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  1. So I ended up opening a server hosting the gamemode with the financial assistance of my friends. Come join the server and join our Discord! https://discord.gg/cGgzUhsU7s Please check the server IP and port on Discord if these don't work! Name: -=[WASP]=- Warfare hosted by Net_2 IP: Port: 2302 You're warmly welcome on the server! 😄
  2. Hey, I got the mission working and I'm up to hosting the server if I get financial assistance (as I'm extremely low on cash atm). Send me a private message here, on Discord or Steam if you're interested!
  3. Thanks to @Leopard20, the possible issue explaining the HQs not getting initialized at game start was found. See details here: https://github.com/Spayker/a3wasp-server/issues/4 I tried fixing it but something's wrong when I pack the mod back into PBO, as the server doesn't work with the PBO compiled by me. I'll keep investigating the issue and/or wait for Spayker to fix it.
  4. I'm getting stuck at initialization screen, anyone know how to fix this? Nothing special in server RPT here. Edit: fixed it (the server startup batch files were outdated, mod folder names had changed)
  5. I'm up to hosting the mission if I manage to remove the third (resistance) side from the game. It would be a nice feature otherwise, but it breaks the game balance quite badly. Any help would be appreciated! I'm currently investigating the mission structure and code. I'm available here or on Discord: Ezcoo#6415
  6. Ezcoo

    Arma3 Videos

    Couldn't resist, had to make a metal version too 😄 Higher quality SoundCloud version:
  7. Ezcoo

    Arma3 Videos

    I made a thing 🙂 Gib feedback! Higher quality SoundCloud version:
  8. Ezcoo

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    Hi! Now that I got my chronic migraine and a couple of other health issues in control, I ended up getting back to development and choosing to continue this PITA (😁) project instead of continuing learning full stack development. I know I'll regret this decision so many times in future, but I really want to get this done. So; welcome onboard, gents and ladies! 😄 (In case of you didn't notice it yet, here's the Discord link: https://discord.gg/AQxWfbA)
  9. Usually disabling the Hetzner's own firewall implementation helps (for my server at least). It's under the Robot tab -> Servers -> Firewall (IIRC). Remember to keep your server's own firewall on in that case, though.
  10. Ezcoo

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    I've had the same feeling all the time. Altis Life is a nice mission for those who're more after "Arma 3 style" Life, but we as old farts from Arma 2 need something special to get our kicks from the gameplay 😛 Chernarus Life: Revolution has been our deep inspiration from the beginning. If everything succeeds, this mission should be like CL:R on steroids. 😉
  11. Ezcoo

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    Also, just to clarify it, we gave up on the Creator DLC program as the local public sector funding failed in our case. Revolution will be open source framework for everyone to learn from and utilize!
  12. Hey! Does anyone know whether iniDBI2 works in Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead too or not? Thanks in advance for the replies!