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    Zero Dark Zero

    Good luck with your RL projects mate...Arma can wait better times. Zagor out!
  2. ...I'm one of them. Been using EOS forever, and a cleaned-up version would be nice. Thanks to everyone willing to put in some work on this awesome script.
  3. I think this the less complicated way to go. How do you make the player choose to get in the truck? The easiest way will be with an add-action, that prompt the player as soon as he comes close to the back of the truck: "HIDE IN THE TRUCK's CARGO" (or something like that), where inside that add-action you set the player captive first, then teleport him as cargo. Then you could use a "getoutMan" event handler to reverse the captive state of the player. Cheers mate! EDIT: you could use a "hold-action" as well...and with 3den enhanced is built-in every object and very easy to set up.
  4. Please, don't get me wrong... I don't want to come across ungrateful or cocky here...and REALLY appreciate your help, but I cannot avoid making you notice, with all due respect and plenty of gratitude, that the post you're referring to is 5 years old. Trust me, I wouldn't have waited all this time to find a solution😁😂🤣 Thank you anyway mate!
  5. Hi, I've been trying to add the EMPTY>INTEL>SECRET DOCUMENTS(INTERACTIVE) to a OPFOR units, so when the player kill the officer he can collect the INTEL. I can spawn the intel fine, even with custom text and pictures that shows up in the map screen and whatnot, but can't find a way to spawn them "inside" a unit. I've try with "soldierUnitName linkItem "Land_File2_F";" as suggested in another related post, with no luck. Same goes for "assignItem" and "addItem".. The only thing working so far is "attachTo", but the actual intel is clipping trough the unit and if you kill the officer they're floating over him:not very realistic. I would like to be able to search the body for the intel. Thanks to everyone willing to help!
  6. As I said, I'm more noob than you on the MP subject! Sorry mate...wish I could help you more. As for my campaign, please feel free to give it a spin, trash it around as you like, and let me know what's your impressions on it.
  7. Howdy folks... This is the SUMMER version of my GHOST RECON: WINTER WILDLANDS This is an open-world dynamic SINGLE PLAYER mini-campaign, sand-box style with multiple objectives with TOTAL freedom on how to execute the tasks. Main story-driven and SIDE missions tasks, with mini-games, quests, intels searches, sectors clearing, search-and-destroy enemy weapons, drugs, and money caches, and a massive manhunt. Play as you wish: Be a shadow of death or wreak havoc with the firepower of "USS Freedom" carrier support. The Campaign is packed with features like: -Randomly placed MAIN TASKS, so every new game is different -GUI-selectable AI Ghost Recon teammates, from worldwide Tier 1 operators. -GUI-operable heli CAS and TRANSPORT. -Scuba and SVD map-selectable insertion. -Immersive player & AI teammates HALO jump, with HALO-gear swap, free-to move inside the plane, and red/green lights effects. -CRUISE MISSILES support with custom made "lock-on" HUD, target description, and a confirm target command. -Cluster bombs air-strike support. -Supply and vehicle drop with sound fx. -Boat services from the carrier deck. -AI auto revive -Enhanced briefing and tasks overview And some other fun stuff scattered around the island. This is a BETA version, so feel free (actually I encourage you) to report bugs and problems. Many, MANY thanks to all the community that helped along the way, but a special thanks goes to:  - @DÄZ for the AWESOME GUI he made for me - @crazy mike for the Altis WINTER 2035 Terrain - @rickoshay for the awesome HALO and Hose clearing scripts and extensive help with the scuba script. - @pierremgi for the AI revive script, HUD creation. - @johnnyboy and @Magirot for the "sink the trawler" script - @GEORGE FLOROS GR for the supply drop script - @Grumpy Old Man for the carpet bombing script. Not to forget: Leopard20, Grezvany13 Lou Montana ansin11 IR0NSIGHT R3vo Connor And anyone else always ready to help us mission maker, and the truly inspiring HUNTER SIX CAMPAIGN. SORRY if by any chance I left somebody out, but it' 3.45 AM and I'm getting tired...LOL. Here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2312555701 NEEDED MODS: CBA CUP Community Faction Projects. CUP terrain core NOTE: Some MODs have their own dependencies. Please, do NOT upload the mission somewhere else without asking permission. All the content it's free to use for anyone that wants to de-PBO the mission and get pieces of it, as long as you give credit to me and/or to script authors. HOPE you'll enjoy playing as much as I enjoy making it, and feel free to give feedback, report bugs, or any other issue. ps: READ THE BRIEFING!!!! The Software is distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This software is not an official add-on or tool. Use of the Software (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk. This mission is (c) 2018 Zagor64bz rights reserved. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/
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    OK.....just so I understand better: -you start the campaign..... -after the opening shot you go to your teammates... -you choose your squad... -YOU ACHIEVE AIR SUPERIORITY BY DESTROYING RADAR AND SAM, AS REQUESTED BY THE TASK LIST... -YOU HAVE NOW HELI TRANSPORT AVAILABLE...and the add-action on the choppers change from "NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL SAM IS ACTIVE" to "BOARD THE CHOPPER" -you use the add-action to board the heli and your teammates don't get teleported inside BUT get stuck on the carrier deck? Please note, as I stated in the BRIEFING, that due to the lack of paths on the carrier deck, AI does get stuck if they wander around too much, and CANNOT find the way to board ANY kind of vehicle. For that reason, I suggest keeping them on the STOP command until you choose the appropriate vehicle to move to the AO and use the provided add-action to teleport them inside. If you've not yet destroyed the SAM&Radar, I suggest using scuba insertion, or the speedboat service.
  9. Thanx mate..I'll dig in on that!
  10. Howdy folks, based on the experiences gained in the recent MISSION I've created, I'm developing a multi-map SP campaign, where you'll play the role of Team Leader of worldwide known SF units. Navy Seals, SAS, CIA-SOG, Spetsnaz Alpha Group, Delta (1st SFOD-D) are just some of the world's most elite units you'll lead on a story-driven campaign across multiple maps and multiple style missions. From the sandy desert to the snowy forest, through the jungle and operations at sea, you'll experience everything from full-out combat to infiltration "Solid Snake" style. Stay tuned for further development and W.I.P. pictures as I dive into this new challenge. Zagor out!
  11. zagor64bz

    [WIP-SP campaign] TIER 1: Shadow warriors

    HAHAHAHAHAHA....you little devil! I may do that IF there are more peoples wanting that...
  12. I'm not sure about MP as well, since I create SP missions only, but I'm pretty sure that EH can go in the unit init, or the mission init, or in a gamelogic. For example, in one of my Ghost Recon campaign, I use that EH to activate layers according to task progression: Keep in mind that my tasks are all scripted and not using modules.(once understood the concept, it's easier to keep track of tasks and build complex tasks progression without a maze of modules, triggers, and what-nots in the editor).
  13. Hey @Larrow, Just in case he wants to get rid of the trigger...could he go for an Eventhandler also? this addEventHandler ["TaskSetAsCurrent", { params ["_unit", "_task"]; }];
  14. Never notes, but I like that! ....and if it was for me, I'll add a severe speed/sway/aim/load penalty in those 60 seconds to simulate some sort of "recovery" features. That will teach a team leader to move wisely his units or pretty soon he's gonna lead a team of zombies.
  15. zagor64bz

    [RELEASE] Active Lockpicking

    What a fun little script! I already see a situation where the player needs to pick a lock and teammates have to provide cover/security...or try not to raise alarms in case of an "incognito" state/mission. Good job, mate.
  16. Another benefit of the event handlers' usage is increased performance. IIRC, triggers are constantly checked, while event handler "fire" only when the event actually happens. In a large mission with a lot of triggers that could help a lot, and make a difference in FPS.
  17. WOW..this sounds interesting and very useful...Thank you for the hard work, mate!
  18. zagor64bz

    [WIP-SP campaign] TIER 1: Shadow warriors

    A little update: The first 2 missions (CIA ground branch & SAS) are ready! Working on the Spetsnaz one...😎.
  19. zagor64bz

    3den Enhanced

    Ok, ...I've got it working in a more twisted way:😁 In the trigger set to activate the extraction: name: enable_extraction TEXT: RADIO CHANNEL LOCKED condition: this && ["Task_Name"] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "SUCCEEDED" on act: [['GHOST-6','Alpha 1-3, this is GHOST-6. Requesting immediate extraction at grid position 002001, over.'],['Alpha 1-3','GHOST-6 this is Alpha 1-3, coordinates received. Standby, over.',8]] remoteExec ['BIS_fnc_EXP_camp_playSubtitles',0]; In another trigger: Type: NONE Activation: NONE condition: the same condition that makes "task_name" succeeded on act: enable_extraction setTriggerText "Start Extraction"; Now the previously "RADIO CHANNEL LOCKED" will show the "Start Extraction" and enable the radio trigger for extraction.
  20. To you and your loved ones.
  21. zagor64bz

    3den Enhanced

    Thanks, but maybe I didn't explain well enough: by hiding until condition meet I mean that it will show up on the list of radio trigger AFTER that condition is satisfied. I still want the player to have eventually the radio trigger at the end. Precisely, after completing a task the radio trigger will be on the list and extraction call-able.
  22. zagor64bz

    3den Enhanced

    Hey R3vo, howdy there... I'm using the "create extraction" feature activated by a radio trigger: works perfectly. What I would like to do is to hide the trigger from the list until a condition is met. Is it possible? And how? Thank you and Happy New Year.
  23. zagor64bz

    [WIP-SP campaign] TIER 1: Shadow warriors

    🤣🤣🤣 Ps: Time for "Boomer" to paradrop again.......hehehehehe
  24. Awesome work Pierre! Vanilla Navy assets are in need of attention and development from the community, and you are leading the way. I've been using the carrier a lot in my missions, and your input is a very useful addition. Looking forward to the plane's part!