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  1. That fixed it. I had to delete it from the server and unsubscribe to wipe it from my PC as well. Thank you much!
  2. I am getting this error when starting my dedicated server. Warning Message: Addon 'CUP_Sounds_Config' requires addon 'CUP_Sounds_Data' This has persisted through deleting the mods from the server and reinstalling them.
  3. I just found your script and absolutely love the idea of convoys that don't suck. That being said.... I keep getting a script error when I try to start a convoy. The error says that line 34 of the ConvoyMove.sqf has an undefined variable "tank". That code snippet is: { if ((_x isKindOf "Tank") || (!isNull (gunner (vehicle _x))) ) then // This is line 34 { _arm_groups pushBack (group driver _x); _arm_vehicles pushBack _x; }; Am I missing something somewhere to cause that issue?
  4. Harvath.S

    3CB BAF Weapons

    So we're still waiting on the hotfix. Got it. Thanks! Hotfix went live this morning. https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00083
  5. Harvath.S

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I haven't had any other issues so far other than this mod. But I fully believe that if they did truely update the signatures past v2 to a v3 signature that it would throw many mods out of wack. Especially with how little information I have been able to find about the signature update.
  6. Harvath.S

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Since the A3 1.86 update I am getting this error on my dedicated server. I have updated the mod on the server and in the launcher. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the mod from my PC and from the server and continue to get the error. Everything worked flawlessly until the 1.86 update. I saw that they were updating the signatures for security, not sure if this could be where the issue lies.
  7. Harvath.S

    remoteExec an addAction

    My apologies for the delay in response, work is a cruel mistress. I will be tweaking the scripts applying the knowledge from what you all have posted. I think I learned more catching up on this forum than I realized. I will update within the next day or two with the outcome of the editing.
  8. Harvath.S

    remoteExec an addAction

    Thanks for the response! So should I change the say3D command over to a playSound3D instead? I thought since the init.sqf was executed on every client that the script would also execute that way, hence the use of say3D. But since that is not the case, using playSound3D, which executes on every computer on the network, should work..... Right?
  9. I have searched both google and the forums for this and see a couple answers to this question that do not make sense to me. I have a couple different firing ranges for my unit that are run via script. They work correctly in both hosted and on the dedi with one small exception. The rangemaster - which is a recording of one of our members played in the script - only executes on the player that activated the firing range, even though the range itself is working for every player on the server. I am 100% sure that it is a locality issue, as the addAction that calls the sqf is located in the init.sqf of the mission. I keep finding answers that have things like this: [Computadora1, ['Disparar a Barco',{<your code here>}] ] remoteExec ["addAction",0,true]; But I do not understand exactly what it all means as most people just provide a script and not an explanation of why it fixes the issues. My question is: how do I execute the addAction in game via remoteExec so that all players can both see the range and hear the rangemaster? Below is a snippet of my range code that involves the recordings - just to ensure that I haven't made a boneheaded error. init.sqf range4.sqf (partial) Thank you all in advance for the help!
  10. I have "nopop=true;" in the script to be safe. But the fact that that command is FUBAR *should* be solved by the manual animation of each target. But for some reason they just don't want to play with me.
  11. There was no change to behavior of the targets. Upon the target raising and being hit it still behaves exactly like a popup target would normally. To clarify the first post, my issue is this: First target pops First target is hit First target lowers First target pops ///// this is where the issue is. Second target pops Timing is not a big issue. Our members do a familiarization course on a range with no scripting and simple targets. The KD Range is only used by the member one time. But do I understand you correctly in that there is a certain window of time to hit the target *between* the sleep commands? My understanding, basic that it is, is that the first sleep command below is the time until the target would lower itself. Meaning that as long as the target is hit during the 4 seconds before it is lowered should be all that matters? I could be and probably am way off base with that; but it is how I understand it to be. pt1_50 animate["terc", 0]; sleep 4; if (pt1_50 animationPhase "terc" != 0) then { _count = _count + 1; }; pt1_50 animate["terc", 1]; _inc = _inc +1 sleep 3;
  12. mrcurry, Thank you! I was out of town this weekend so I was unable to make any changes yet. I will update the script tonight and inform you how it goes!
  13. Hello all, Thank you in advance for the help. I have run into an issue with a script I am using for a KD Range. The scripts work exactly how I want them too. But I have run into an issue once I uploaded the mission with these scripts to the Dedicated Server. The targets are designed to popup on command, which they do, and then go down and stay down once shot or a certain period of time has passed. This is where I find my issue. If there is no outside influence (The target does not get shot) the script works perfectly. However, if the target is shot it goes down and pops back up until the script calls that target again, at which point the target remains up until the script tells it to lower itself. I am calling the script using addAction on an object. Here is the script: Again, thank you for the help.