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Crashes when joining server

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This is what I've been experiencing and actions I take to work around the issues. I have a hosted dedicated server. 


And of course, I am sending crash logs every time. 


Issue #1 - Game crashes when joining server from favorites list. 

a. As soon as I click on the server in the list, the games crashes out. 


Workaround: Go to "All" tab, and search for server, then join. 


Issue #2 - Game crashes after workshop updates

a. Whenever there is an update to mods that are running on the server, I can never join the server. Even when everything tells me I am updated on the client and server side. 


Workaround: Shutdown the server. Delete all the mods on the server side in the addons folder, except core and data folders. Start the server, and let it update the mods in the server config json file.  

On client PC, delete all the mods that run on the server. 

In Reforger, go to "Multiplayer", and find your server. You should see a puzzle piece, and a spinning icon. The puzzle piece will show the number of mods needed. Click join, and it should pop up a window telling you what to download. If it stays on "Content verification", and spins, that means the server isn't done downloading all the mods. WAIT. Once you join, and it tells the megabytes needed, the server is fully updated. 



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Hey brother,

I have about 60+ community members and about 40 active players on Reforger (the rest are waiting for 0.9.6 lol)

We change mods often and run events/ops nearly every night and we have found that if you do any of the following there is a much higher probability of a successful join.

Attempt the following troubleshooting methods:
1) Delete the last mod downloaded
2) Delete game cache (for Xbox players) and redownload mods
3) Open Arma Reforger>Attempt to join community server>Close Arma Reforger before join is complete>Repeat process like a madman until a successful join.
4) Delete all and download required mods one by one from the workshop (NOT from server join prompt)
5) Ensure all mods from the workshop are disabled prior to joining the server (for Xbox players)

We have been able to connect 20+ players with 3+ GBs of mods and have minimal lags and de-syncs

I hope this helps

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