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  1. Ezcoo

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    We opened our Trello board to public! Feel welcome to suggest your own ideas here, on our Discord server or on the forums!
  2. Ezcoo

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    I've had the same feeling all the time. Altis Life is a nice mission for those who're more after "Arma 3 style" Life, but we as old farts from Arma 2 need something special to get our kicks from the gameplay 😛 Chernarus Life: Revolution has been our deep inspiration from the beginning. If everything succeeds, this mission should be like CL:R on steroids. 😉
  3. Ezcoo

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    Also, just to clarify it, we gave up on the Creator DLC program as the local public sector funding failed in our case. Revolution will be open source framework for everyone to learn from and utilize!
  4. Ezcoo

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    There's a new development update! (Make sure to register on forums!)
  5. Ezcoo

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    Hey! We opened a new website for Revolution now that the development is continuing again. Join the forums to have a chance to affect the development by posting your suggestions and feedback! Easy login with Steam is supported. Armarevolution.net
  6. Hey! Does anyone know whether iniDBI2 works in Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead too or not? Thanks in advance for the replies!
  7. A much more adjustable version of the script linked in the previous message has been released: https://github.com/Ezcoo/ScriptSnippetsByEzcoo/blob/master/searchFromTerrainObjects/monitorSurroundings.sqf
  8. The second script evolved in the process of creating the awesome Revolution gamemode (check it out!) features functionality to monitor the terrain objects surrounding given position or object like player. The function is also blazing fast, requiring only 0.0006 ms to run with searching distance of 70 meters. https://github.com/Ezcoo/ScriptSnippetsByEzcoo/blob/master/searchFromTerrainObjects/monitorSurroundings.sqf Enjoy! 😄
  9. Ezcoo

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    Hey, see my reply to Dedmen above :)
  10. Ezcoo

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    Actually the GitHub link you posted points to the wrong repository. I made it private to avoid confusion. That repository contains our old "The Altisians" project that never reached the state we wanted it to. The framework and gamemode serves as a testbed for us to see whether there's potential in the gamemode or not. If there is, we plan to apply to Creator DLC program and create a full blown DLC with various kinds of content based on the gamemode. Yes. Chernarus Life: Revolution has a dark history, but we weren't aware of that when I discovered the gamemode back in 2011 and made friends with so many people on the server. I've never had such a fun time in any game than what I had in CLR! That inspired us to create an enhanced version of the gamemode from scratch so that we have the right to use every line of the code. The basic idea of the gamemode reminds from CLR, but the code is written from scratch. Hope this cleared things out! 🙂
  11. Revolution is a next generation, fast-paced, open source gamemode and framework for Life type roleplaying missions in Arma 3. Revolution as a gamemode has been inspired by Chernarus Life: Revolution gamemode from Arma 2. Revolution started in 2012 as a passion project of a couple of Finnish Arma players who had fallen in love with the gamemode and essentially dedicated their whole free time to it, enjoying it vastly. As rookie developers, they failed to deliver such a complex and large framework, leading to their competitor, Altis Life eventually conquering the Armaverse in 2014. The developer team still wanted to deliver a vastly different experience from Altis Life that would remind the relatively fast paced and completely dynamic nature of Chernarus Life: Revolution or Urban Life in Takistan back in the Arma 2 days. They tried to develop the framework multiple times, but all attempts failed due to monetary constraints, issues with developer group dynamics, health issues or real life events that forced us to quit our passion project. This time it's different. We've learned from our previous mistakes each time, and we're able to deliver the gamemode much more likely this time thanks to the gained experience. We want to share the amazing feeling and memorable moments that we had in Chernarus Life: Revolution with as many players as possible. That's why we've decided to make the framework open source and allow monetization of the framework for communities approved on Bohemia's Server Monetization list to allow communities to pay their bills to run the community efficiently. If you're interested in the gamemode and want to affect its development or just to follow our progress, make sure to join our official Discord and official forums! Best regards, Ezcoo Game designer for Revolution
  12. Ezcoo

    Logic/Syntax help

    WIth forEach and waitUntil I mean something like this (pseudocode): { "show the current ring (_x)" "waitUntil the pilot has passed the current ring" "hide the current ring" } forEach rings;
  13. Ezcoo

    Logic/Syntax help

    Maybe forEach loop with waitUntil condition?
  14. The first script features a tag below players that's only shown if the unit is large enough on user's screen to be recognizable. The script works in all zoom levels and even with eg. binoculars and rangefinders (thanks to Killzone Kid for awesome zoom level script!). I think this could be potentially an useful script for eg. RP servers or other gamemodes that need the functionality to identify other units realistically. A link to the script with example mission below: https://github.com/Ezcoo/ScriptSnippetsByEzcoo/tree/master/recognizeSurroundingPlayers.Tanoa
  15. Hey everyone! I thought I'd start a topic for sharing my scripts to the community. Feel free to use them! The scripts are shared using MIT license that can be found from the code repository. It would be nice if I got credited for the scripts, and even nicer if you sent me a message about where you're using the scripts! ☺️ Enjoy!