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  1. What exactly?
  2. I tried to pack them with the arma 3 tools. It kinda worked. The Model showed up in the asset viewer in the Editor. But I couldn´t place it. I packed everything from the mod into the pbo. Maybe that was the problem. Do i have to exclude something from the pbo?
  3. Hi, I´m new here. I don´t know if this the right Forum for my question. I´m sorry if not. So my question is: I found a C-5 Galaxy Mod on Github and downloaded it. But there´s no addons folder with a pbo file. How can I get this mod to run. Do I have to pack the files into a pbo file by myself? I already tried that but I couldn´t place the model in Arma. Or do I have to do something completely different? I´m thankfull for every help and idea.