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  1. Thanks for your answer, but as I said, I wasn't specifically talking about KOH, i was talking in general. My initial post did not aim at comparing arma btw, but I still do believe that battlefield has some good things that could be brough to arma 3.
  2. haha concerned about a game I want the creators to improve! i also wanted to know if i was missing some extraordinary mode or server xD it seems i wasn't... i actually came to arma 3 cause i was so annoyed with battlefield 4
  3. i agree with you yes well i get 50 fps minimun, and i don't mind the slow gameplay but yes, i prefer something between arcade and realism, like battelfield
  4. i know yes well my complaint does not refer only to KOH, i was talking in general i have not found any mode / server so far where i can use jets or attack choppers for free (game money) and against other multiplayer users, not bots
  5. thanks for your answer, it's a shame there are very few servers :/
  6. you know what i'm talking about ;) with respect to arma 3 creators, check the official KOH servers and you will see what I mean no, i don't want the dlc haha my dad xD still worse, you should grow up and reply nicely without insulting other's posts nobody is insulting arma 3 hahahahahah i knew some extreme arma 3 fans were going to reply xD
  7. haha true, i get 12000 relatively quickly , but i hate to lose it in seconds
  8. maybe, haha but I don't play RPG.
  9. haha I'm talking about game money, not real money xD
  10. Yes, all KOH servers I have played (most of them , believe me) require users to pay DICE doesn't create games or dlc for free, we all know that xD We respect your opinion, but I suggest you to avoid using that vocabulary, you have not replied me without any solid argument, I guess you are a 9-years old kid, so no big deal As I said, a game is NOT the world XD when you buy any weapon in KOH, you buy it ONCE, so it would make much more sense if the same applies to vehicles
  11. As I asked, does anybody else think that Arma 3 is a joke for lovers of jets and attack choppers? I hate so much that I have to pay every time I want to use a jet or attack chopper in KOH for example (which is the most played mode).. some freak shoots me down in 1 minute, and 12.000 dollars lost.. Yes, it is possible to practice with the editor, but that's boring! and not a combat environment like in multiplayer. I have tried to get jets and attack helicopters in wasteland, and again, it takes time to get the money and they shoot you down soon I also have tried other modes like invade and annex, but the pilot slots are always occupied and i don't like to kill bots xD so boring.. As a gamer who has played most shooter games: counter strike, call of duty, far cry, battlefield, and now arma, I feel arma is definitely not the best one, I prefer battlefield where I can use whatever I want without having to get a lot of money and lose it in seconds xD I honestly prefer a game half way between arcade and realism, as long as I can use any vehicle I want I feel Arma 3 creators just want us to pay for vehicles in order to force us to buy their dlc's, like the jets dlc But I'm not gonna get that dlc because what I want is to use jets and attack choppers against ground forces, vehicles, etc.. Anyway, less than 100 hours playing arma 3 and I definitely think it's not for me, i hope DICE releases a modern combat game soon I also want maps more diverse, like with snow etc.. so I think I will stop playing arma 3 soon unless they make it better, I think they could allow free vehicles in for example KOH, but setting a limit of for example 2 jets and 2 attack choppers per team, and add an alarm to jets and attack choppers when a missile or any rpg is comming! I also think that ACE should be allowed in more servers... the most visited servers, especially KOH servers, do not allow such mod, at least in my part of the world, which is all europe! I think Arma 3 creators could create for example another KOH server that allows everybody to use ACE3. what do you guys think? i guess most of you are arma 3 lovers hahah i thought i was going to love it, and i love to snipe, most of my targets are killed above 1.5 km, and, modesty apart, I usually end up games among the first ones in the ranking, but just sniping all the time.. is boring.. so enough is enough
  12. alfaceroquince

    Any pilot pro?

  13. alfaceroquince

    Any pilot pro?

    haha are you interested?
  14. alfaceroquince

    Any pilot pro?

    hey! i'm looking for someone good at using the AH 99 Blackfoot and who may be interested in playing with me.. anybody? i'm level 37