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  1. Is it your server? Then you are in control what to allow and what to restrict. I suggest you look up how the BE filters work first
  2. killzone_kid

    execVM return value

    Is this still the case? I seem to remember this was going to be addressed
  3. You can have player joining into some default unit then create whatever unit and selectPlayer into it
  4. Only noticed it today. If you want help, discord is where it at
  5. killzone_kid

    What type of error is this?

    Sure there is, just look in .rpt file
  6. Once again, deleteVehicle will delete whatever from any client, most likely you are looking at the wrong cause
  7. deletevehicle is global command why do you want to use remoteexec? it already can be executed from any client or server
  8. killzone_kid

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    you can break someone's mod with old commands as well
  9. killzone_kid

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    How do you mean? New commands were added, old commands were NOT altered.
  10. killzone_kid

    Get Handle on Ctrl

    From next dev you dont need display if you have dialog open _control = displayCtrl idc https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/displayCtrl
  11. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ctrlMapSetPosition rev.147653
  12. killzone_kid

    Ghost objects

    Should be fixed since rev.147434
  13. killzone_kid

    execVM not running?

    It is not, there is absolutely nothing wrong in capturing return of the spawn command into a dummy global variable, please do not confuse people.
  14. killzone_kid

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Allows to set different behaviour for different units within the same group and set behaviour for the group itself instead of forcing the same behaviour on all units and the group
  15. killzone_kid

    Ghost objects

    Thank you for the repro, no need for the FT ticket, I gotcha!
  16. killzone_kid

    callExtention return' not hinting.

    doesnt work on server
  17. killzone_kid

    Ghost objects

    You have to understand, if we cannot reproduce a bug we cannot fix it, sorry but this is how it is.
  18. killzone_kid

    Ghost objects

    Try after 2.02 if still happening make a ticket with repro here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/1/
  19. If your server host doesn't want you to store data server side, maybe you should find another host
  20. have you tried to call saveProfileNamespace after you stored something in it?
  21. Your syntax is incorrect, second argument is an expression ("B_RangeMaster_F" createUnit [position player, group player]) and will execute immediately returning nil, while code or string is expected
  22. killzone_kid

    getClientStateNumber question

    The command returns number, > is not part of the command, it is comparison operator to compare your number to the number command returns, when you use comparison operator the expression will return true or false.
  23. MP EH fires on every PC you dont need or want to use remote exec in it
  24. killzone_kid

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    This is not true, please do not try to mislead. From wiki: