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  1. aimerleg

    WarfareThai EX Mod

    The PWS version appears to be glitched :(. It only downloads around 30mb. Which means no weapons, no uniforms. Some human models invisible... yea.. No unit names in zeus [ single ]. Any fix coming for this soon?
  2. Alright, I tried to fix it, but I do not know the problem. When playing missions with ACE 3, advanced medical but advanced ballistics off the ai take multiple shots to kill, from any weapon. This only happens in multiplayer, ai can take multiple headshots and live. Any solutions?
  3. aimerleg

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Why hide/remove the variants of the m4 blocks and the rest :( And the helmets, I enjoyed versions without the markings for example. Can we get a patch that un-hides them for easy accessability? As I see a lot of people seem to want them back. Though, good job on the t90.
  4. Is there a way to make AI ignore players/make them seem friendly? And this would be midway, someway to for example, not kill a player, but at any given moment you can have the players disguise be blown and ai atack him? So if I am a zeus, and I made players steal uniforms it would make sense if I could switch them to undercover.
  5. aimerleg

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Since everyones comparing this to ACE, I'll throw in my opinion : Could we get lethal and non-lethal gas? And maybe a gas that settles down even after being deployed for a longer period. This would be cool in breaching compounds, controlling crowds, bank robberies, millitary use [burning civs anyone?] Or perhaps just walking around with a gasmask in a city with low lying gas trying to find contacts.
  6. Yep, small update. You no longer get the option to select if you don't want to launch the launcher, it just launches the launcher and to my suprise, it crashes when you click play and says you are offline. I tried restarting, everything. -sigh- Better wait for fix?
  7. aimerleg

    It doesn't feel the same

    Uhm, what did you say? Oh right, "Yes, vechicle weapons are a bit copy/pasted but that's a visual thing which doesn't affect gameplay." :j: It does, and more than you think. Let's say I am at a far distance and I see the top of a vechicle, a HMG. How am I suppose to tell if it's enemy or friendly? HMG Static weapons, friendly or enemy fort? Is the person manning that on a coffee break? Is that AA Static enemy or friendly? Wow, someone died here and their uniform was taken. Only an AT launcher was left. Enemy or friendly? >_>
  8. aimerleg

    It doesn't feel the same

    I agree, Arma 2 just felt.... Good. Like a proper Bohemia Interactive game. Fantastic, the expansion was mind blowing and together they were waaaaaaaaay ahead of it's time. [Arma 2 is still one, if not the only game which allows you to fight with inf, vech and air over large terrain.] I have a feeling it's because Arma 3 is copied and pasted like, seriously. The HMG's are the same for each faction, everyone faction uses the SAME launcher. SAME. The guns all feel rather the same, and the lack of modules is just horrific, in Arma 2 you can drag wounded soldiers away and give them first aid. You can get AI to surrender. You can talk to civillians/soldiers to get info. Guns felt powerful, every faction felt different, even insurgents and the NAPA Terrorists. Guerillas and Takistani Rebels, though looked the same they felt good. Sure, I love the new graphics, lights and stance adjustments and many more of the things Arma 3 brings to the table but looking at it all, it's not an Arma game, not the one we know and love. Buzzard, Wipeout and Neochron. Really, why not just use real names? And why only CAS versions? The lack of vechicles digusts me. I will correct myself, the lack of content disgusts me. We don't have police or women yet, we don't even have the planned weapons and were far into launch right now. Many things got axed, and the early showcases? They had weapons and assets we could probably use, there is no shotgun in arma 3 if you noticed. All factions use pretty much the same equipment in terms of vechicle guns. While in Arma 2 everything felt like it was different. Like it had a different use, and it was more accurate to real life stats of things a tank with a 6.5? Really? We don't need a "balanced" game, we need an Arma game. It would even make my money worth if they just remade Arma 2 with additions from Arma 3 and perhaps more expansive maps.
  9. This is a personal "bug" you may say, when I load up the server browser with all filters to default it takes a long time for it to load any servers, and usually it will start loading around 250 modded ones which I can't join, then some popular ones like Altis Life, etc. But really slow, and it does not always show all the servers it is supposed to. [i.E putting a specific name into host, won't load it up.] This means, when I figure "Ooh, I want to play [insert mission]" and type it in, I can't as only like 2-5 servers show up and perhaps not the right one, etc. I end up joining servers by remote, which is a hassle. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? [i searched this to little solution effect] :(
  10. aimerleg

    A bit of Warfare mode and what it taught me.

    Hmm, what server was this on? I have a weird problem [just recently] that I have to wait forever for internet servers to load, and they sometimes load ones I can't access and not all of them. [E.g I had to search "Warfare" manually and only got 3 servers.] Anyway, this seems great. I personally look down upon on the "balance" approach to Arma 3, last time I checked the slammer had a 6.5mm. Like, really? And the names could be real... Ifrit and Hunter have the same HMG, cant tell faction apart at distance when all I can see is that. But that's fine, I forgive it. Though I prefer arma 2 for content. But, I said all this to say that I agree with you, the fact it does not seem different RPG 7 destroying chopper, or the new RPG [Which I forgot it's full name] Anyway.... I think the mobile HQ's on most warfares kinda break the immersion, you can just teleport to them. But I agree, I never did go heavy unless I have a specific role [MG] as the fatigue would lead to me getting killed.
  11. aimerleg

    Weapon tests

    Ooh, are you by any chance going to test body protection? Carrier rigs and all, maybe some of which we have not seen such as Raven vest, police vest, etc. During a mission, I saw the strangest thing. We cleared a compound and the CSAT squad which acted as reinforcements had 2 soldiers run over our charge, I detonated no more than 3-4m from them, one of them survived.... Could not run but survived and wounded my Grenadier O_o. I also discovered a carrier rig light in black colour, sadly theres no black uniform that I know of....
  12. aimerleg

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    How about we cut the random, off topic chit chat and focus on "The next DLC Speculation" as the title suggests? It could benefit everyone. I have a feeling, we could see the Indian Ocean areas, such as NATO fleets breaking through to Turkey, Iran (Spec ops missions/mass invasion) or even Africa, after being under pressure from CSAT it joins in. That's probably just me, I would hope to see expanded British Forces, with British forces being deployed to Africa to fight the rather poor army with African rebels still going strong as a part of a mass invasion to distract and atack the CSAT forces on another front. It would bring back some good old insurgency I suppose.
  13. aimerleg

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    I myself would find useful a feature where you can check how many bullets you have left. Maybe not precise, but something along the lines of RO2 style? As with ammo HUD you can pick up any odd gun and the soldier knows exactly how many bullets it has left, checking would be pretty cool, would be even better with some sort of "survival" mission, or perhaps an i44 escape where you have to make your shots count.
  14. aimerleg

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    This is interesting... About the medical system, will we see something along the lines of simply bandaging/healing or will it go into further detail with morphine and all the others. Also, will we see AT rifles? They for example could be used by "Resistance" (If there are any) for disabling light/medium tanks. The perfect AT weapon for trenches, and for groups of infantry (If they don't get AT launchers :I )
  15. aimerleg

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    I have to say, since the last few days you guys have been making lightening progress! It's really quick. Are there more people working for the A3 version? Also is there a set setting? Africa etc. I am also curious if we still get the amazing health system. Great going, one more thing.... We the new A3 inventory system will we see things such as parachutes as backpacks? Making supply crates a lot more valuable. Or things such as different uniforms that you can take of, etc. Once again. Great mod, great progress.