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  1. (On Dedicated Server Setup) Hello, I'm working on a script that spawns in specific AI units in specific locations upon activation of a trigger. This is for performance purposes but also because I want to be able to disable the AI in certain situations. In order to set the unit in exactly the position I want them to be in, I'd like to use the Eden editor. Next I have a few options on how I can spawn them in. I'm not sure how each will tax the server resources and I'd like to use the option that is the most efficient to avoid latency and hardware slog. 1) I've thought about creating each unit individually via script and pass xyz coordinates for placement. I imagine this will be slow, taxing, and may not even be possible from what I've read about the z variable in position. 2) I can place an object like a "can" where I want them to spawn, turn the can invisible and then replace the cans with my units when the trigger is tripped. 3) I can place my units in a group name, set the units for simulation false and hidden in the init and run a script that activates and shows them upon trigger. I'm leaning towards option 3, but what is the resource cost of having a hidden deactivated AI preloaded in place? Should I expect it to be similar to having them entirely loaded and activated? Should I instead use one of the first options? I'm open to other suggestions as well, but would like to get a feel for how taxing a hidden object and a shown object are on the server. I'd also like to know where I can learn more about activating objects visibility, collision, ect so I'd you have a link of be very grateful.
  2. @wogz187 I have also seen some insane patience demonstrated here. Such as walking someone through a script comment by comment when they obviously had no idea what coding was much less how to use it. I was impressed with the person helping the topic creator, they seemed really young. People here are largely helpful, I think some of them just forget what its like to not know what you don't know. That being said, its nearly impossible to gauge a topic creators knowledge off their question 80% of the time.
  3. First, some info for context: 1) I'm a scripting Noob and this is being made because of the noob perspective I hope to out grow but wish to utilize. 2) This forum is filled with incredibly talented and knowledgable people. Keep in mind many people reading these have no education at all in the subject and dont understand your explanations due to a lack of vocabulary. Now that that's out of the way! I've been browsing topics here for awhile and there are many introduction and tutorial threads available. However, as many of you may remember with your first time learning, a lot of vital information falls through the cracks that later become insurmountable obstacles filled with frustration. So I thought I'd provide the mind melting eureka information I got that solved many of my problems and hope you guys will to. Comment information, hints, and links to things most noobs miss or need to know before attempting a script of any kind. Heres mine: - Theres a huge difference between how mission editing and scripting needs to be organized and utilized between SinglePlayer amd MultiPlayer. Read this if you want to know more about multiplayer scripting (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Scripting) read this entire page start to finish and navigate hyperlinks to anything that's sus this will explain why you'll see 3 different explanations for the same problem and none of them are working for you because you dont know what a description.ext file is. - Arma3 has undergone updates to its scripting ( or it appears so) some functions you'll see being recommended to you from a youtube video from 2014 may not apply to the version you are using. This applies to the Eden editor and previous editors as well. Usually theres a link to new versions in and explanations to what changed in that functions wiki page. - You have to make your own sqf files. When you launch a mission the game will search for specific files. By naming you file that same title it will load that file in place of. Basically, its asking for butter and a song as you've labeled it butter, its gunna use it like butter. Learn all you sqf file names in the wiki. - If your using Notepad ++ there are plugins. for sqf file type that highlights relevant. variables the way you see everyone else's in videos. - half the battle is speaking the language. So click on every hyperlink presented to you and read it whether it makes sense or not. Sometimes it takes a single page to tie everything together. More experienced people please comment your own below, feel free to criticize anything I've said above, I'm also a noob. I know there is another thread for noobs (I've read it a million times believe me, I just want more posts just like it for the monkey brain level questions I have)
  4. Hello, I tried to search the forum for something like this but can't find anything that really answers my question, this may belong in the mission scripting section but I don't know what I don't know so sorry if it does. I know how to spawn ai units using a trigger script, and even how to set their positions using waypoints and get/set POS, and how to change their alertness and guarding behavior. But Id like to add enemy AI bases that will be subject to additional scripts later on. I want to be able to place my units where I want them through the Eden editor, but set them to only spawn if a trigger and condition is met. For example, lets say we have Airbase 1 and 2. Both have encounters designed within them, but the player must clear airbase 1 before units at airbase 2 can be triggered to spawn. I'm not so worried about the condition variable, it should be simple enough to pass a Bool when airbase 1 is "captured" that airbase 2 reads, I can figure that out as I go. More importantly, I need the ability to place units in a 3 dimensional space and trigger them to spawn in those exact locations. As far as I know the marker system only works in 2D and while you can pass an elevation variable its not what I'd call accurate when dealing with buildings of different size. The ability to simply create an enemy base with AI in the editor, export it as a module or something and then give it a trigger to spawn would be best for server performance and future adaptation. My best guess: Naming AI and groups, setting some kind of object in their place like an ammo magazine, then on trigger activation replacing the appropriate magazine with the appropriate unit class? But I feel like there is a better way to do this. Very new to this, so I'm sorry if I'm missing something super basic and obvious, I've only been learning simple mission scripting up to this point and have a little bit C++, JS, python knowledge.