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  1. olegreyghost

    Using Hidden Selections

    OK. I will try once again with another example. This time using the Chinook, uns_ch47_m60_army from the Unsung mod. " hiddenSelections [] = {"camo1", "camo2", "camo3", "clan"}; " Same question: These are the applied textures: hiddenSelectionsTextures [] = {"uns_ch47a\skins\ch47_ext_1_co.paa", "uns_ch47a\skins\ch47_ext_2_co.paa", "ch47f_nalepky_army_ca.paa"}; which translates to: slot #0 (front half of helo) - slot #1 (back half of helo) - slot #2 (us army logo on fuel tanks & ID numbers on transmission cowlings {custom alpha graphic}). The helo is capable of accepting nose art under the windshield, but I have not been able to find it &/or access it; using the setObjectTexture command. I gather this is where the "clan" graphic would go. Would that be considered slot #4 ?? Thanks in advance for your assistance......
  2. olegreyghost

    Using Hidden Selections

    Thank you, pierremgi. I kind of figured the rotation was preventing the "setObjectTexture" command from functioning. Not being proficient at scripting, I just didn't know how to get around it. Ouch!! I missed reading that. When I saw that Ex. 2 & 3 did not apply, I didn't read the last example. But still, my main question is: What is its' function & are the 4 camo patterns accessible?? If accessible; how do you determine their location ??
  3. olegreyghost

    Using Hidden Selections

    My apologies for the late reply. Had a RL project to take care of. I see this entry: " hiddenSelections [] = {"camo1", "camo2", "camo3", "camo4"};" two lines above this entry: "hiddenSelectionsTextures [] = {"\A3\Weapons_F\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_02\Data\offroad_02_ext_black_co.paa" in the CFG viewer... There are usually five (5) "Hidden" entries in the listing. I understand the materials & textures entries. What I am trying to do is figure out how to apply the hiddenSelection entry (overlay the camo1, etc.) to replace the selected material color which displays randomly. Or does the rotating random display of colors prevent using "setObjectTexture" from functioning ????
  4. I have a vehicle ( C_Offroad_02_unarmed_F ) in which I am trying to change the texture. I found (4 ) four alternates that are available thru the cfg viewer. The viewer listed the original texture with the path of: hiddenSelectionsTextures [] = {"\A3\Weapons_F\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_02\Data\offroad_02_ext_black_co.paa plus there is blue, green, orange, red & white variants. It also lists an alternate set of colors as: hiddenSelections [] = {"camo1", "camo2", "camo3", "camo4"}; I tried to change the initial color to camo1 with the following code according to the wiki using the " pboname\texture.paa ". trk setObjectTexture [0, "A3\camo1.paa"]; even tried: this setObjectTexture [0, "A3\camo1.paa"]; I then tried using the full path: this setObjectTexture [0, "A3\Weapons_F\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_02\Data\camo1.paa"]; plus these permutations: offroad_02_ext_camo1.paa & offroad_02_ext_black_co.paa as the texture name at the end of the path. All the editor would tell me was that the texture could not be found. And yes, I did try to disable the random color selection mentioned in the wiki: trk setObjectTexture [0, "A3\camo1.paa"]; That didn't work either. The editor still displayed a random color every time I entered the scenario to test it out. I have in the past successfully applied my own custom textures to vehicles. Could some kind soul please enlighten me to the proper way of finding the location of the alternate texture & applying the command to change the texture on a vehicle...... Any assistance will be greatly appreciated...... UpDate: I found the PBO for the vehicle, which revealed two additional colors ( olive & brown ). But there wasn't any listings for any camo patterns
  5. olegreyghost

    Tool for fixing mod contamination?

    When you activate any mod addon, the editor reads it into the DLC section. Even though you do not call the CBA mod, if I remember correctly, it makes some improvements in certain areas and is hooked into the game & editor programming. (ie) Bottom of the briefing screen you see the selection for optional parameters for CBA. If you do not want the dependency in your mission the only way to prevent it is to deactivate the mod.
  6. olegreyghost

    Overview picture won't show.

    Thanks for letting us know how you made out. Plus the additional info on the Eden editor attributes. clears up quite a few things that I didn't quite understand.....
  7. olegreyghost

    Overview picture won't show.

    On the off chance, just try a different picture for the overview...
  8. olegreyghost

    Overview picture won't show.

    Is it in the proper ( 2-1 ) aspect ratio ??
  9. olegreyghost

    Trouble opening doors on pickup

    All fixed....
  10. olegreyghost

    Trouble opening doors on pickup

    All good. Settled on the van. Now just need to get the timing right.....
  11. olegreyghost

    Trouble opening doors on pickup

    I apologize. That was me trying to make light of the problem with the doors. I am aware of the parameters. As a matter of fact, when the player got into the UAZ, the door closed automatically. Sounds too good to be true. Well it is. No floorboards. His arse is on the pavement. Looks like it might just be the van. The only other vehicle I found so far was the ural...... Thanks again. If I find a smaller vehicle, I will update the post.......
  12. olegreyghost

    Trouble opening doors on pickup

    Success. I was able to get the info I needed. The van worked like a charm, but sadly it is too big & seems out of place in the storyline. As far as pickups go, they do not work. FYI. The offroad covered vehicle animations are not correct. door3 animation opens the tailgate & the tailgate animation does not work at all, plus there doesn't appear to be any animations for the front doors. I will be using the UAZ vehicle from the Opfor mod as a working replacement. Thank you both for adding to my skill set. Now I just have to figure out how to close the door.......
  13. olegreyghost

    Trouble opening doors on pickup

    I checked the vans " C_Van_02_vehicle_F " and found it does reference a door. Considering I prefer a pickup & I am using Leights Opfor mod, I also found an offroad vehicle " C_Offroad_01_covered_F " with the same door parameter. I obtained the info with CfgVehicles in the Eden editor. This is the parameter listed on the main page: driverDoor = ""; Under Animation Sources - Doors - animPeriod = 0.001 - initPhase = 0 - source = "user".. I tried to keep it simple & just use the animateDoor command in a trigger" Offroad animateDoor ['door_L, 1]; with the vehicle named Offroad. Nothing happens. I also tried door_1 & door_LF in the array as alternatives listed on the command page. No animation. I then tried using driverDoor in the array. I even tried the preferred 2nd example Offroad animateDoor ['driverDoor_source, 1]; Nothing worked. Tried it with the vans also. Putting the command in the vehicle init didn't work either. What am I missing ???
  14. olegreyghost

    Trouble opening doors on pickup

    Thanks for the additional info Saro, but it wouldn't fit with the storyline. @pierremgi, thanks for the reply. I'll check out the vans listed & add the rest to my notes.
  15. olegreyghost

    Trouble opening doors on pickup

    Sorry. That is not what I meant. I realized from your explanation that the animation was not available. What I meant was It just seemed removing the door was worse than entering thru the door.