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    Bludclot's Buldozer Cursors.

    I was editing terrain on a map with 2m cell size. Now I don't won't to kill myself anymore.
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    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    I really like this mod and what it does with ArmA. The "no-zoom" feature really changes gameplay a lot, making it more difficult for players against AI. And after very long time I even worked out the new gear system. However, I can't really figure out how to resuply vehicles with ammunition. Is there a hotkey for it, or menu of some sort? Take UAZ with KORD for example. How do I reload the KORD with ammo in vehicle inventory? This mod really does great job of adding interesting new features (really love it), however does terrible job at explaining it's features and how it works. Maybe just a short guide to new features and mechanics you overhauled would really help new players to get into this mod? Also what is VTN Core and VTN Plus exactly? Is the version on Steam and Armaholic only the VTN Core? Or is it just a demo of some sort (the link to Armaholic on patriot-games.ru says 'demo')? I saw a lot of pictures with T-72s and BMP-2s with VTN/VETERAN logo, is that part of VTN Plus? Where can I get VTN Plus? Or are these BMPs and T-72s part of some VTN Ok mod? Is there a list of VTN Ok mods? Also the patriot-games.ru shows really cool looking models. The civilian vehicles used by guerrilla forces (the bus and armed trucks), that's really something. The BMP-1s look great. That Liberator PMC rebrand post from few days ago shows some interesting models. I've tried reading most of it using Google translate. Is that the VTN Plus? Or is it part of some semi-official VTN extension? If it's not clear yet, I'm really confused. I'd love to play with this mod, but could someone please answer my questions about it? Some at least, please. I really do beg you.
  3. I finished the campaign, really liked it, all those dialogs were great. I just have three objections. 1) While playing as the civilian at the start of the campaign, you step on invisible landmine. I understand this is scripted in order to ensure you die. 2) The bobcat drove through the roadblock without actually pushing any vehicles. I mean it kinda warped through. 3) While defending the village from AAF as an injured civilian/FIA I encountered a sleeping man in a building. Looked quite strange considering half of the city got hit by an airstrike and is currently under attack. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/856102160281544350/6D630BC764B88B8268A1E3F1E2CA31CF383F36B8/