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  1. leebas

    Can't Join Any Arma 3 Units???

    Try disconnecting and reconnecting your Steam & BI Accounts
  2. leebas

    Can't find invites sent to join unit

    The invites should be in the Arma Unit page on their profile. If not try checking the notification tab.
  3. leebas

    Insignia unit not displayed in game

    The empty slot in the insignia tab will always be the in-game insignia. Your unit insignia will be on the other arm. This is a very common bug since the Alpha of Arma Units. Are you using a JPEG? If so try switching to a PNG and see if it works. Press J when you enter the map screen to ensure that you are connected to the unit.
  4. leebas

    Arma 3 Units

    You can setup Arma Units so people can join your unit without registration for ease of use. And from my knowledge this is currently not possible.
  5. leebas


    You can also use the edit terrain module and select which doors can be opened, closed or locked.
  6. You can simply create a patches mod and add them via the arsenal. PM me if you need assistance with the means to make such a mod
  7. leebas


    Well for one Harzach is right, we need more information. If you are trying to use the USS Nimitz mod, there are multiple modules that are required to make the ship visible, as it is split up in different sections.
  8. leebas

    spawning problem

    Try placing a static respawn and disable spawn in a random location
  9. leebas

    How to improve visibility range?

    If you want a simple option why not use the mods TAW View Distance - Simple but outdated CH View Distance - Bit complex at first but is updated
  10. leebas

    I can't see my units

    Have you connect your BI and Steam accounts together?
  11. Stand Down The Unit began it's second Stand Down phase in November. During Stand Down, the unit organises both cooperative and team vs team missions, and the factions we use is decided by the mission maker, Stand Down phases are used for everyone to have fun more than anything, while we wait for the next deployment / home rotation phase. Deployment Planning Logistics Command has started planning for the next deployment in December. The deployment will consist of multiple roles that are used in the Russian Military. More news of the deployment will be posted later.
  12. leebas

    Taskforce Radio, TS and Arma

    Have you tried editing the TFAR controls?
  13. leebas

    Clientside Unit Insignia Issues?

    It depends because in the unit that I am currently in, our dedicated server doesn't allow the image to be shown, but will be shown on other servers. This maybe caused by the arma units server data to your server or it is just a bug to some players.
  14. leebas

    The new unit system replaces squad.xml?

    For some reason you will need to upload an image of 512x512 px. Anything under will not be shown on Arma 3. Also the size will need to be 100KB or less. Also the rank system will not show in-game. It is mainly their for permissions at Rank 6 and Rank 7 to organise events (coming soon hopefully) and help add other players/manage them within your unit.