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  1. Hi SenseII, First of all, your job is exellent on this mission, dynamic missions are often missing in arma unfortunately (because of scritping skills etc...). I just have one question (sorry if it has been already been answered... I've found nothing about it...). Is there a possibility to have a respawn created once the fod itself is installed? Because it could be annoying sometimes specially on Tanoa to fly back an back again after death... (Yeah I know I'm a bad soldier :)) Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi Ice, don't apologize it's already a gift for us to know that you are working on Lingor for A3... If I had time. I would be interested to help you for your project has it seems to be really interresting for a new gameplay style... Unfortunately I will not be your guy, but hope to see your project released one day...
  3. Really great! Unfortunately I had a m24 project and no more time to finish this animation job...
  4. Yes I think it is strange that some categories has been voted by only few people from BIS, and no the community? What was the interest to place some sort of vote so?? I'm maybe stupid... :j:
  5. sebj

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    +1 I'm really disappointed about this news. It's like Arma was going to be a sort a candyC... sh*t or some sort of pay to win game... We run a server and we don't count on the fact that the players have to pay to play... Donations should be sufficient to pay a A3 server, mainly if the content/mission is well organised and people can play and have fun freely. For my part I think this and most of the MANW selections are really not in the same spirit of the previous OFP, and Arma series... And this is very disappointing and ruining the game.
  6. for my part I completely stopped my M24 SWS project because of bolt action and hands animation troubles and creating an working .rtm file. I had a lot of trouble to work with BIS skeleton (Feet and hands bones names seems to be changed by bis but not in the sample Skeleton furnished with tools), the Skeleton made by Kiory (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167944-Modders-resource-New-animation-workflow!) was a good alternative but really long to implement for advanced animation. I hope in the future there will be (or maybe it is already available somewhere) some help/tutorials for 3ds and motionbuilder softs.
  7. sebj

    From Linux to Windows?

    From my experience we've switched from ubuntu 12.04 with WINE (Linux version of A3 server wasn't complete and stable at that time), to Win 2012 Essentials and perfs are the same. In same time windows is user friendly for administration. With the specs you have you can switch to Win with no hesitation. The only bad part of windows is the security...I recommend you to take care a lot to filter with firewall and install anti virus to be more secure (Our server was locked because of DDOS attack and considered as a spammer because of no security at beginning). Otherwise once this part is done correctly the administration is a lot easier. Hope it will help.
  8. Great information LouD Thanks. Is there the same possibility to launch with specific priority too (real time preferably)?
  9. I don't see a lot of sandbox servers in this list unfortunatley...
  10. sebj

    Blood pool removed?

    lets make a VBS game :) The medic will be really usefull in this case !
  11. sebj

    Blood pool removed?

    For my part the dismemberment should be for more fun... but technically seems to be a little difficult to implement (better for BIS to work on 3D engine optimisation I think)... To be more serious I'm not searching something gore like doom or duke nukem etc... I searching for a simple blood splash when the guy is hit by a bullet (just to see is the target has been hit). In case of C4 or big explosion like mortars etc... dismemberment should be something realistic and more immersive (ragdoll is ok but with the actual game technology we can do something better...). Anyway removing blood on the ground is ridiculous I think if it has been made voluntary...
  12. sebj

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    don't worry... be happy... :bounce3:
  13. thank again. I imagine the jungle... it was just in case of... :cool: