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  1. Tobur

    Maus nicht bedienbar

    that above and make sure you run the game in full screen mode
  2. Cool, cool, will try this out again. Is this server sided? edit: I guess this is still somewhat compatible with MCC and ASR? Thanks for your work!
  3. Tobur

    MP missions on dedicated server

    Nope, but also haven't tried too hard lately...
  4. Have you checked here https://github.com/Arma-TCL-TypeX/TCL-TypeX-docs/wiki/TCL-group-types?
  5. Tobur

    Need a persistent mission

    Have you checked TRGM 2? Great for quick sessions with a few people and it's persistent
  6. Tobur

    Infinite Lobby Map loading screen

    Maybe problems with the respawn settings in the description.ext / mission respawn?
  7. Tobur

    Cant launch game - bad image

    Righto, Dedmen, good that we got that straight 😉
  8. Tobur

    Cant launch game - bad image

    Go to parameters on the left hand side in the Arma launcher and then change the "platform" setting to 32bit. Just curious: you don't have a 64bit windows version installed? Running Arma in the old 32bit version might cause severe problems with the performance (aka "1fps bug")
  9. Tobur

    Cant launch game - bad image

    wild guess: have you tried starting the 32bit version ?
  10. Did you have a look at these already? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33620 While the first one is a script, the second one's a mod though but pretty neat to quickly garrison units in buildings in the Eden editor
  11. Yes, it was indeed a corrupted remote file. I deleted the .a3s folder on the server and uploaded it again manually. Thanks for the quick help!
  12. Tobur

    Sound issues(MP,SP)

    Just to make some points clear, do you run any soundmods and do you use a x.x sound system or headset?
  13. I have this everytime now. I switched off my virus scanner, no change
  14. Recently I get an error message whenever I want to administrate my repo or just connect with Armasync (older and latest version): Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream. Does anybody have a clue?
  15. Tobur

    MP missions on dedicated server

    @Kasimir@Kasimir so after I finally got the mod set on the server, how about the coop missions? How to start them on a dedicated server?