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  1. Beautiful!!! Awesome addon its really fun to fly. I also spend much time taking screenshots (thats not all of them and i uploaded even less on steam) :p http://imgur.com/a/qc2fn
  2. Redjevel

    1-2 FPS on Altis and 60 fps on stratis.

    i have q6600 processor and overclocked gtx460 3,24GHz 4gb ram and on everything on standard i have 15 fps while on altis,,,, while on stratis running most on high i get like 45
  3. I had the opportunity to test the daylight on arma 3 and i have to say they got some sweet ideas, the UI looks awesome and is very unique and friendly not like the ones on current Life servers, this one is far more advanced just like the features. Driving while drunk was never so fun ;p One thing i hate about daylight is that its not out already :cool:
  4. Good good, i can clearly see daylight is being made to improve the roleplay between players and where normal abusers/griefers will have hard time to exist. Also as you written daylight will be on Altis(the bigger island) that will be very interesting.
  5. Redjevel

    A Great Job by Bohemia

    I just hope they add much more vehicles and the number should be at least same as vehicle number form arma 2 !!
  6. The people that hate on it obviously dont know what cards are for, not mentioning it would actually help bohemia get some more money and fans could actually get a background/emotoicon from Arma 3 what is pretty cool. People that dont want to craft cards could easily earn money by selling them on market, giving that way also money to bohemia.
  7. Hello, so i bought some copies of arma 3 and they are still named Arma 3 alpha ill post my older screenshot to show what im talking about http://i.imgur.com/Csy7C3X.png i dont post often on this forum, i tried to search a steam topic but i didn't found anything, would be better if there would be some general topic for stuff but i see mods are lazy here ?^^ :D
  8. I hope they will add much more civillian vehicles and civillian air transport also will these change names to Arma 3 Beta after the 25th? http://i.imgur.com/Csy7C3X.png
  9. there is just another small update 162,3 mb:P whats in it? fixes?
  10. Really sweet island, i wonder how you made this :)
  11. you should get it now as fast as possible :P i think the price will change in 25th *Dont also make multiple same threads as there is a thread about the the dates and price change
  12. What is your view distance, make it 1000 .
  13. I would also like to see that players need to click 2x G to throw grenade
  14. Redjevel

    Stratis-RP: Ultimate

    I thought there is handbrake on "X"
  15. Redjevel

    ARMA 3 - Steam or arma3.com?

    Tho when he buy from steam store "it make it go higher" in the bestsellers making it more visible for people.