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  1. I'm still actively waiting for those pictures! ;)
  2. It looks amazing! Are you still working on it?
  3. qbt

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hello, Could anyone upload DAMP - Dynamic Afghanistan Multiplayer Campaign and it's required addons (which I'm not sure about)? Alternatively, if there's any other dynamic multiplayer campaigns you could upload, I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  4. qbt

    End of GameSpy

    I have already programmed a prototype alternative master server for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance / ArmA: Cold War Assault. More details to follow in the upcoming days. :dance1:
  5. Picture from one of my Zeus sessions. Image has not been edited post-capture. Thanks BI and Moricky!
  6. This does not seem to work in CfgSounds with say / say3D / playSound, are these intentionally only for weapon sounds? I think this should be expanded to work with these commands. Looping with scripts is inaccurate and not the best way of doing this if looping is supported by the engine.
  7. The implementation for ArmA 2 is severly outdated, and was specific for Daylight RP for ArmA 2. Contrary to what is said on BI-wiki it seems that it is still beneficial to disable the simulation and damage handling of static objects in missions that have a long runtime, as disabling simulation and damage handling will prevent the damage values of static objects from being broadcasted in multiplayer (at least in ArmA 2). You can test this out by running the following code on all clients: {_x enableSimulation false} forEach ([color=#333333]nearestObjects [vehicle(player), ["Static"], 250])[/color] And running setDamage which should be global locally on the same buildings. The value you set with setDamage won't be broadcasted over the network. You can also try reconnecting as JIP and observe that the buildings you destroyed with setDamage are undamaged which means a lot of saved bandwidth and processing power. {_x setDamage 1} forEach ([color=#333333]nearestObjects [vehicle(player), ["Static"], 250])[/color] I will be releasing a easy-to-use optimization & cleanup system to use in ArmA 3 in the following few days. In the meanwhile, I discourage you use scripts from Daylight RP as they are intended to be used only in Daylight RP. :dance1:
  8. Is it possible to create and use a camera while still responding to player input? I'm trying to create a camera that follows the player while the player can still move with normal input keys, replacing the normal 1st/3rd person camera. From what I've tried cameras always disable the input of the player, leaving me with this problem. Using KeyDown-UIEH and others to simulate the input won't work in this case. Thanks :dance1:
  9. This is correct, and the animation you're looking for is called "ainvpknlmstpslaywrfldnon_medic".
  10. There are a few bugs with the Truck Boxer, if you could vote these issues up it would be much appreciated. 13963: The headlights in the Truck Boxer are misaligned 13962: Illuminate the dashboard of Truck Boxer And a small feature request 13961: Make monitor & cargo box in Truck Boxer support custom textures Thanks! :dance1:
  11. Looks nice, some very interesting ideas! I'm eager to compete with you about "the best optimization ever made in life mods". :dance1: Best of luck!
  12. Thanks! Due to the easy extendability of Daylight RP it is very easy for anyone to implement a statsave-system, but this won't be supported in the main branch at least in the beginning.
  13. The mission core itself is being developed and tested by me daily on Stratis, however, all gameplay elements are and will be designed for Altis by justice and Ezcoo.
  14. And don't forget that you can always make a fork of Daylight RP and make your own playable area! :dance1: I just spent a good 5 hours developing Daylight RP, and we're making great progress! Expect updates soon.
  15. That's right, we're back and we're stronger than ever! :dance1: