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  1. I have a similar question like paulipauli, with my rented virtual server from Gportal I cannot run any installation routines. I can upload stuff via ftp and edit the ArmA cfg files via a website. Any idea if I can upload the dlc and manually link it in any of those files?
  2. After a fresh system install ArmA doesn't save my key bindings anymore. I can set them during a game session but whenever I just open the control settings or restart the game they are set back to standard. I checked already if the profile files are set to read-only, negative. I run the latest profiling build. Just re-installed Arma again I also tried an old backup of my profiles. Some of those key bindings work but kind of weird. The joystick inputs for instance are shown in the corresponding category correctly (eg joystick trigger for firing weapon) but dont work actually. I can manually assign them with the same key which works (until restart) but the assigned key is shown twice. Any ideas?
  3. Tobur

    Weird shadow textures

    Good point sir, but just confirmed it happens also on vanilla. Fences and metal shed textures are also annoying. I tried transparency AA in Nvidia settings, didnt help and reverted to normal. Edit: scaling up the resolution and setting shadows to ultra and far away seems to help. I guess I need a better computer...
  4. Is there any way to mitigate the running shadow effect at the wall in the beginning of this video? Also the shadow textures of the rotors are flickering much. In total I have very jittery, disturbing texture-frames , can't get antialiasing get to work properly. I get the picture that FSAA creates those white outlines, but without the overall AA looks even more terrible. I experimented already with the Arma graphics settings (low to Ultra) and also in Nivida settings. Tried also higher resolutions (4k and others) via internal Arma scaling and DSR. Very annoying. I have a GTX 1080, running at 1440p, fresh drivers. Any ideas? Edit: here is another example showing running shadows cast by nets
  5. Tobur

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hi, thanks for the quick response. Erm, how do I reset a mission again.... ?
  6. Tobur

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hey, I have some issues with searching bodies for Intel. If I run with the standard OPFOR faction I can do the search via ace. If I pick a different faction in the parameters there's no option to do so. Any idea? Secondly is there anything else to check to scale down the mission for just a couple of player than the number of patrols in parameters? Thanks for this!
  7. Tobur

    Maus nicht bedienbar

    that above and make sure you run the game in full screen mode
  8. Cool, cool, will try this out again. Is this server sided? edit: I guess this is still somewhat compatible with MCC and ASR? Thanks for your work!
  9. Tobur

    MP missions on dedicated server

    Nope, but also haven't tried too hard lately...
  10. Have you checked here https://github.com/Arma-TCL-TypeX/TCL-TypeX-docs/wiki/TCL-group-types?
  11. Tobur

    Need a persistent mission

    Have you checked TRGM 2? Great for quick sessions with a few people and it's persistent
  12. Tobur

    Infinite Lobby Map loading screen

    Maybe problems with the respawn settings in the description.ext / mission respawn?
  13. Tobur

    Cant launch game - bad image

    Righto, Dedmen, good that we got that straight 😉
  14. Tobur

    Cant launch game - bad image

    Go to parameters on the left hand side in the Arma launcher and then change the "platform" setting to 32bit. Just curious: you don't have a 64bit windows version installed? Running Arma in the old 32bit version might cause severe problems with the performance (aka "1fps bug")