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  1. I don't even use setGroupOwner, sorry. I go back to dirt simple deleting and respawning. The reason I do that is for 100% assurance that units aren't on the client, and for less issues when BI roll out updates for Arma3 that could break things. Downside is worse network performance while spawning things.Since ZISHC never has to deal with any group parameters like waypoints because everything is a fresh spawn, I don't have to worry about those.
  2. Yes, I knew how to fix it from the moment I read your first report of it. I sincerely apologize that I have not been able to implement it yet. I will try to find some time this week to work on it.The basic reason of why this happens is because Zeus is designed to work only on things that you spawn down. It is not multiplayer compatible in the sense of editing other units that you did not spawn down. Because ZISHC respawns everything on the server, this means that nothing is local, and a lot of things will break. Like most of the others, this issue is the same. When you place an air vehicle in the air, Zeus tries to apply a velocity change. Unfortunately, it does not do it in a multiplayer safe way. So now I basically have to rewrite it to be multiplbeer safe. It's actually really simple if you know what your doing. So if nothing else, I will try and put out a hot fix just for it this week for you.
  3. I can take a look, but no guarantees. I started this mod knowing that eventually there would be some conflict with some other mod and how they spawned their units. It was inevitable. My stance was and is that I will not make specific alterations to support other mods and non-normal ways of handling spawns. (meaning have a whole set of code to detect their mod and handle it specifically) So, if there is something that I can change that is not specific to their mod, then I will do it. If there is not, then apologizes, but I will not write specific code just for their mod. Also, apologizes about not pushing out more updates to this mod. I recently got a full time job and have not had time to return to working on this. I barely have enough to keep my units custom mod maintained. I do intend to finish this mod with all the features that were intended, but it will take me a bit longer. I hope you all understand! Of course, if there is a scripter out there who wants to help out, I would not be opposed ;)
  4. flyinpenguin

    CfgWorlds advice needed

    Don't call the class stratis. Call it something new. You will also probably need to redefine some of the other parameters like the displayed name. Ex Class stratis_oldStyleTone: stratis {
  5. flyinpenguin

    1.60 FPS?

    Hmm, my only guess is simply because it's a laptop. It may have memory bandwidth or power constraints that prevent it from using the new tech to its full potential.
  6. flyinpenguin

    1.60 FPS?

    What are your computer specs? Processor, ram with frequency, video card, hard drive etc
  7. flyinpenguin

    Need help with tank mod

    You can contact the mod authors from these forums. The Kuma is not a mod and I guarantee you that you will not be able to get your hands on it to modify it. Instead, something that may be a good start for you is to take a look at the Arma2 models. Bohemia released them fully unbinarized for mod developers to port them over to Arma3. If you want to learn about how to take a model into Arma3, then that may be a good start.
  8. flyinpenguin

    Need help with tank mod

    Above guys are correct. Now what you could do is create new models (for argument's sake here let's use some nice decorative gear packs). Model them and config them into the Kuma via scripting, using the attachTo command. That should be feasible and legal. Attaching things to the turret will be a nightmare, just so you know.
  9. flyinpenguin

    Is this a bug?

    Thought this may help clarify some things. AI have two kind of pathings. One is the regular ones you see out in a field, the other is specific LOD pathing. These are baked into the map or objects. They are used for when more precise pathings is needed, like in towns and complex buildings.
  10. flyinpenguin

    Add player object to Zeus

    { _x addCuratorEditableObjects [[player],true]; } forEach allCurators;
  11. flyinpenguin

    Add player object to Zeus

  12. flyinpenguin

    Addon/Mod Resource usage

    Yeah, I don't think it's a mod issue, rather it may be a server performance/connection issue. What are your servers specs, and do you run your server with hyperthreading or -maxMem parameters?
  13. Yeah, that sounds about correct to me. We did set maxVRAM to 3071 which is that size, and Arma tries to only take up 2gb of regular memory, which is pretty small for what it does. So it makes sense for it to try and use up all memory availible to it before going to actual VRAM
  14. flyinpenguin

    Help with Farming Script

    You could tie the script to an event handler instead. Have it be attached to the player and do a getin event handler. Check to see if it's the correct vehicle and launch that script.
  15. if its factory overclocked, it should be fine. Definitely should RMA that if resetting to non factory overclocked state fixes it.