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  1. colonelhartigan

    Global Mobilization

    At first I was upset at the lack of a larch but now I'm just happy to see an Iltis! Great mod guys!
  2. colonelhartigan

    [WIP] Project Kiowa (OH-58D/F)

    Congratulations on entering your senior year! I hope it all goes well, we understand (and hope you agree) that finals are more important than mods. Good luck! P.S. It's a beauty as is.
  3. colonelhartigan

    [WIP] Project Kiowa (OH-58D/F)

    FINALLY! Spent a lot of my time wrenching on an ex Vietnam OH-58A. Shame that it's always playing second fiddle to the Hughes 500!
  4. Excellent work, a lovely surprise indeed!
  5. colonelhartigan

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    What I meant is that whatever you give to us will be an incredibly unique gift if, when playing it, one hears on the radio...."Man....this reminds of that one mission in (insert historic arma landmark)....I was going around a corner and this slag...." I don't mean it as a request, what I am saying is that this mod will be perfect simply for capturing the feeling of the SLA, regardless of what the specific assets are. Take how you feel about this mod and run with it, we will only love for you it.
  6. colonelhartigan

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Make SLA nostalgic again .
  7. colonelhartigan

    I need a mod that crashes 100% of the time

    The original FFIS will do it too, provided you're playing ArmA 3 version 1.3 or higher. Firefight Improvement System. It's a shame because my community absolutely loved it. Note that this game crashing and difficulty configuring mods are the primary reasons for newcomers losing interest or will to play.
  8. So you intend to leave the instrument panel 'as is' for the near future?
  9. It seems like you've replaced the glass on the 205 as well, looks good. Do you plan on replacing the cockpit with that from TOH?
  10. Is that a Cobra I spy in the background of the first picture?
  11. Have you got Stress Damage enabled in the AFM and if so would you mind testing it with it disabled?
  12. Absolutely mate, I hope you don't feel pressured or anything. It's still an excellent job, just bear in mind that nothing game related turns out perfect until many people have tested it. It's all in a constructive spirit.
  13. Haven't got to say much more than that. In flight, the helicopter is suspended like a pendulum from the rotor system, so even if the thrust from the tail rotor were applied through the aircraft's center of gravity, which it isn't, you wouldn't see a level airframe with the rotor tilted toward the direction of torque, but instead a level rotor and the airframe tilted. You can see this when a Blackhawk takes off, though my understanding is that's nothing to do with the tail rotor but instead a weight and balance issue with that aircraft's transmission. Edit: You can actually see it even better in the related video of a RAF 412 delivering a football. There is a second when the camera is nearly level with the rotor disc as the 412 hovers down. Good theory of yours, but not backed much by the physics or evidence as far as I'm aware. A good experiment to demonstrate is to balance the midpoint of a pen on your index finger, perpendicular to the length of your finger. Push the back of it. You can discount the negligible contact friction between the CG of the pen and your finger since in reality there's air drag applying a similar, albeit much greater force. Also also, if your theory was true, then the rotor would tilt the opposite direction in the hover. Most American rotor systems rotate anticlockwise, thus having a clockwise torque tendency, and requiring an anticlockwise tail rotor input. So in this hypothetical circumstance, the tail rotor would be pulling the airframe to the right, and having the rotor tilting to the right would only exacerbate that problem. But again, irrelevant since the tail rotor's thrust output is not translational in any significant form, only rotational.
  14. Very glad to see a public release for this. I greatly appreciate that someone with the requisite skill has taken up the momentous task of giving to ArmA 3 the one airplane which very much so defined modern combat aviation, probably more so than any other. In this initial release, the diversity of types is astounding, which is excellent. There are some suggestions I must make however, please take these not as complaints, but rather my personal opinions regarding how to best translate this aircraft into the digital world. These observations were all made in standard, non-AFM flying. In a hover, the rotor disk isn't neutral; it leans to the aircraft's right. http://i.imgur.com/PuwwYtS.jpg The default third person perspective could benefit from some tweaking. http://i.imgur.com/FhLres7.jpg The right side minigun points left initially, although this does not impact functionality. http://i.imgur.com/ALbNzBr.jpg I also personally feel the standard flight model could use some development, as currently this aircraft is considerably more agile than any vanilla helicopter, including the M900, which is rather nonsensical for an airplane with a maximum take off weight over five tonnes. For instance, you can pull the nose from a level position to ninety degrees upright in less than two seconds. Consider that the M900 has a maximum take off weight of one tonne. The M900 has also a more agile rotorhead than Bell's four bladed system. Another recommendation I hope you will consider is to eventually redo the plexiglas on this aircraft. This old ported windscreen has.been a glaring sore on these ports for a while. I really anticipate seeing where this mod will go. Certainly, this is an excellent first leap. Thank you for your efforts.