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  1. Thanks, man. That did the trick! In case anyone needs it, here it is... { _callsign = str _x; _x setGroupIconParams [[0,0,0,0], _callsign,1,true]; //hint format ["Callsign %1", _callsign]; } forEach allgroups;
  2. WEIRD. I too checked it today and it said it was introduced in arma 2
  3. I tried a lot of combinations, the problems seems to be in the syntax of groupID I can't figure how to get the parameter out of it...
  4. script { _callsign = groupID _x; _x setGroupIconParams [[0,0,0,0], _callsign,1,true]; } forEach allGroups; My RPT got lost for some reason, but the previous post shows the error...
  5. Thanks, man! I'll try that as soon as I get home... One more question, this mission's units are spawned by a headless client, so this should be at the end of the script that spawns the units, right? If so, the command will work only locally or will it be broadcasted throughout the server?
  6. Would this work? { _callsign = groupID _x; _x setGroupIconParams [[0,0,0,0],str _callsign,1,true]; } forEach group;
  7. Thanks you! I tried searching the BIKI for this, but I couldn't find anything besides the Military Symbols module... In the case, I would have to insert each group's name manually or it would detect each group's ID automatically and do the job?
  8. Sorry if this has been answered already, but I couldn't find it anywhere... I placed the Military Symbols module and put this in its init: setGroupIconsVisible [true,false]; So now I can see the symbols for groups in the map. Now I would like for it to show the group's ID next to the symbol. Example. I have two groups of Cobra's flying around. I'd like it to show "Phantom 1" and "Phantom 2" next to its respective symbols. I imagine it has something to do with SetGroupId, but I can't find any parameter in the module in order for it to display it. I'd appreciate any help. Thank!
  9. Yep... I was just wondering, they'd go into a nasty loop of getting in and getting kicked out... Did you try to set the vehicle locked and unlocking it with a trigger grouped to the pilot?
  10. fernandolvferreira

    Make units playable/respawnable midgame

    A temporary workaround would be to use onPlayerRespawn.sqf to move respawned players to the group's position...
  11. _vehicle addEventHandler ["GetIn", { private ["_veh", "_pos", "_unit", "_namesArray"]; _veh = _this select 0; _pos = _this select 1; _unit = _this select 2; _namesArray = ["John", "_spiderMan_", "CowGirl"]; if !(name _unit in _namesArray) then { _unit action ["Eject", vehicle _unit]; }; }];
  12. fernandolvferreira

    Headless client + Normal Client in the same account

    So... I discovered some unrelated parameters in the CONFIG.CFG the way to solve this, was to change pretty much everything to annotation (//) Dedicated server is online I can join Friends can Join Headless will Join Now the problem is: Figure a way to allow my friend (who is running the HC) to join the server... I know, I know... Most of you will say it is impossible, except I have an idea... When I host the server through the game (MULTIPLAYER -> NEW -> CREATE NEW GAME), my friend is able to join while the HC is in the server, so, I guess the parameter that is preventing him from joining, is somewhere in the CONFIG.CFG or BASIC.CFG. I developed this idea from my first problem (HC will join HOST SERVER, but wont join DEDICATED SERVER), the only difference between them is the CONFIG.CFG, and I was right. Since a HOSTED SERVER will allow Duplicated IDs or even missing IDs, I guess there must be a parameter in the CONFIG.CFG preventing it from occur. Does anyone have an idea about how can we make this happen without having to buy another CDKEY an opening another steam account in another computer? If some does know, please, let me know... Thanks!
  13. So, I've been trying to script some waypoints for some teams... The problem is, I'm trying to script a condition into the waypoint, so the unit will only move after the condition has been fulfilled... The units should only move after a unit called TriggerAttack is dead, so I though "EASY!, (!alive TriggerAttack) should do the trick..." This is what I scripted: _wp = _group_east_3 addWaypoint[[3920.5579, 4488.0127, 0], 0, 1]; [_group_east_3, 1] setWaypointBehaviour "UNCHANGED"; [_group_east_3, 1] setWaypointCombatMode "NO CHANGE"; [_group_east_3, 1] setWaypointCompletionRadius 0; [_group_east_3, 1] setWaypointFormation "NO CHANGE"; [_group_east_3, 1] setWaypointSpeed "UNCHANGED"; [_group_east_3, 1] setWaypointStatements[""!alive triggerAttack;"", ""]; Now... As some of you guys might know, it didn't work... This is what I'm getting in the .RPT file: Please... Help me... I'm going nuts and my wife is threatening to divorce me if I don't finish this thing and go to bed... Thanks a lot!
  14. fernandolvferreira

    [Multiplayer] Insertion Helicopter will not land

    So basically, I must create a simplified version of a headless client? Editor placed unit's group has the working waypoints... Alpha team's leader must spawn the Alpha helo Alpha team's leader forces the Helo to join the Editor placed unit's group Is that it?