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  1. Can somebody elaborate how this works with ACE and what settings I'd to change?
  2. In DRO body searches are done with the interaction BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd introduced in Apex.
  3. Have you tried custom Caching scripts, like ZBE?
  4. Tobur

    Returning player, need help...

    ok, I was reffering to this
  5. Here you go https://youtu.be/gF6ESlJizgg if you got DRO from the workshop you need to find the steam folder (somewhere here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata, see video) , unpack and pack the .pbo with PBO manager for example (shown in video). Tell if you need further help
  6. Hey, couldn't an answer in this thread yet. Is there a way to avoid shwoing the markers fior the AOs in the setup process? My problem is that in this process all markers on the map are deleted, including the ones for the tasks of a dynamic mission generator (TRGM)
  7. Tobur

    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    Hey George, many thanks for this explanation! Usually I get along with your script pretty well without you having to describe too much. They are very wel structured and clear. This time I missed the Units_Array.sqf, so everything should be fine now. Will give it a try.
  8. Tobur

    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    I'd like to customize the units to be spawned (in this case RHS opfor). Basic question is how to do this exactly. It's done in the GF_Auto_Population_Spawn_Settings.sqf , correct? How would this look like?
  9. Tobur

    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    Hey, can somebody provide me a customized GF_Auto_Population_Spawn_Settings.sqf as an example? Thanks!!
  10. Is this the compatibility for ACE? I cannot get it working with ACE medical
  11. after some testing I got this working. Really cool. One thing on my side: Most of the time the mouse menu options to check disguise, swap gear etc do not show. Only when I enter any inventory and then exit the options show. Any ideas? I run lots of mods and haven't checked w/out yet.
  12. Tobur

    My launcher is so broken please help

    Don't know a fix for your launcher problem but if you already have Armasync running you can set the (hidden) workshop folder as you Armasync mod folder. Be sure to start the vanilla launcher from time to time for updates though
  13. Tobur

    No sound in multiplayer

    Do you run any soundmods?
  14. Tobur

    Returning player, need help...

    Maybe stating the obvious but be sure the sever is running the same mods as you (and the same versions)
  15. Hey, thanks for this nice sandbox. What would be the best way to include ACE, the internal revive system seems to interfere with incapacitated players.