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  1. I've done what I can but there hasn't really been a noticeable difference. It pains me as well, don't you worry! I've learnt lessons that I'm applying to the rest of the missions.
  2. I am postponing Poltergeist in order to do the concept justice -- the new release date is "When it's done". 5 months was cutting it thin, at any rate. Go vote for Kydoimos' "RESIST" entry for MANW, it deserves it =) If you want to see behind the scenes stuff, check out my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/tyzxej/videos I upload WIP videos periodically (amidst other things, the channel is not dedicated to Arma)
  3. Go ahead and click right here for hot single Su-25 pics in your area now - they're too big to be posted here directly
  4. I found some old screenshots of early development of the showcase, so if you're into that kind of stuff have a look. I added some commentary if you're into that.
  5. I plan on doing an "asset release" of sorts with all the scripts with videos and comments describing how to implement it and so on, as well as all the custom textures. So, yeah :D
  6. doln

    [Poll] Community Spotlights

    Great idea. I think another good interview question would be something along the lines of "Any tips/advice for any mission makers/mod makers/[interviewees speciality] out there?" in the same vein as the official BI dev interviews.
  7. No offense taken, I code by the seat of my pants. I'm amazed anything works at all to be completely honest. And thanks, I'll get onto this tomorrow :)
  8. An unfortunate side effect of the ridiculous amount of scripts being run. I've made as many optimisations as I can but it's as good as I can get it without a ton of work. Glad you enjoyed it!
  9. That video uses a song from the BF4 soundtrack - the composer of BF4 got it taken down for copyright. Which is totally fair to be completely honest. In other news, the Showcase is out: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=259384828 Note that it's a little rough around the edges so if you could all try it out and give me some feedback on the more glaring issues that I need to fix I would appreciate it :)
  10. It's the commanders throne :v As a result of myself not being happy with a number of missions, I've had to axe a few, and as a result the October release will likely be a "Chapter 1" of sorts, consisting of 4 missions. There will be more beyond that, but as for specifics, I don't know just yet. For most of the time, yes. I tried to make a campaign where you're not the leader, but the AI is just far too slow for it to be fun. Yes - there are a number of side-missions where you play as a Pilot, Sniper, Recon team etc
  11. :/ bugger. Looks like my weekends been planned for me. Ah well. Cheers for the help!