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  1. Hey people, Excuse me for my absence. Some stuff happened.. like failing disks - some of my personal data got lost, bought a replacement... filled it up, and it failed after a week again. So the authentication system i was working on got delayed, and with that - also the custom upload functionality.... On top of this all, My laptop-screen decided to quit on me. which forced me to use a external monitor.... but after 2 days that died too - cause: my videocard got fried. And meanwhile i got a new job , so less time and no more daytime coding... but eventually more funds for hardware! So today i bought a new disk & laptop... and i guess i will be back on track in a few days. - so i can continue on the project. I have a login-system ready for the bidentify website, and the bidentify-client and node have the option to authenticate too! What's left is adding the functionality to upload 'new' data - and other functions so people can contribute to the system while keeping things in control due to the authentication. This weekend i hope to add some of the above stuff. And its great to see people like T.Johnson offering help with vault hosting, coz with the amount of crashing hardware - its vital that i finish the initial bidentify-vault code, and have at least 1 extra node running on a different internet-connection than mine. But since the project is split in 3 parts (website, client, node) i have to switch between each part and prioritize what i add/finish first. So, please bear with me - i almost replaced all of my old hardware, the future should be less 'buggy' *crosses fingers* - i promise there will be a update next week! @icewindo adding these categories will be possible when the authentification system is implemented. @a6bl4Hblu' i am aware of this. The possibility to upload this file manually, and allow the user to set the category will be possible when i implemented the authentification system. @T.Johnson i will contact you this weekend (*prolly sunday)!
  2. blagh.. major setback. as i was working on a backup systen - i bought a new 4TB disk. That disk died 5 days after i bought it. :( Dont be like me, dont buy seagate disks. i should have known better.
  3. Yes, the gofundme will expire, funds will be refunded. No, there seems to be no way that armaholic can be bought back, due to a irreversible delete action. i hope that answers your question.
  4. jerryhopper

    Hosting for OFPEC

    So i assume you got stuff figured out?! i really hope to see ofpec back soon ! In case anyone needs files hosted on ofpec, have a look here - You might get lucky! http://ftp.armedassault.info/ofpd/
  5. @krzychuzokecia very big files cannot be uploaded yet, im almost at the point to allow 'webuploads' via the browser - and with that uploader its possible to upload huge files. - be patient and dont throw away these addons! @Undeceived its you i have to thank, for your submissions! Furthermore there is some progress that i'd like to elaborate. As stated above, web-uploads are almost there - and so is the authentication system. (i cannot allow anonymous uploads for obvious reasons) The node-software is also getting along quite well. Thanks to the efforts of Mikero and his team, i have obtained a special version of his depbo-tools for linux. A version that also runs on raspberry-pi computers. This means that the bidentify-server and nodes are now able to open pbo's to check the contents. Developers might want to checkout this repository :https://github.com/jerryhopper/docker-depbo-tools which is the source repository for the 'generic' depbo-tools docker container!
  6. jerryhopper

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    I created a docker-container with Mikero's Pbo-tools.... with a twitch : this docker-container runs on Amd64 and Arm64, so you can use your 64bit singleboard computer (RPi4B) and run this toolset. https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/jerryhopper/depbo-tools As always, all credits go out to Mikero & Dahlgren for compiling a ARM version PS: use this container in your ci/cd pipeline...
  7. I have been investigating the network issues, and discovered something is wrong with my pfsense router. it somehow cuts my speed in half (250mbit instead of 500) so i suspect the network instability also originates from here. But today i removed this, and i am monitoring the connection closely now. i suspect the problems should be gone now, but in case you get an error - please post about it.
  8. So, Today i got a reminder from the 'GoFundMe' project (*https://www.gofundme.com/f/free-armaholic) I'm not entirely sure what to do with it, as it seems clear that armaholic cannot be 'bought' back. I have overthought the idea of using the funds to buy another HDD, and use that for bidentify. But somehow this doesn't feel 'right', Therefore i'm expiring / refunding the supporters. Although i cannot find any refund-option in the go-fundme website, when the campaign expires the funds are automatically refunded. Last but not least, i'd like to thank Joonas Sariola, Dennis GamerOnkel, BBFrost and 'Anonymous' for their generous donations.
  9. Hey, im sorry to hear you are brutally interupted by a full server! can you please try again tomorrow? I am upgrading the 'vault' to a RaspberryPi4 (with 4gb ram) which has more usb-ports, and allows booting from ssd. This means the storage-vault (with torrents) is unavailable, since im the only one running one. So, despite the client error-message that says 'server full', its actually a good thing - as everything works as its supposed to 🙂 PS: i see that i made a mistake in the commandline instruction, i will fix that asap... thanks W0lle for the correct command!
  10. jerryhopper


    If you have a local directory with zip-files containing addond, i have made a tool that checks your directory, and matches these files against the missing files that armaholic used to host. It will upload the found files to the bidentify archive. To help submit missing files, you would need the bidentify-client, see the topic below.
  11. jerryhopper

    Hosting for OFPEC

    Glad u at least remembered me. i can always host the site for free. 20 gb is peanuts. Just be sure to make a complete backup. Once that is secured, contact me to get started. direct chat -> telegram --> @jerryhopper Mail contact -> hopper.jerry@gmail.com Talking about ancient days, here is something to cheer us up :) https://mega.nz/file/BE8y2RrT#vni0qBR11DUhy65UOAw6tcRhk-aO-yF_gfIqsti1n2A If its up to me, ofpec will still be around when i will wear dipers again!
  12. jerryhopper

    Hosting for OFPEC

    With Bidentify the idea is to detect missing armaholic files and archive them. This way you seperate the files from other webcontent, like the ofpec website. Archiving the website (read: dockerize the site & make it read-only) to make it more portable is always better when its small in size. I did this for http://www.armedassault.info/ which was running on a baremetal machine (with php5.6) and is a pain to keep 'secure' So, seperating the informational content (forums etc) and the files - is the way to go. I can host the docker-container on my home infrastructure - or it can deployed anywhere else. All that is relevant info to know is : What php-version does it run on, How big is the ftp-filedata and how big is the webdata+database - or, if both are combined : what is the total size. @krzychuzokecia 4yrs ago, aa.info closed. its.still.there. http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=news&id=6524&game=2
  13. The bidentify client doenst prioritize on size. it skips files bigger than 900MB (What you can do, is make bidentify scan the folder with smaller stuff first) Also, what's the further plan? I will first finish the system. in other words : the bidentify-node/vault should be 100% working - as in: Everyone should be able to run a dedicated vault or node. The 'web frontend' should be a deployable container. the 'absolute' file/hash list should be periodically (yearly?) backed up to a git-repository. The idea is that anyone who is a bit tech-savy should be able to deploy the bidentify suite with ease, (in case i somehow die in the short future) and that the files should be 'kept' with a few trusted archivers. i do understand the need for better search-options, and i got that covered. i have anticipated on this, and i will implement a redis-search module which allows you to search on all kind of properties in the near future. Also, i want to 'analyze' pbo's to extract content and add this to the database. adding 'users' and 'posting/commenting' functionality is not on my "to be implemented list." Another very important part is not only the Site & client - but people who are willing to share a bit of their internet connection, and host a node or vault. Without these - the project doesnt have a future. I can produce a OS-image with the vault-software preinstalled for cheap single-board computers, like raspberry pi or others. Dont forget the initial idea is to keep the files available to the public - not to rebuild armaholic. But if anyone feels like interacting with the data in the bidentify database - and build some website on top of it - drop me a message. there is an API - we'll figure it out!
  14. jerryhopper

    Hosting for OFPEC

    Yo! H.... h? you are: "How many men would it take to screw in a lightbulb?" Hoz right? Well, i'm interested! Im not sure if you have seen what i have been up to, but im actually building a community-powered file-storage to keep old files available to the public. The files are distributed via Torrent, and 'librarians' like me seed all the torrents. Obviously, anyone can help with filehosting by downloading a (or all) torrent(s) and seeding them. Have a look at the project here : About the files : Do you have any idea how big the total size is? Regarding keeping the website up: i could convert the site to a docker-container, just like i did for armedassault.info. This way, the site can be easyly moved, transferred and archived.
  15. Despite my attempts to release the client today, i didnt make it. At this very moment i have a client now indexing and uploading missingfiles.. a lot of arma2 OA stuff, and quite some arma1-weapons addons are being added, which means that the client is almost ready for use. I encountered some absured large addons like CUPS (10GB) that made the system crash, which means i have to delay the release.