Not just competition but a real mission with human enemies that thinks different form an IA. Like ineptaphid said that would be something for BIS and the various companies to agree on: a closed community.
  3. Italy is manufacturing F35s parts, not only for itself but also for US and all the other countries. Still Italy can build it's own F35. And the software its only property of Lockheed Martin.
  4. Good job. I hope final winner will be the reunionists militia XD
  5. Next? Andrea Doria D553 (orizzonte class) or one of the FREMMs: F595 Luigi Rizzo... Both are Italian warships but the project is common among France, Italy and UK (which next retired and developed alone the Type 45) By the way... Great work you have there! keep it up.
  6. ventu121

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    B1 and B2 are good and I don't think they should be removed but I think they need some improvements like the possibility to drop all the bombs at once and something for precision striking for the dumb bombs. (If all this it's already done I'm sorry for the usless post). if you want to resize the pack you can put them like "Standalone" mods.
  7. Jet intake are fantastic and all the other skins look so good. You're doing a real good job.
  8. Naval aviation could be based in Monfalcone. F16: Vipere (Vipers), Pantere nere (Black panthers), Legio A-346: Gobbi rossi (Red hunchbacked?), Rapaci, Civette By the way I think that in all this division of Italy some irredentist group will persist and will fight against all of the three new regions. Keep up the good work!
  9. They are good (even if I hate that rifle) for Alpine troops since the AUG is used by Rangers...
  10. For the South the mediterranean pattern (the one used by the San Marco...) could be one good pattern? Great screens! Can't wait!
  11. LOL I heard it! How about the FAMAS and the Rafale for the Northen Italy...? South could use Typhoons... Triveneto could use the 35's and some russian style airplane like a Mig-35...