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  1. I found bug or something like that. At the "Modules" tab for ArmA1 there is a single missing addon "PedagneMOD Italian Pack". I found it on my HDD, but it doesn't have name of archive in table on the site (just empty space), so app can't find this addon in my files.
  2. Okkay, thanks! Then I have a lot of work to do to remane my archives)) I already upload several of them It will take some time
  3. Oh, so it doesn't check contents or list of files or something like that? It is just check name of archive? In that case, is there any other (more directly) way to upload files?
  4. Greetings, comrades! I was very upset when AH was gone. And this is so great that there are people like JerryHopper, who save the world))) But I have some problem with this app. In the list on the site I found many of "missing" addons that I have on my old HDD. But scanning says "0.0B". Here is what I did: 1) Collect some of missing addons in 1 directory (some of them were in folder, others in archives), 2) Execute: bidentify scan -d "path\to\that\directory" . What am I doing wrong?