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  1. zabb

    TAC Vests

    That's enough to kill my motivation.
  2. zabb

    TAC Vests

    I said "DON'T CUSTOMIZE THIS MOD" in description. This mod is NOT YOURS. Many modders were killed motivation by like you.
  3. zabb

    TAC Vests

    Post with each "Vest name(XXX) and values(XXX)" all of list again. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Vestname=XXX descriptionShort=XXX armor=XXX -Chest \armor=XXX \passThrough=XXX -Diaphragm \armor=XXX \passThrough= XXX -Abdomen \armor=XXX \passThrough= XXX -Body \armor=XXX \passThrough= XXX -----------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I will suggest it to teriyaki. It will be added if he permits. thank you.
  5. well... Maybe, that problem isnt by TRYK. And post with error message or logs when you post something in next time. Delete armor patch if you are using, and I dont support other mods. 1. Launch only TRYK. Download again from workshop(or mirror link*) when you cant work that. *mirror [ARMAHOLIC, ARMA3.de and PWS] 2. Change the load order.
  6. I dont know when you dowload it, but try this from workshop. (ver0.96 fix2) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779520435 *this is an important. I dont support to other MODs because our mods haven't scripts. its simple. Possible cause: changed classname or deleted items (0.94b to 0.95) Some vests moved to the TAC VESTS MOD in "zabb.pbo and zabb2.pbo". Or, deleted. *I will work according to instructions of teriyaki. Anyway, I cant check your errors, because I cant find classname of invisible items from your picture. well...maybe, I need to post this again. TRYK ver 0.95 or later Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA) EXCEPT: Cinco- CoverAll Texture and material Kiory- Balaklava (Kio_Balaclava.pbo) zabb - TAC Vests (0.94b "zabb.pbo and zabb2.pbo") *NOT include the permission of "TAC Vests" when you take permission from teriyaki. Only that.
  7. zabb

    TAC Vests

    I will try it. thanks
  8. Of course you can use MODs for your community(except for business). Not need permission for use and pack the MODs . Regards
  9. zabb

    TAC Vests

    Post request with pictures or layout if you could. That way it will be what you want. Thank you.
  10. Yes,its working, of course gasmask too.
  11. Oh, I see. Thats nice idea. :) Now the addon builder has a problem that the binarize is not completed on my PC, I release version aplha if resolved. thank you.
  12. I think so too. So, it needs long time if make a map, because I have never made a map. :huh:
  13. I thought that something was missing, but it was the building. MOD>(Operation: TREBUCHET) perfect map...