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  1. Mod ideas since all anyone can think about is panoramic night vision, multicam, and Opscore Fast helmets Ideas: Basebuilding Objects - HESCO barrier (w/wo filling) - Briefing room compositions - Less neat sandbag walls (varied imperfections) makes for a better look and feel - Spotlight (functional) - Military style watch tower - Concrete wall slabs (google references) - Placeable Concrete bunkers - Static artillery pieces - Static 60/80/120mm mortar pieces - Radars - Taller sand mounds - Longer C-Wire placeables Vehicles - LAV… like how has this not already been done? (Screw BI’s promised content) - Toyota 4x4 pick up (PKM mounted???) - HMWVV medical variant - HMWVV radar variant - Generic 1980s cars - Chinook (MH-47 WITH THE TAPED NUMBER IN THE WINDOW… because 160th is better than everyone else) - Cobra Attack Helicopter - Static C-130 - Static C-17 Weapons - M240B Machine Gun - CAR-15 (with carry handle optic) - DMR from 1990s (stand alone rifle only) Equipment/Clothing - AN/AVS-6 NVG Binocular (flight NVGs from 90s) - AN/PVS 5 NVG Binocular (rectangle with two lenses) - AN/PVS 7 NVG Monocular (two eyes one lens) - Head strap mounted NVG variants - Helmet and bump helmet mounted NVGs - Black vest (1990s) - DCU uniforms (3COLORDESERTCAMO mod is broken and mid) - DCU Boonie - DCUs with knee and elbow pads - Re-clothed FIA faction with jeans and shirts, jackets etc. - More civilian baseball hats - More mil backpacks!!!!! - Civilian bags - Flight helmets… every era from 1980 to 2020 would be good (mandatory) Thanks for combing through… if you’ll notice, there are no maps suggested here. We don’t want maps we can’t actually play… we want and need the above mentioned items. It is up to us to make this game work and further influence the future of Arma. It goes without saying this game is in rough shape. BI has done little in the way of building a playable experience post release. (Save your “$40 for PrEvIeW” responses). If you are a creator and don’t know what to make there is a list above based on real feedback from dedicated fans of the Arma franchise… now both Xbox and PC players. We want this stuff and these are possible in the Enfusion Engine. Thanks in advance!
  2. zicci


    This mod does not play when downloading by itself and with Bacons ravage patch. Help?
  3. zicci

    US Forces 1983

    After incorporating this mod into our community’s RP story campaign, it can safely be stated that the gear mod for this content is great! Arma Bois is thoroughly enjoying the A1 and its fire modes. We also have deep appreciation for authenticity but enjoy flexing the bounds. When crafting uniforms and load outs it’s important to have an open mind and even pull from unsuspected moments that have actually occurred. We draw inspiration from Pinterest and other publicly sourced imagery. We eagerly look forward to future content from this creator! Be sure to support Reforger’s community creators and check out their work! Thanks TepacheLoco!
  4. The strongest and most close-knit unit of Bois playing Reforger (keeping it alive) is wanting more mods that support the games intended setting. mods that make sense and enhance the AR experience: - Uniforms that aren’t crye - CAR-15 weapon - NIGHT VISION FOR THE 1980s and 90s!!!! - More black uniforms - Black jumpsuits - Woodland Unis with Flags on shoulders - More vests and chest rig variations - Old gen 1 Glocks with era accurate attachments - Suppressors for original guns only - Stand alone flight helmet (1980s) - Flight helmets with and without NVG - Gas mask w/wo helmet (protec) - Flight glove shirt variations - TOW mounted vehicles Don’t get lost trying to copy Karmakut in everything. Play the game in its era and experience good fun. There can still be Night Vision and cool tactical moments but we want authenticity. And ColdWar era special operations is where it’s at anyway. DONT MISS OUT ON THE POTENTIAL.
  5. Looking for the scenarioID for Arland to implement into Nitrado server. Please help friends!
  6. Hey brother, I have about 60+ community members and about 40 active players on Reforger (the rest are waiting for 0.9.6 lol) We change mods often and run events/ops nearly every night and we have found that if you do any of the following there is a much higher probability of a successful join. Attempt the following troubleshooting methods: 1) Delete the last mod downloaded 2) Delete game cache (for Xbox players) and redownload mods 3) Open Arma Reforger>Attempt to join community server>Close Arma Reforger before join is complete>Repeat process like a madman until a successful join. 4) Delete all and download required mods one by one from the workshop (NOT from server join prompt) 5) Ensure all mods from the workshop are disabled prior to joining the server (for Xbox players) We have been able to connect 20+ players with 3+ GBs of mods and have minimal lags and de-syncs I hope this helps
  7. Someone pls halp, I am hosting one of the only populated servers in the game right now and I have been racking my brain trying to implement a custom scenario/map. I have applied the proper formatting for the mod in my config JSON file to no avail. "mods": [ { "modId": "5A54BB9103829754", "name": "BARZAN", "version": "1.3.0" }, What am I doing wrong? Right now, I suspect it is not possible at the moment but I am persistent and want to deliver a fresh experience for my community. Thank you for any clarification.
  8. zicci

    Kalvoy (Custom Map)

    Awesome map! Is there any way to upload this map to a rented public server's configuration file? I have added the mod ID number in the scenarioID: section but can't seem to get it to a playable state.