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  1. kmossco

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Sad to see that the major distributor of mods and addons is now being deprecated, but understandable considering how much it costs hosting this data for very little profit or return. But great to see the community rallied around saving this data! Is there anything I can do to help? I am currently helping OFPEC fixing the tag system and the news publisher to ensure it stays up for a long time to come, and I'd love to work on a mirror of ofpr.info in the very near future. I was hoping I would have more time (maybe early next year) but if we can get a torrent of all the files, I can start working very soon in that mirror to try and avoid any data loss, and in the mean time having that being seeded for everyone else as well.
  2. kmossco

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Capjerahya - really interesting shots. Are you planning in remaking all BIS islands using community addons?
  3. kmossco

    ww4_Insurgent _Trouble

    Thanks, I was missing the last update. I thought that the mirror on the first page was the most updated one, guess I was wrong.
  4. kmossco

    ww4_Insurgent _Trouble

    I just tried to play the mission and I keep getting an error about a missing ww4ext_weaponry addon. Did you have anything like this when testing? I also noticed that it needs the mi2no addon, so perhaps you can edit the first post to alert other people about it. ;)
  5. This is a great job PowerUser. Thank you so much!
  6. kmossco

    I can't join a server

    Not wanting to meddle in this, but shouldn't you guys be discussing this by private messaging? Also, bear in mind that being right or not, Arnchy is the owner/administrator of the server. You may be wrong, or not, but if he banned you for some particular reason, it is up to him to accept your return, so posting it on BI Forums won't really help your cause.
  7. Wow nice. Glad to know you are still working on this :) really cool stuff.
  8. kmossco

    Mission requests and ideas

    Hey :) if you can, can you send me then the FDF missions you may have from CiA and others? Also, do you have that mission from HotShot for the SFP4 mod? Thank you so much!
  9. kmossco

    Mission requests and ideas

    Hey Zulu1! I had a gut feeling you would have these! Thanks a million for this, was going crazy looking for them. I have downloaded the full FDF mission repository, is that group of missions you mention extra? Maybe something you got from CiA or other servers? While we are at it, there was a really good SFP4 mission made by Hotshot in cat_afghanistan. Do you happen to have it? Can't remember the name, just that there was a part of the mission where you had to de-mine a road. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :) Thank you once again. I owe you one.
  10. kmossco

    Mission requests and ideas

    Hey community! I am looking for a few missions that I had before, but somehow ended deleting them :( Lost Platoon by HurricaneJim using the WGL5 mod and Leudersheide. Squad Level Hasty Ambush by CrashDome using the WGL5 mod and Phoenix Island. Mechanical Problem by Rune using the WGL5 mod and CAT_Afghanistan. The Pass by Igor Drukov using again the WGL5 mod. Airport Crisis by Igor Drukov using the WGL5 mod. If you have any of these please let me know. Even if the version non-ported to WGL. Kiitos!
  11. I rarely play these days, especially considering I have to use a Wine wrapper (playing on linux). But I have the following list: - FDF complete collection - VTE + Jungle Fever - Swedish Forces Pack - DMA Lybia - ww4 + extension - a few assorted islands and units It is enough to play most missions I want :)
  12. kmossco

    OFP Addon request thread

    Unfortunately beside the addons posted by Sudayev I can only remember of the oldie Farmlands mod. But none are exactly what you are looking for, I'm afraid.
  13. kmossco

    OFP Addon request thread

    I also noticed a strange bug. I can't download using Firefox/Opera, but I can using Chrome or Safari. So, for those having issues downloading I also recommend trying with different browser, as all links I used this week worked fine.
  14. kmossco

    Ukraine General

    I just find so strange that beside the standard call from Obama/Merkel and diplomatic announcements, no country left a finger. Austria and Switzerland didn't mention about Russian money, England doesn't mention the money getting in the country (in house/car/business purchases) from shady origins. And now Merkel says Putin is not in touch with reality. I just think that Putin knows Europe won't lift a finger for Ukraine and has leverage enough to do whatever he pleases. That to me is being in touch with European reality. Money is more important than Ukrainian lives. Also, I find it strange that the european union was so eager to accept the new government instituted by the Ukrainian riots. That opens a big precedent in my opinion. Not long ago Turkey was in the brink of something this magnitude, would they have accepted the government there too?
  15. kmossco

    Soviet (Latvian) vans RAF-2203-01 pack

    They look really cool! Nice job! :cool: