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  1. thryckz

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Okay, this is coming from one of the founding developers that was on the team. However, take what I say with a grain of salt because I haven't been on the development team in a few months. This is only coming from my personal experience on the team. Where to start? The copyright claims is what's getting the most attention so I want to clear that up (Or make it gloomy). Now, when I was on the team, we had reach. It was a pretty cool thing having developers come to us and asking us if we could use their mods. We loved it. However, at the time (Arma 3 Alpha) no mods were really what we wanted in Arma 3 Life. We had to hire some 3D modelers & texturers to handle some shit we needed with cars,clothing and weapons. The 3D modelers were pretty good, they weren't on the team persay, but they made stuff for the gamemode (i.e. The Taser). A few days after the first teaser (where Caiden showcases the phone). I would like to point out that we were using the TFAR for the audio streaming and we did not have permission to do so. Caiden figured that no one would really care if we used it in alpha/beta of the gamemode and we could always get their permission before release. Now, we skip later on in the development and flay gives us permission to use the hang glider. I remember this fully because in the second teaser video I kept pronouncing his name wrong (I think I said flec or fleek or something). As for the Ivory mods. We kept asking for his/her's permission to use their mods. They never responded to us and believe me, we asked alot. On the second or third teaser, we are using the ivory mods. Again, we did not have their permission for this because at the time, ivory never responded to us. And the one I remember the most, is Kiory's random hat's. I don't know if we got permission from them later on but during my entirity on the team, we had never got a response from them or never told me about it. Caiden just added it one day after Zannaza kept asking for it and it is demonstrated in the teaser videos (I believe). As for Blastcore, that is a clientside mod and I don't believe that should actually be listed. As for the developers of A3L I personally hate them and I just want to share my story with why. Popcorn is recommended. Now I was on the team for a few months now, and caiden's old friend started coming on steam again. Me and him were cool at first, but then caiden is like "So, you wanna be community leader"? he's like "Yeah! That will be great!". Again, didn't bother me, sounded like a real cool guy. Now about two nights before I leave the team, me and him get into a real deep discussion about life and religon (lol). I learn he is crazy about religon and starts saying "Man, you should really start going to church". I'm like...nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The next day, I log on and learn they that were already doing a teaser video. That really bothered me because as a team we plan out the teaser videos. I didn't even know that they were working on anything big for the gamemode and pretty much everyone else on the team knew about it except me. I learn that their friend wanted it done. Then! He start's bossing me around like I'm a fckin slave. He's been on the team for 3 days. Give me a break. So time goes by in the day,I'm trying to get access for the database as they keep on changing it and then blaming me for being behind on my work. (I had to update my code for the launcher to fit their updates to the database which were extremely frequent and were completely unnecessary). Then! I get into another scold fest with the community "leader" saying I'm not doing my part of the work being on the team. So this is where the heat comes down, I log off and shut my computer down. I get on the next day to find their friend is on, I try to reason with him about him scolding me for not turning shit in on time. If anything, it's his because the updates caused from the teaser video screwed up the launcher and had to re-write everything again. He started calling me an ignorant shit, child, and such and I am like "why are you mad all of a sudden?" and he's like "I'm not mad" (but he's calling me all these names and really hurt the feelz. So I get Caiden in teamspeak and was like "What's up with [friend]"? And Caiden is like "What's wrong with him"?. And I'm like "I asked him about yesterday and he just flipped out on me". THEN! He checks with [friend] and gets back to me a few minutes later. "So, you're mad that no one tells you anything in the team? Tough shit, be more active." I'm on mostly every day and for that duration had little recreation time to myself (I tried to scramble some code at least once every three days) and when I wasn't I was lecturing myself on MySQL DB writing so I can learn how to optimize the launcher for security. At this point, it is clear that who side Caiden took. I send him a picture of the chat that me and [friend] had, and I just said "I'm done. Go fck yourself." Now the above paragraph may seem like I over-reacted. But this is with weeks of them saying I'm a really important developer, talking down to me, and not telling me shit about the gamemode. I had to find out whenever they screwed something up so I can fix the launcher or the website or whatever. But [friend] knew before me about everything and neglected to tell me. It was like I was just a pawn on the team when they hired [friend]. And to really be an asshole, on their forums on the "about page" it says some shit like "We had to let our programmer go as he had personal issues to deal with" or some shit like that. I joined their teamspeak and hell broke loose. I hope those "slimy" dev's get what they deserve. Better yet, I hope they read my post. That ought to bring some laughs.
  2. I am trying to avoid putting all of the units in arrays and having the arrays activate. Surely there is a way to have the script execute on the player who is running it. I just don't remember it if I have ever known. An text suedo code would be like: // unit named "x45" runs execVM "blah.sqf"; // blah.sqf retrieves player who activated script // script inside blah.sqf is ran on unit x45, independent of the other players.
  3. The NVG effect really pissed me off in Arma 2 and Arma 3. It looks entirely unrealistic and unprofessional. Is there a way to edit the color correction/curves/gamma/contrast through scripts? I would like to make the NVG's afterwards look like this. I'm not asking for any code, I just need someone to point me to the commands. My goal is to get something like this.
  4. I can't exactly check this right now, as I am at work with some free time. I am a new programmer to sqf and I've wrote this from the little I know of it, which is indeed, very little. Can someone just tell me if I'm missing anything, or do i have the gist of this? Also, can I put this on a init.sqf and it will execute auto when I connect, or do I need to have a handle or loop or something for my connection? Putting it in a unit's initialization is not an option as players may choose my slot. // check if admin _uid = getPlayerUID player; _tz = player; _isShown = false; if (_uid = "8107526") then { // show menu _tz addAction ["*Show Admin Menu*", _isShown = true]; if (_isShown = true) then { _tz addAction ["*Hide Admin Menu", "hide.sqf"]; _tz addAction ["Full Health", "sc\health.sqf"]; // cheat _tz addAction ["Infinite Health", "sc\infhealth.sqf"]; // cheat alot } } Also, when I was on the wiki, it said the "player" variable is executed individually. Does this mean it will execute for every player, or execute when their is a player in the slot?
  5. Made a mistake in the name. I want this deleted.
  6. This does tweak my interest, but I am not sure a feature like cruise control is possible in the ARMA 3 engine. Indicators however, is a feature that I will have to pass on to the higher ups. I do like that idea.
  7. It's never too late. Believe me, we are trying our best to make this mod enjoyable for everyone. There just may be a larger selection of police vehicles coming soon :)
  8. We are not trying to limit the only way to make money to illegal activities which is something that sticks with life servers for some reason. With that being said, you're $1,000,000 fortune in your bank account can be totally clean money you earned doing some form of work.
  9. We already have a web developer and he is doing a excellent job, and a speedy one! Sorry, but we have no need for another one.
  10. Whoever made that launcher made it very sexy and damn good. He/she should get a donation of a few hundred bucks to feed his small family of 3.
  11. thryckz

    ARMA's Future?

    If they don't have even warfare then hope is lost.
  12. I've noticed this a bit also, but I believe it will even itself later in beta.
  13. thryckz

    ARMA's Future?

    A modern operation flashpoint game with modding support would be a devastating battle between ARMA and Operation flashpoint lol