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    [MP][CTI] Warfare missions (WASP edition)

    Anyone could help ? I managed to run this mission (on malden) but the players spawn without mobile HQ wnich makes game end after one minute. Plus, someone could explain to me the HC client? What is it? Do I need to have it to run this mission ?
  2. Sorry for digging this up - i got the same problem on my custom zeus mission(and any other except bohemia ones) . I've tried solutions from Tom Rattler but these didn't work. Here's link to my mission: https://www.easypaste.org/file/ESuYVbBj/ZGM.38.4.by.Dragoner999.Altis.rar?lang=en
  3. Peridot

    Ideal setting for an Arma game.

    Personally i think that modern times, not future will fit arma better - i like to use guns and equipment that i know and im aware of. There could be ak-12 and stuff, some time passed since arma 2:oa..