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  1. There should be an addition to the server browser which shows server hardware performance and server internet connection performance (bandwidth, as ping is not everything). So when somebody starts up a server a short bechmark should be run and the result should be visible in the server browser for everyone. You also should be able to filter out low power server by filters. That way shitty servers won't get any attention and go offline. Now it is very frustrating for new players as they think it is the game that is horribly optimized and not the low specs servers run by some users. I will create a ticket on feedback tracker if I can't find one today. EDIT: please vote http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14683
  2. Are you sure it is a ban and not just kick? Also check this out:
  3. sik

    Tao Folding Map

    It is working fine for me. (Dev branch) Sometimes when I enable the mod I forget to turn on CBA. Then it doesn't work like Taosenai said. I have a small bug. The map appearance animation goes from bottom of the screen. At night you also have the nice feature for auto dim map, which overlaps the shown map. During the animation the map has a short distance between bottom screen where it is partly undimmed.
  4. This is not this missions fault. The path finding of wheeled AI vehicles is terrible on Altis. They always get stuck at some intersections or stone walls. Complain to BIS http://feedback.arma3.com There will be a parameter where the AI squads gets dismissed when a player joins on an AI slot. And a function to dismiss AI when they get stuck, so you don't have to pick them up.
  5. sik

    A dumb mod: Swim Stratis

    When I change weather settings in editor maxtide stops working :( I want to make a mission with a storm and maxtide=3 for atmospheric firefights in Agia Marina.
  6. sik

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Thanks LJ. Looking forward to try it out. Guys it is still WIP Alpha. Don't expect a shiny one click installer. If you want to check your copy see spoiler. MD5 Checksums for v0.075 (e.g. for http://www.quicksfv.org)
  7. Thank you. It is very useful. Do you have to add everything from 0.60 manually?
  8. A few bugs: - m2 static is showing muzzle flash all the time - In EW campaign Apache doesn't have any ammunition/rockets. Did not check in Editor yet.
  9. Would be great if we could get a possibility to throw grenades with a key like in ArmA 3 (default 'G' key) and ctrl+g for grenade selection (smoke, etc.). Right now you have to switch your "firing mode" to grenade and use left mouse button. I overhauled my key binds for ArmA 3 and was making same key binds for Arma 2. Then I realized how much better a grenade key would be for Arma 2.
  10. Can confirm this. Vote up bug please http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=7999 EDIT: bug still there after patch v0.58.105.348
  11. If you send me your eMailaddress through PM I can send you ArmA 3 Alpha Lite Invite. You can see for yourself how it runs on your PC. A few things about ArmA 3 Alpha Lite: * It's an ALPHA (Bugs) * Lite is free but has no multiplayer and runs out mid June ...but you can play a few missions to see the features and gameplay. If you like it you can prepurchase the ArmA 3 and get unlimited access to Alpha.
  12. Fraps works, just tell it which sound sources to record Just use google: fraps own voice and one of first results http://www.sectionseven.net/showthread.php?105-Recording-all-game-sounds-including-your-own-voice
  13. sik

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Try to remove spaces from addon folder names -> @jsrs_1.5 @LordJarhead jsrs_t72acr_c.pbo.JSRS15_V2.bisign is missing in the latest @JSRS_ACR
  14. This functionality is included in the latest release od STHUD. It shows compass directions (N W E S) if you have a compass in your gear. From that you can estimate bearings.