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  1. Thanks, ill give it a try, see if I can modify it to my needs. Ill post a video later on so you can see what I mean...
  2. what I need in little words is to be able to have all the functions as in normal camera but on "top-down" view camera.
  3. cant interact with stuff, open close doors, inventory ect...
  4. Wow, thanks m8! is it possible to enable the crosshair of the weapon or/and to go to weapon aim firstview camera when pressing the right mouse botton and how to enable this camera for when driving a car or something, is it possible to control the camera vertically using the middle mouse botton?
  5. Wow thanks guys it worked. is it a way to make the cross aim to appear or even better go in first view aiming camera when I press right mouse bottom?
  6. yes thanks HazJ but where do I put that stuff and how do I call it in the game? I mean is it a .sqf file, description file?
  7. How do I use that killzone_kid? is it a .sqf file?