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  1. I have made a small mission where a group that is controled by the player must move though a town (silent or not) and kill the commander. I then want the player to get a waypoint after killing the commander to an extraction zone where the mission will end. The problem is I cannot find a way to make it so when the commander is killed a waypoint or something similar is shown. Is there anyway to do this? ( I am not very good with scipting so please if there is a way to do this that involes scripting, explane is well)
  2. Did not work D;
  3. I was making a mission where a base in under attack and a group of about 20 men (all in hunters) are on there way to reinforse it. The enemies come in via air trasnport and when the ai see them they all stop and dismount. I tired making the AI careless but when I do that they just get out of the hunters at the start and barly even move. I have tried locking the hunters and that does not work either. Please help!