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  1. Since you are checking gunner in a static weapon it is enough to use gunner command isNull gunner _veh - no gunner !alive gunner _veh - no gunner or dead gunner since you are checking multiple weapons it is unclear if you want results in an array or a single result for the 1st found weapon only.
  2. killzone_kid

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    You mean like "RADIOPROTOCOL" for disableAI or something?
  3. killzone_kid

    if...then...else trobuleshooting

    not gonna do you any good, as you will have one or the other hint displayed repeatedly
  4. You don’t want to run your script in scheduled and waituntil. Something time critical as opening of parachute at correct altitude has to run where it is guaranteed to happen as soon as condition is true. The guarantee you can get like that is from EachFrame event.
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    I haven't. You place it at the beginning of init.sqf
  6. killzone_kid


    player setDamage 1; hint "You have unexpectedly passed away, better luck next time, chap!"
  7. The position should be stored in some profile variable since it is custom position you can adjust via game options
  8. killzone_kid

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    So have you tried with default vanilla bindings?
  9. killzone_kid

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    do you have custom bindings? @lex__1
  10. killzone_kid

    from from to looping help

    Whatever you do, do not alter array you are iterating through by removing elements!
  11. Maybe this is the problem
  12. If everything is defined it should work
  13. why do you use {...}? unless you call this it wont do anything
  14. killzone_kid

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Should be fixed in 144784 (data)
  15. killzone_kid

    Symbolic links

    Perhaps better asked in server management forum
  16. killzone_kid

    MapSingleClick problem

    Nah, it is an editor command
  17. killzone_kid

    MapSingleClick problem

    Why do you make availablebuldings array public?
  18. killzone_kid

    Script Disobeying Commands

    No, this line The video can be stopped in variety of ways: ...... The function is called or spawned again with another video, for example "\a3\missions_f_exp\video\exp_m04_v02.ogv"
  19. killzone_kid

    Script Disobeying Commands

    Nothing, the function is working as intended, when you pass another video, the previous one stops, it is all documented here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_playVideo
  20. Makes the vector 100x longer
  21. killzone_kid

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    Sometimes commands are requested by internal BI designers for quite specific purpose
  22. if I type "Get marker position from string name arma" in google, the 1st sesult is this thread, the second is getMarkerPos command reference
  23. killzone_kid

    Can't host a server

    The mission is in your other profile folder, you can manually copy it to the new profile, but if it is this mission that is corrupt, it wont be of any use