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  1. We're looking at making the flip soon, hopefully that takes care of it. Just thought you would like knowing about the crosstalk. As for the stuff in the pack - anything inside it is either created internally, added and uploaded with the proper permissions and authorizations from the authors, a mod that is outdated with an author nowhere to be found, or in a few cases a test version of a mod for the author before they push it globally. Our Server Shop makes sure nothing gets added that violates the EULA or the wishes of a mod author.
  2. Got a fun one for you, Dedmen.
  3. Harvath.S

    (SOLVED) kbTell has no audio.

    That was not the issue. The bikb file doesn't recognize the reference at all if it is not defined as /Sound. BUT! I got frustrated and decided that it HAD to be an issue with ACRE removing the itemRadio. So, I decided to try and force linking the itemRadio to the NPC speaking via my init file and BINGO! You nailed it on the head here. Since I was able to force the linking of the radio it all works as expected! Thank you gentlemen for the help!
  4. Does ACRE2 prevent scripts that rely on itemRadio from working correctly? I came across an issue of kbTell not working properly when running ACRE2. I assume it is because the itemRadio is blocked. Is there a way to unblock that so that I can add the itemRadio to the NPCs that I need to speak? You can reference this post to see the issue I am having. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/227341-updated-kbtell-has-no-audio/?tab=comments#comment-3392585 I discovered that you can still use variable linkItem "itemRadio"; in the init.sqf and force add it to the character.
  5. Harvath.S

    (SOLVED) kbTell has no audio.

    UPDATE I deleted the texts.bikb, redefined the OGG file in the description.ext, and attempted to play it from three different sources (NPC, laptop, loudspeaker) using say3D. There is no audio at all. I am at a complete loss for what is happening now. cfgRadio continues to work (regardless of the fact the there is no itemRadio present {don't question it}) but kbTell and say3D are not. I would make the argument that my audio files are corrupt, but I can play them in literally any program that reads OGG without issue so I know that is not the case. I can pass everything through with cfgRadio and apologize to my players for it, but I would really prefer to figure out a way to make this dang thing happen, even if its a workaround. I will also scour the ACRE2 thread and see if anyone has had an issue with kbTell over there. Maybe they can provide some input.
  6. Harvath.S

    (SOLVED) kbTell has no audio.

    Now I am really messed up. I just went through and tested some of my other missions. Without fail not a single one of them is working anymore with kb. I wish it was as easy as adding radios back, but with ACRE2 removing the itemRadio I might be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Although, if the LIP file is working..... and it's just an issue with kbTell..... I could theoretically use say3D to play the audio and still let the bikb run the LIP file, could I not?
  7. Harvath.S

    (SOLVED) kbTell has no audio.

    Check 1 and check 3, no change. Not sure I follow you about it being the relative path for mods. Does that mean it's not reading it because it's script? That doesn't make sense in my mind and also doesn't jive with the multiple other missions I have made using that same technique. Would you mind explaining further so I can grasp what you're saying there? Yes. Not not the typical type. We use ACRE2 so it's an inventory item and not assigned to itemRadio. That's never caused an issue before, but I'll try it without ACRE2 loaded and see what happens.
  8. I do something similar for the group of guys that I play with to emulate 'dwindling supplies' at the end of each mission. I use a trigger to report the contents of the crates containing our ammo and other supplies to the server.rpt right before the mission ends. I then can go through, pull those lines of code, and adjust the starting contents of the crates for the next mission. You could add the script to fire on a repeatable addAction or something similar. But it won't automatically update your crate, so it may not be the solution you are looking for. _ammo1 = getMagazineCargo ammo1; _ammo2 = getMagazineCargo ammo2; _ammo3 = getMagazineCargo ammo3; _ammo3_1 = getItemCargo ammo3; _med1 = getItemCargo med1; _med2 = getItemCargo med2; _med3 = getItemCargo med3; _med4 = getItemCargo med4; _med5 = getItemCargo med5; _food3 = getItemCargo food3; _food2 = getItemCargo food2; _food1 = getItemCargo food1; _drink1 = getItemCargo drink1; _drink2 = getItemCargo drink2; _dumpAmmo = getMagazineCargo dump1; _dumpItem = getItemCargo dump1; copyToClipboard str _ammo1; diag_log _ammo1; copyToClipboard str _ammo2; diag_log _ammo2; copyToClipboard str _ammo3; diag_log _ammo3; copyToClipboard str _ammo3_1; diag_log _ammo3_1; copyToClipboard str _med1; diag_log _med1; copyToClipboard str _med2; diag_log _med2; copyToClipboard str _med3; diag_log _med3; copyToClipboard str _med4; diag_log _med4; copyToClipboard str _med5; diag_log _med5; copyToClipboard str _food1; diag_log _food1; copyToClipboard str _food2; diag_log _food2; copyToClipboard str _food3; diag_log _food3; copyToClipboard str _drink1; diag_log _drink1; copyToClipboard str _drink2; diag_log _drink2; copyToClipboard str _dumpAmmo; diag_log _dumpAmmo; copyToClipboard str _dumpItem; diag_log _dumpItem;
  9. I have searched and searched and cannot find an answer to my problem. I've used kbTell pretty regularly in my mission making and never had an issue. This morning I added an OGG file to my Sound folder in a mission, made sure the LIP file was present, defined it in my texts.bikb file, and then added my script. When I activate the trigger my NPC's lips begin moving and the hint in the trigger (to ensure it fires) pops up. But..... No sound! I spent roughly two hours double checking my definitions, scripts, and the trigger to ensure that I hadn't missed a darned ';' anywhere. Nothing. I will post my files when I get home (I am currently at work) but until that point; has anyone else had any issues with kbTell not playing the sound even though it's clearly reading and playing the LIP file? Is there something that I could be forgetting somehow based on my actions above? Thanks in advance for the help. EDIT: texts.bikb and my script controlling the kbTell are in the following spoilers. texts.bikb briefing.sqf
  10. I've been searching the interwebs for the last couple of days and keep hitting a brick wall on this. I am attempting to get the contents of an ammo crate at the end of a mission so I can carry that over to the next and force the players to pay attention to the amount of rounds they are using and give them incentive to not waste ammo. I've tried getItemCargo and itemCargo and I keep getting an empty array. I am not trying to make it automatically save the contents because I really do not want to deal with a database for a single ammocrate. I have tried the following snippets in the debug console to test and continually get empty arrays. hint str itemCargo case1; hint str getItemCargo case1; hint str itemCargo _case1; hint str getItemCargo _case1; Does anyone have any ideas on what I am missing here? Again, I am just trying to be able to pull the contents of the crate so I can move them over to the next mission. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Dumb dumb me didn't think to use getMagazineCargo. All is now right in the world.
  11. And that is what always messes with my head. I am calling the script via an addAction through the init.sqf. It is a qualification range for four individuals at the same time, hence the four targets and four score variables. I am definitely getting caught on the *where* to run issue. I need it to run on whoever uses the addAction and the four players actually shooting. Is it best to have it run on all players on the server? The server itself? This is where I always run into issues with my scripts when it comes to putting them on a dedicated server. No matter how much I dig into the wiki and try to understand it it goes over my head in regard what to use where.
  12. *slaps self* I should be using if (hasInterface) then {script}; shouldn't I?
  13. Would you believe that I talked myself out of trying the MP versions after reading through that other thread? Stupid me. Side bar: I changed that in the script and tested it. However, now my check I added in is not working. I would say it is because I am a terrible shot, but that's not it. Could it be because I am setting the damage on the targets to '0'? The wiki says: Could the "setDamage 0;" that I am using be causing it to not take effect somehow? Or did I just type out that if/then/else code that poorly?
  14. I've been hitting my head against a wall for a few days trying to sort this issue. I have a script (see below) that I wrote for a firing range. It works perfectly in SP and on locally hosted servers. I am having issues with it on the dedicated server. I dug through the (recent) topic below and have attempted tweaks off of that to no avail. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/221167-addmpeventhandler-not-working-on-dedicated-server/?_fromLogin=1 I feel like my issue is lying somewhere in the eventHandler not updating the score variables for some reason. I am not sure why it would be working on a local host and not dedicated. Below is the first snippet of the script down to where I added the first check to see if the EHs were working. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated. My head hurts and I'm afraid I'll dent my wall if I keep hitting it. PS. I am using the targetHumanSimple because it does not fall when it gets shot. I did this so the shooter has to observe the bullet strike and does not have a visual aide. I don't think this would make any difference but full disclosure is full disclosure.
  15. That fixed it. I had to delete it from the server and unsubscribe to wipe it from my PC as well. Thank you much!