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    Customize CAS Module

    Okay thank you for your quick help. Looking for a way to use or combine it already ;D
  2. Henni296

    Customize CAS Module

    Okay one last one. How do you link it up so you can call it in with the support tab ?
  3. Henni296

    Customize CAS Module

    https://picload.org/view/dggwdrdw/20170910035247_1.jpg.html I can only find this
  4. Henni296

    Customize CAS Module

    I knew you can specify what plane to use but how do you add the weapon to the init window ?
  5. I have a question regarding the new DLC Laws of War and the showcase mission In the showcase where you get to try out CAS and choose the right one without killing civilian you can choose what kind of bomb the incoming jet gets to use. For examble you can order the new cluster bomb. But i dont seem to find any way to edit the CAS module so that the selected bomb is used. I can only choose between guided and unguided. I know if you choose an non virtual CAS provider with artillery you can choose the type of ammo but why not with planes. Hope someone knows more about scripting than me or knows how they did it in the showcase. PS. I know theres a way to force the plane to use a specific kind of weapon by disabling all others but that doesnt seem to work with virtual Provider.