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  1. Would love to see an ops center based on the new Destroyer Interior, for that off coast ship vibe. Maybe the new carrier next to it in the distance for immersion. Anyhow, love this mod. Great work! PS. You should consider trying patreon for mod development donations. I'll send some money your way on pay day because this mod just changed my ARMA experience so drastically. But it would be great if there was a monthly subscription system like Patreon has. Or, heck, do both. Or just do you, boo-boo.
  2. BAL3RI0N

    Apex Framework

    I'm actually having this exact problem as well, getting the "Imperfect Connection" error after initializing for about 15 seconds. I host through Host Havoc, which uses Linux servers, and it was a bit of a hassle to even get this far. I'm wondering if there is a fix for this or if I'm better off switching server hosting. I understand that you mentioned it was a missing redistributable DLL, but I'm not sure what file to look for or what DLL could possibly be causing the issue. Any help is appreciated! RPT File https://pastebin.com/wvYN6naD