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  1. franzo

    Lost connection with UAVs

    ok, so what I should do is pick the tablet? or there is a specific script I can run to disconnect the UAVs (is an editor mission I make)?
  2. franzo

    Lost connection with UAVs

    I don't remember, but it's possible, it's a multiplayer mission with respawn
  3. Hi everyone, as from topic, I've noted that sometimes, when I have access to multiple UAVs/UGVs and I switch between them using the UAV tablet, after a while I become unable to connect to them anymore: they keep their task (like circling an area) but the icon in the UAV terminal, instead of showing a circle around the selected UAV, shows an X on it. Also their are not selectable anymore on the scroll menu, neither I can access the controls of the last UAV used. I've been able to reconnect manually (using the action "connect to UAV") with a KH3A which, for some unknown reasons, has landed on a nearby airport... How to solve this problem? Someone has already stumbled upon it? Thanks!
  4. @da12thMonkey clear explanation, thanks again
  5. sorry, The pylon with the Macer is the n. 3 (but before your reply I've tested also on other pylons and without true it didn't work)
  6. Thanks! now it works, but on a different pylon. Also, what is the difference between the "Missile" and the "rack" version, also concerning syntax? rack is referred to the to the rail on which the missile is attached? Because the Pylon number 10 is the one with the Macer (the most internal one outside of the landing gear) but the Falchion attaches directly to the pylon. Maybe that's why it wasn't working, Thanks again!
  7. Yes, I was thinking also at on spawning - despawning via script and triggers, thanks! Testend and it works both ways, at least at short distances, I should try on more common settings
  8. as form topic, I've tried to create a mission for testing with an empty wipeout (named wipe) and a single trigger with this code wipe setPylonLoadOut [10, "PylonMissile_1Rnd_Missile_AA_04_F"] but it doesn't work. I have to remove the weapons first or use other commands? I've also tried with different CfgMagazines, but nothing. Thanks!
  9. So you're suggesting, for a SP mission, to use the SM module and maybe let work the Dynamic module on longer distances (visual range)?
  10. So basically the module and the Dynamic simulation are intended to the same end, but in different ways?
  11. As from topic, I was thinking that they are almost the same but, after a little bit of testing, it seems they work in pretty different ways: - Dynamic simulation stops the simulation of units at a given distance from the player without despawning them, leaving them "freezed" until the distance with the player doesn't fall under the give threshold; - The Simulation management module doesn't only stops simulation, but it seems to despawn units until the player reduces the distance to the given threshold; when this happens units respawn exactly where they was, in the same position, and the simulation restarts normally. I'm not sure but it seems that, to enable this behaviour, you don't need to flag the same voice in the unit attributes that enables the dynamic simulation. Am I correct? I've also noticed peculiar interaction between those two features: if Dynamic simulation threshold is smaller than the Simulation manager module, it seems that - since units should spawn when simulation is stopped, they cannot spawn anymore; in the opposite situation, simulation starts even if they are not spawned and, when this happens, they have already moved (similarly to ALive VI system) but (although I'm not sure) without interacting with other units, spawned or not. Any suggestions or corrections? Thanks!