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  1. elpresidente

    Lack of content in vanilla Arma 3

    I never said that getting hit in the chest while wearing plates will leave you completely unharmed, only that it might not kill you trough bullet penetration. I do know know something about firearms/plate carriers, but please you armchair warrior - educate me ArmA 3 does indeed has an problem with the bullets that are being absorbed from the plate carrier not having an effect on the player. There is flinching, but e.g. getting knocked down would be better. The word you're looking for is authentic. You can exprience true combat gameplay which is authentic but not necessarily realistic.
  2. elpresidente

    Lack of content in vanilla Arma 3

    1. ArmA 3 does not claim realism. Go on and check the store page (or the homepage).I challenge you to find anything on the Homepage/store page claiming that ArmA 3 is realistic. 2. It takes 1 hit with 6.5mm to the chest to kill unarmored targets. 3 hits in total to kill a Nato solider with a plate carrier and 4 hits to kill with 5.56mm. Considering they are wearing plate carrier, this is realistic. In real life it would probably even stop a full mag.
  3. elpresidente

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Making the mission properly work with AGM might be not as large of an task as might appear. Parameters to disable features like interaction/medical would be a good start. From there on all it would need would be the AGM modules placed on the map (like medical, repair, etc) and AGM Items. I believe I could make your mission somewhat AGM compatible by cutting features that conflict with AGM and adding AGM items. Parameters to disable features would be great already, so I could more easily make an AGM version for me and my friends (non-public ofc.)
  4. elpresidente

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I'd love an AGM compatible version aswell! Anyway great mission.
  5. elpresidente

    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    I would say a/c cooled battlesuits are reasonable authentic for the year 2035. But this is going nowhere Oh and wiki I mean the Arma wiki which you can access at the top
  6. elpresidente

    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    And that does matter in ArmA because...? All the ArmA games never took place in our own reality/universe. The Arma games exist in the "Armaverse" (look it up in the wiki). Heck, even Arma 2 hat prototype/not in use weapons. The point is, BI made uniforms that they think could be used in 20 years in the Armaverse and that isn't that unrealistic considering the Armaverse is obiviously based on own universe. I'm pretty sure uniforms/suits that have a cooling unit integrated already exists (thats what does boxes are at the back of the csat uniforms) Now astetically is a whole other topic...
  7. elpresidente

    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    Actually you can. According to the defintion of Oxford Dictionaries: So yes, you could call the uniform design realistic. At least plausible.
  8. While Hazey does make a good point, I think Nou wanted us to find it. I mean; is pretty obvious, isn't it?
  9. Nice find Ghost. Awww :( Edit: According to the tracker, Beta release is scheduled for 28 March 2014
  10. elpresidente

    @A3CS - ArmA 3 Combat System

    Looks promising! Do you have a roughly ETA for the first public available playable version?
  11. Just download the server software from the Teamspeak website. It's free until 30 slots (if I remember correctly). Make sure you opened the right ports in your router, lower/disable the spam/anti flood protection and you are good to go. Thats what I use if I want to play with friends and acre. Works perfectly.
  12. elpresidente

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    You missed the bottom of the new Sitrep Go!Go!Go! Get working on the DLC sounds! :P
  13. elpresidente

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Don't get your hopes up. The Grogon is most likely a port from the Army of the Czech Republik DLC for ArmA 2 which had 3 Interiors if I remember correctly.
  14. elpresidente

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Pictures of the new Gunner-Optics for those who don't use the Devbranch Album
  15. elpresidente

    Questions about free DLC?!?

    It was hinted that more content will come with the Campaign Episodes. They also confirmed in one of the Sitreps that they are working on 2 "fixed-winged beasts". You might want to keep your eyes on www.ArmA3.com and the Developer Blog. Something will be announced tomorrow. You might be happy to hear aswell, that the offical Tactical Guide that comes with the Deluxe/Supporter Edition contains a section about F-35, C-192 (C-130 like plane). The guide also shows pictures of the Bulldog (Kel-Tec KSG) and the AA-12. Regarding the stuff you saw on screenshots (e.g. Osprey), don't take it as something that is in the game /will get patched in later. Pre-Mid 2012 they showed a lot of stuff that where placeholders. For further information continue reading here. I really hope they add the Osprey. The ingame Fieldmanual shows him under VTOLS.