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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, I am trying to wrap my head around the various playMusic, say2D, playSound3D commands and am still having trouble. I would like achieve the following two things: - When a blufor player uses an action on an object, ONLY the blufor players hear a 2D sound (it has to follow the player and be heard locally, like a radio message of sort). - The same as above, but triggered when any blufor player enters a trigger. I tried various commands but am still struggling with locality of the commands. I believe that I am not using them on the correct clients, or something like that. The reason it needs to be played for side is that the mission is supposed to be PvP, so I do not want the opfor team to hear the audio. Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers!
  2. Im creating a multiplayer mission where i want that only the pilot of a chopper can use a certain BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd. Several things are confusing me. First i have a container with following code in the init line: I actually expected that the pilot would now see the enty several times, one entry for each player. But to my happy suprise the pilot can only see the entry once. So this is the first thing i can't understand. But it keeps getting more confusing. Once the pilot completes the hold action, a script gets started (rearm.sqf). In this script a new hold action gets created in exactly the same way as the first one: this time suddenly the action gets added once for every player. Why does it behave different this time? I then decided to change my script. I try to get the id of the player who is controlling the pilot: pilotID = 0; pilotID = owner heli1D; I made two tests. The first time the host was playing heli1D. in that case pilotID was 2. Why was the pilotID 2? The host wasn't able to see the holdAction (he should have been). Second test the clients controlls heli1D. pilotID is 2 again. the client can see the hold action and it also got added only once. Again i don't understand whats going on. Im totally confused now. Help would be highly appreaciated.
  3. And the second issue that came up with the one mission was this: this addaction ["Pickup Key","Scripts\PickupKey.sqf"]; the above resulted in 4 actions appearing on the object. 4 were the players 4 were the actions. So if I place the above code in a trigger that is Server Only will the action only appear once while been shown to all players?
  4. Hey guys just tested a mission and came up with an issue. I am using this code: ["init", [y, "images\spoilers.jpg", "Spoilers"]] call BIS_fnc_initLeaflet; ["init", [x, "images\spoilers.jpg", "Spoilers"]] call BIS_fnc_initLeaflet; in an MP mission. All worked fine but one thing. The action to see the leaflet both times was only visible to the host. Clients could not even see the action. How can I make the above action visible to all in MP please?
  5. I have a decent understanding of locality. And I've read the Biki pages on BIS_fnc_MP and remoteExec. I understand that remoteExec is the newer, preferred approach, but that the other still works too. But I have not been able to wrap my head around the syntax/usage of either of these. So I'm asking for someone who really does understand them to expand on what the Biki has and explain the usage -not just syntax, but how to use it in different situations. A variety of examples (and why it's done the way it's done in each example, and the effects of the variations) would be awesome. Anyone able to do this? It'd be a real benefit to all of us who make multiplayer missions!
  6. I've been hitting my head against a wall for a few days trying to sort this issue. I have a script (see below) that I wrote for a firing range. It works perfectly in SP and on locally hosted servers. I am having issues with it on the dedicated server. I dug through the (recent) topic below and have attempted tweaks off of that to no avail. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/221167-addmpeventhandler-not-working-on-dedicated-server/?_fromLogin=1 I feel like my issue is lying somewhere in the eventHandler not updating the score variables for some reason. I am not sure why it would be working on a local host and not dedicated. Below is the first snippet of the script down to where I added the first check to see if the EHs were working. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated. My head hurts and I'm afraid I'll dent my wall if I keep hitting it. PS. I am using the targetHumanSimple because it does not fall when it gets shot. I did this so the shooter has to observe the bullet strike and does not have a visual aide. I don't think this would make any difference but full disclosure is full disclosure.
  7. Hey i have this hintC action: Sujeto addAction ["Heridas", { "Paciente" hintC [ format [ "Nombre: %1\nCabeza: %2\nCuello: %3\nTorso: %4\nBrazos: %5\nPiernas: %6", nombre, heridaCabeza, heridaCuello, heridaTorso, heridaBrazos, heridaPiernas ]] }]; But when the player activates it all player see it instead of the player who executed it.
  8. Hi, I discovered recently a weird behavior, with addAction on a crate (or any object), while you're leader of a group. With any of your AI team mate (so local to your PC), you can order him the addAction on the crate (if conditions are met), with the action menu (6). That means the code will run locally even if you are away from the object. Just test: write an addAction for a crate: myCrate addAction ["Arsenal", { ["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal },nil,10,false,true,"","vehicle _this == _this"]; Here is for arsenal opening, but any code will run a well. Place the crate or any object named myCrate. Place a squad with leader as player. Run the preview. You can see your added action when closing the crate (within 15m as hard coded). Move away then order an AI o close the crate on his turn. Now, you have an added line in commanding action menu (6) for this unit! You can even ask him to open arsenal. The unit will start an animation to come closer to the crate but at arrival, you will open arsenal for yourself. So, the conclusion is that the hard coded condition is checking the distance from object, not only for player but for all subordinates (not tested with several players in same group). The working filter seems to be: vehicle _this == player but this remains a waste of code and performance, imho, because the hard coded distance condition should check only for player's distance. As you can see, with no filter on player, you can open arsenal on crate, even if on the other side of the map. This occurred for me while an AI respawn point was too close from the crate.
  9. Hi guys, though I am getting better to tackle scripting in Arma I still have some issues for some of my functions despite having searched the internet.. a lot. I am not a programmer and have no real background about scripting. I combine the work and scripts from others in this community and alter them for my own needs. I have fun fullfilling ideas I have for my dedicated server and the small group of friends frequently coming together. During my research, trial and errors I found out how flexible and powerful Arma can be. But enough of that. To my problems: 1. Running scripts on dedicated servers/ locality in MP I run a helicopter supply drop script (credits: soolie) available for the players via the radio menu (radio trigger) Problem: works well in single player. But in MP the script fires for all players (not only the initial caller) resulting in getting 1 helicopter for every player and multiple crates being dropped. Strangely when I am the only player on the server only one helicopter appears but it drops two crates simultaneously... tried different ways to call the script but I didn't get it running (lack of knowledge) Caller: ["supply\supply.sqf", "BIS_fnc_execVM", true] call BIS_fnc_MP; (tried also _nul = execVM "supply\supply.sqf";) Script: openMap [true,true]; clicked = 0; hintc "Left click on the map where you want the supplies dropped"; ["supplymapclick", "onMapSingleClick", { _supplyLocArray = [+1000,-1375,-1500,-1125,+1250,-1000,+1375,-1250,+1500,+1125]; //:::::::::::|USE THE ONE BELOW FOR TESTING, IT SPAWNS THE HELI MUCH CLOSER|::::::::::: //_supplyLocArray = [+500,-500]; _supplyRandomLocX = _supplyLocArray select floor random count _supplyLocArray; _supplyRandomLocY = _supplyLocArray select floor random count _supplyLocArray; _supply = [[(_pos select 0)+_supplyRandomLocX, (_pos select 1)+_supplyRandomLocY, (_pos select 2)+50], 180, "UK3CB_BAF_Merlin_HC3_24", WEST] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; _supplyHeli = _supply select 0; _supplyHeliPos = getPos _supplyHeli; _supplyMrkrHeli = createMarker ["supplyMrkrHeli", _supplyHeliPos]; _supplyCrew = _supply select 1; _supplyGrp = _supply select 2; _supplyGrp setSpeedMode "FULL"; _supplyGrp setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _supplyWP1 =_supplyGrp addWaypoint [(_pos),1]; _supplyWP1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _supplyWP2 = _supplyGrp addWaypoint [[(_pos select 0)+_supplyRandomLocX, (_pos select 1)+_supplyRandomLocY, _pos select 2], 2]; _supplyMrkrLZ = createMarker ["supplyMrkrLZ", _pos]; "supplyMrkrLZ" setMarkerType "Empty"; "supplyMrkrHeli" setMarkerType "Empty"; _supplyHeli flyInHeight 150; clicked = 1; openmap [false,false]; onMapSingleClick '';}] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; waitUntil {(clicked == 1)}; hint "The supplies are on the way"; _supplyMrkrHeliPos = getMarkerPos "supplyMrkrHeli"; _supplyMrkrHeliPos2 = [_supplyMrkrHeliPos select 0, _supplyMrkrHeliPos select 1, (_supplyMrkrHeliPos select 2)+50]; _supplyHeli = _supplyMrkrHeliPos2 nearestObject "UK3CB_BAF_Merlin_HC3_24"; _supplyMrkrLZPos = getMarkerPos "supplyMrkrLZ"; _supplyLZ = createVehicle ["Land_Laptop_device_F", getMarkerPos "supplyMrkrLZ", [], 0, "NONE"]; deleteMarker "supplyMrkrHeli"; deleteMarker "supplyMrkrLZ"; _supplyLZ hideObject true; waitUntil {( _supplyLZ distance _supplyHeli)<400}; _supplyHeli animateDoor ["CargoRamp_Open",1]; waitUntil {( _supplyLZ distance _supplyHeli)<200}; sleep 2; _supplyHeli allowDammage false; _supplyBoxFnc = "B_CargoNet_01_ammo_F"; _supplyBox = createVehicle [_supplyBoxFnc, position _supplyHeli, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; clearBackpackCargoGlobal _supplyBox; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _supplyBox; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _supplyBox; clearItemCargoGlobal _supplyBox; _supplyBox addWeaponCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_L85A2", 2]; _supplyBox addWeaponCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_NLAW_Launcher", 2]; _supplyBox addWeaponCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_AT4_CS_AP_Launcher", 2]; _supplyBox addWeaponCargoGlobal ["rhs_weap_fgm148", 2]; _supplyBox addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_762_100Rnd_T", 5]; _supplyBox addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_762_L42A1_20Rnd", 5]; _supplyBox addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_762_L42A1_20Rnd_T", 5]; _supplyBox addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_127_100Rnd", 5]; _supplyBox addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_556_30Rnd", 10]; _supplyBox addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_556_30Rnd_T", 10]; _supplyBox addMagazineCargoGlobal ["13Rnd_mas_9x21_Mag", 4]; _supplyBox addMagazineCargoGlobal ["rhs_fgm148_magazine_AT", 4]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_fieldDressing", 30]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["Laserdesignator", 5]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_morphine", 30]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_bloodIV", 10]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_bloodIV_250", 10]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_CableTie", 10]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_epinephrine", 20]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["HandGrenade", 10]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["Laserbatteries", 5]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["SmokeShellRed", 10]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_EarPlugs", 5]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["SmokeShell", 10]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["SmokeShellRed", 10]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["SmokeShellBlue", 10]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_DefusalKit", 5]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_CableTie", 10]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_Clacker", 5]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["DemoCharge_Remote_Mag", 5]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["NVGoggles_mas_h", 5]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["optic_Hamr", 5]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["tf_anprc152_2", 5]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["optic_Hamr", 5]; _supplyBox additemcargoGlobal ["tf_microdagr", 5]; _supplyBox addbackpackcargoGlobal ["B_Carryall_cbr", 1]; _supplyBox addAction ["Arsenal", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal}]; _supplyBox disableCollisionWith _supplyHeli; _supplyHeli disableCollisionWith _supplyBox; _supplyBox allowDammage false; _supplyBox attachTo [_supplyHeli, [0, 0, 0], "CargoRamp"]; _supplyBox setDir ([_supplyBox, _supplyHeli] call BIS_fnc_dirTo); detach _supplyBox; //:::::::::::|Marker|::::::::::: _marker = createMarker ["SupplyMarker1", position _supplyLZ]; _marker setMarkerType "mil_objective"; "SupplyMarker1" setMarkerText "Supply Drop"; "SupplyMarker1" setMarkerColor "ColorKhaki"; //::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: deleteVehicle _supplyLZ; _supplyChute = createVehicle ["B_parachute_02_F", position _supplyBox, [], 0, "FLY"]; _supplyBox attachTo [_supplyChute,[0,1,0]]; //_supplyChute hideObject true; _supplyChute setPos getPos _supplyBox; //:::::::::::|LIGHT|::::::::::: _supplyLight = "Chemlight_green" createVehicle (position _supplyBox); _supplyLight attachTo [_supplyBox, [0,0,0]]; _supplyFlare = "F_20mm_Red" createVehicle (position _supplyBox); _supplyFlare attachTo [_supplyBox, [0,0,0]]; //::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: sleep 1; hint "The supplies have been dropped and can be found in the marked zone within a 200m radius."; _supplyChute hideObject false; _supplyChute allowDammage false; //_supplyHeli allowDammage true; //_supplyBox allowDammage true; _supplyHeli animateDoor ["CargoRamp_Open",0]; //:::::::::::|SMOKE|::::::::::: _supplySmoke = "SmokeShellPurple" createVehicle (position _supplyBox); _supplySmoke attachTo [_supplyBox, [0,0,0]]; //::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: //:::::::::::|LIGHT II|::::::::::: sleep 10; _supplyLight = "Chemlight_green" createVehicle (position _supplyBox); _supplyLight attachTo [_supplyBox, [0,0,0]]; _supplyFlare = "F_20mm_Red" createVehicle (position _supplyBox); _supplyFlare attachTo [_supplyBox, [0,0,0]]; //::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: waitUntil {(getPos _supplyBox select 2)<2}; //detach _supplyBox; _supplyHeli allowDammage true; _supplyBox allowDammage true; _supplyChute setPos [ (getPos _supplyChute select 0)+0.75, getPos _supplyChute select 1, getPos _supplyChute select 2]; hint ""; sleep 5; {deleteVehicle _x;}forEach crew _supplyHeli;deleteVehicle _supplyHeli; //hint "end"; // Cleanup sleep 1500; deleteMarker "SupplyMarker1"; 2. Running scripts for respawned vehicles My vehicles (and crates) have customized inventories. Instead filling every single vehicles manually in the editor I run a script and I can change the amounts very easy: //Settings _weaponAmount = 2; _magAmount = 20; _itemAmount = 10; _atAmount = 5; _drugAmount = 40; _bandageAmount = 50; //_this allowDamage false; //Clear Box clearBackpackCargoGlobal _this; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _this; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _this; clearItemCargoGlobal _this; //_this addmagazinecargo ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag", _magAmount]; //_this addmagazinecargo ["SLAMDirectionalMine_Wire_Mag", _magAmount]; //_this addmagazinecargo ["SmokeShell", _magAmount]; _this addWeaponCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_L85A2", _weaponAmount]; _this addWeaponCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_NLAW_Launcher", _weaponAmount]; _this addWeaponCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_AT4_CS_AP_Launcher", _weaponAmount]; _this addWeaponCargoGlobal ["rhs_weap_fgm148", _weaponAmount]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_762_100Rnd_T", _magAmount]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_762_L42A1_20Rnd", _magAmount]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_762_L42A1_20Rnd_T", _magAmount]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_127_100Rnd", _magAmount]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_556_30Rnd", _magAmount]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_556_30Rnd_T", _magAmount]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["13Rnd_mas_9x21_Mag", _magAmount]; _this addMagazineCargoGlobal ["rhs_fgm148_magazine_AT", _atAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_fieldDressing", _bandageAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["Laserdesignator", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_morphine", _drugAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_bloodIV", _drugAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_bloodIV_250", _drugAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_CableTie", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_epinephrine", _drugAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["HandGrenade", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["Laserbatteries", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["SmokeShellRed", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_EarPlugs", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["SmokeShell", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["SmokeShellRed", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["SmokeShellBlue", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["1Rnd_SmokeGreen_Grenade_shell", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["UK3CB_BAF_1Rnd_HE_Grenade_Shell", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["1Rnd_SmokeGreen_Grenade_shell", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_SpottingScope", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_Tripod", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_DefusalKit", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_CableTie", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ACE_Clacker", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["DemoCharge_Remote_Mag", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["NVGoggles_mas_h", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["optic_Hamr", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["tf_anprc152_2", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["tf_rt1523g_bwmod", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ItemAndroid", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["tf_microdagr", _itemAmount]; _this additemcargoGlobal ["ToolKit", 1]; _this addbackpackcargoGlobal ["B_Carryall_cbr", _itemAmount]; Caller: null = this execVM "Z_Crate.sqf"; (in init field of every vehicle) Problem: works fine at the start of the mission. If destroyed the vehicles respawn via the Arma vehicle respawn module. But they are then empty / have standard items (=script does not fire after respawn). Bonus: Any ideas how to combine 2. into 1. (running the inventory script from 2 in the supply drop box instead filling it individually) I would really like to get this working, any ideas highly appreciated Thanks guys
  10. Hello, I've been trying to create a shoothouse for my community but I've run into a very strange problem. Attached below is the mission file. I've made a collection of scripts to create a CQB enviroment with randomized entry point and random target placement. Works fine in SP (so logic is a-ok) but I've tried to test it in a non-dedicated server and alas not only the doors are not inmediately moved, but the targets are sometimes not moved at all; actually, the targets are moved in the host machine just fine, but the other player only sees the target in the new position once the host has shot it or after some random delay. Currently the scripts are triggered via addAction, which executes via execVM, scripts that change the position and direction of the objects syncronized. As I said, the logic works as intended in SP, and for whoever is Server when in coop, but the other players experience the aforementioned delay in object movement. As far I've understood it, effects of setPos are global and broadcasted so if my script only makes use of that command (and setDir), why is it experiencing this delay? You can download the mission here. Any help would be appreciated. And, thanks for reading! These scripts may be used in part or completely only when due credit is given.
  11. Hello, I'm developing an airborne mission for my group, basically the guys (Two fire-team consisting of four members each, named A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4) spawn in an C-130 and parachute into the A.O. The problem is, I need them to have their backpacks when they land, so they have enough ammo and equipment to complete the mission, so I came up with this Idea, a trigger executing a script for each unit, the script will wait until they land and then add backpacks and equipment into it. The C-130 will enter the trigger area with the team onboard. These are the trigger's specs: ACTIVATION: BLUFOR ACTIVATION TYPE: PRESENT CONDITION: this && isServer ON ACT: para1 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\A1.sqf"; para2 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\A2.sqf"; para3 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\A3.sqf"; para4 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\A4.sqf"; para5 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\B1.sqf"; para6 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\B2.sqf"; para7 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\B3.sqf"; para8 = [] execvm "scripts\backpack\B4.sqf"; Now this is the A1.sqf script: I tested it and it worked great, except when I tested it in a multiplayer server (I hosted it locally), I got in as unit A1. When I landed, the script worked and the parachute got replaced by the backpack and the defined contents, however it didn't work for the other player, their parachutes didn't get replaced by the intended backpacks, At first I thought I could've screwed the script for their units, so I restarted the mission and got in as another unit (A2), as some of you guys may imagine, I got my backpack just fine, but the other players didn't, not even the unit I just tested (A1). I tested all the other units and it worked great when I was playing as them, but no one else got their backpacks. As you guys probably know, I think I fucked up the locality of the script execution, not sure how, could any of you guys enlighten me as how to make this thing work? We usually use conventional hosting (through the game Multiplayer menu) and Dedicated hosting, so it would need to be something that works for both. Thanks in advance!
  12. ok, so running a mp mission test with a few players , everything ran smooth, I noticed some makers blinked of sides makers (cap area) and some didn't .but the error issue I did see is after getting to enemy base I hacked into there tank factory to build (a tank) to inflict damage on there base. as it did work I ended up with makers errors .. of my tank in suspecting.. somewere in my mission I don't think ai or players sides are being defined or maybe there makers? like I said all works good till I build tank with ai at enemy base... if anyone wants to help or see the challeng, pm me I will upload mission. you wont regret helping .. the mission is awesome as is.. but as I'm updating arma3 fnc and commands (its getting better). this is for rts3, rtsV is on rest for me at the moment, (zen has been building a new system for rtsV).
  13. Here is an execution flow-chart for those who might have difficulty working out how the isServer or isDedicated process works. I'll add some more flow-charts how other things work as well later. Tell me if it's helpful. This is based on Killzone_kids explanation for multiplayer execution states displayed here. http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-basic-multiplayer-coding-summary/