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  1. So what? Google is available on mobile devices as far as I know.
  2. Dude, seriously. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=orshanets+steam
  3. Marduk1813

    Ghost Recon - Wild Lands

    We played the open beta for 6 or 7 hours now. Overall it's a disappointment, as was the closed beta. The game got a few strenghts though: Bolivia is stunning. The music is very fitting, too. The clothing and the weapon-customization are the best I ever saw in a shooter. The character-editor could need a few more options. I didn't have any performance or connection issues. It was okay for a beta. The issues: The world doesn't feel alive. The civs are the typical mindless, retarted and undynamic robots which plague every Ubisoft open world title. There are not many ways to interact with the enviroment. The AI sucks. Ubisoft promoted the "realistic behaviour" of the AI which is affected by the daytime. This means you got a few guards which will go to bed at night. Others stay at the same spot for the whole day. The AI of the allied rebels is even worser. Gunplay feels dull. Cant realy point out why, but firing a gun doesn't feel satisfying. The sound is okay, nothing more. I'm wondering if the dev's ever heard something about physics in videogames. The driving and flying-mechanics are horrible. The mission-design is Ubisoft-formula par excellence, except climbing on towers to discover areas. The map is clustered with "interesting" places to discover and bullshit to collect. The "story" is told via documents you can read or by radio. Enemies will recapture outposts you liberated. Means you will fight the same boring enemies on the same places ever and ever again as in Far Cry 2. Bolivian drug-dealers buy choppers, flatscreens, Lamborghinis and miniguns for their trucks instead of such fancy things like doors, windows and beds. Sometimes you find more choppers then cars. Animations look pretty weak. We played on the highest difficulty. We had some fun when we attacked one of the heavy defended outposts in the west. We scouted the area, then started to infiltrate the weakest parts of the camp. We did good until this brainless rebels showed up and then deceided to attack with one of their minigun-trucks. At the end the cartel throw blackhawk after blackhawk at us. Goodbye, Mr. Imersion. Also sad that this was the only way to somewhat challenge us. Compared to The Division and the beta's of The Division this game is cringeworthy. I thought Ubisoft learned some lessons about reptitive games. The already got a beating for The Division, and I think people will rip GRW into parts. It doesn't feel finished or good in any way and they wont fix any of those issues within 2 weeks. Thanks for the beta, this will save me 60 bucks.
  4. Marduk1813

    Squad (PR:BF2 Devs)

    Unfortunately you can't dislike posts in this forum. I'm one of the poor and unhappy ones that trusted the dev's, what I got so far is the most promising EA-game I ever played. Squad fills the gap between A3 and Battlefield while it is much less clumsier and easier to get into the game then A3. If you want a fast round of a tactical, combined arms PVP without a ton of mods or technical issues to deal with Squad is the game to go. Besides that it's one of the few EA-games where you actually can see some progress and improvements. If you hate Squad in a such passionate way I wonder how you enjoy A3 which literally got most of the same flaws you mentioned, often worser. Horrible animations. - Compared to what? ArmA? Horrible gunplay. - Because you need some proper aim to hit something? Horrible sound. - What are you talking about?! 7:55 Idiotic gameplay. - Again, how can you enjoy ArmA or Battlefield where you do basically the same? Idiotic sector control - you can`t get weapons because reasons - I don't get your point. I hope you are aware that you can get your money refunded.
  5. Marduk1813

    NIArms Release Thread

    Talking about six-packs and repetitive answers: you can donate to Toadie via Patreon. You directly support him, I heard he uses most of that income for booze. B)
  6. Marduk1813

    Battlefield 1

    I'm pleasantly surprised by the game so far. Played it for 13 hours, had a lot of fun with it. It easily outmatches Battlefield 4 and of course Hardline. The game is stunning, the sounds and graphics are amazing. And oh my god, the soundtrack is a ! After listening to it I just don't get it why they had to fuck up the reveal trailer with this crap-song. The maps are well done, I haven't found one which I realy hate to play. It seems like every map works in every gamemode. Beneath Conquest and Rush they added a new mode called Operations which is like a mix of both and a cool addition. Bayonet-charges are fun as hell, at least if they work. The teamplay isn't much worser then in this free Battlefield 2 version. I haven't found many bugs yet or experienced crashes. The SP seems to be okay. It won't define the way SP are done today, but it's enjoyable though. The episodes are interesting small stories with a few Battlefield-moments and offers a variety of gameplay-features. There are some negative points, too. EA The MP is still very chaotic, especially with 64 players. Sometimes I got the feeling I am the only medic in the game. The scout lost all the skills which made him usefull in prior Battlefields. I'd like the way you could use the recon-class in a assault-situation, equipping him with T-UGS, spawn beacon, C4, carbines, PDW's or DMR's and go in hot. Nothing of that is in the game anymore which means that the game can be clustered with recons who snipe around in the middle of nowhere. That sniper-rifles are one-shot-kills most of the time doesn't make it much better. It's very statisfying to flank around them and beat them to death with your spade, though. The noobs and solo-players in the community a very annoying. No ammo drops, no reviving, no medi-bags. Sometimes you run a long way to revive someone and he will respawn in the second you arrive. And it's never been easier for players who don't know what to do to fuck up a entire round, which brings me to the... ... Behemoth-system. I like the idea to give a realy weak team such a strong advantage to turn the tide. First problem is, that the Behemoth appears at unpredictable times. Sometimes we got spawn-raped for a entire round, our Behemoth appeared when the enemy only needed 100 tickets to win the game - so way to late. On other days the Behemoth spawns in a realy balanced rounds for the slightly weaker team, which usally will result in a win for this team. If a Behemoth appears, you have to focus the fire of the whole team to bring it down asap. And if you are the team with the Behemoth you can be screwed if someone controls it who got no idea how to play it. There should be much more bolt-action-rifles in the game. The new web-companion sucks compared to Battlelog. My thoughts so far. Keep in mind that those are my impressions after only 13 hours (which is nothing for a Battlefield-title) so I might have missed things.
  7. Marduk1813

    Thirsk Island

    We do aswell, no issues with CUP terrains. With Caribou Frontier one of the best maps for Arma. Too bad Raunhofer isn't in the scene anymore. Never played other custom-maps on such a high level.
  8. Marduk1813

    NIArms Release Thread

    Thanks for the updates, man! Can't wait to test the new Mk48!
  9. Marduk1813

    Battlefield 1

    Sounds like buisness as usual. I bet that Battlefield One is the same random and chaotic fragfest like Hardline and Battlefield 4, and that's the reason I think I'm not going to play Battlefield One. And from todays battlefield-community? Pure toxic cancer, thatswhy EA can feed all this bullshit in the community without any resistance... Unfortunately I have to admit that this trend started with my favorite Battlefield, Battlefield 3.
  10. Marduk1813

    NIArms Release Thread

    No. You can read here and in the previous posts why.
  11. Marduk1813

    Armaholic issues

    Worked! I always had the feeling I forgot about something minor... Thanks! :) Thread can be closed then.
  12. Marduk1813

    Armaholic issues

    First of all: I know that this questions should be posted in the Armaholic-forums and not here. But since I don't have access anymore to Armaholic I also can't post in the forums. Most people should know the website and I'm hoping that someone who might know a solution will read this. For maybe two weeks now I cannot access the Armaholic website anymore. My standard browser is google Chrome - I tried to connect to the website, after a minute of loading time I always got a error message which I don't recall anymore. Back then I used Win 7 and two addons (Adblock, disabled on Armaholic though and Proxy Tube). Disabling the addons didn't help, but I was able to access Armaholic via Firefox. I upgraded to Win 10 last week. Google chrome still didn't work, but I had no issues with with Edge and Firefox. Until now. Now Edge and Firefox aren't working anymore for Armaholic, too, for three days now. My friends don't have any issues. They are using Chrome, Firefox and other browsers, with and without addons, with Win7, 8 and Win10, and they don't have problems. At work I can access the websites with all browsers. I got no idea what to do. Does anyone have an idea? :( The error message I get with Chrome is: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT The error messages by Edge and Firefox are the usual connection timeout messages. Funny side comment: I'm posting this thread using the Steam ingame browser. I try to login into my BI account and I'm getting a new error message when using Chrome and Firefox: {"success":false,"message":"Internal server error.","code":500} When using edge I can login but I can't write anything in the post-field. What the fuck?
  13. Marduk1813

    Arma 3 - How The Arma God's punish us

    A typical intervention by the ArmA gods to punish their unworthy followers is to fuck something minor up which will make a long-time-planned gamesession unplayable. Usally they do this in the form of a BIS-update which breaks that one mod of your setup which you can't ditch... ;) We had long night discussions how to please the dreadful gods. We tried to sacrifice goats, but we haven't figured out how many are needed yet...
  14. Marduk1813

    Project OPFOR

    Looks very promissing. I realy dig the four pbo's which allows us to only use the stuff we want. My unit is waiting for a long time for a HQ OPFOR mod, and it looks like we have two strong releases with GREF and this one here. Good luck and thanks much for your hard work and release!