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  1. Yes, it was indeed a corrupted remote file. I deleted the .a3s folder on the server and uploaded it again manually. Thanks for the quick help!
  2. Tobur

    Sound issues(MP,SP)

    Just to make some points clear, do you run any soundmods and do you use a x.x sound system or headset?
  3. I have this everytime now. I switched off my virus scanner, no change
  4. Recently I get an error message whenever I want to administrate my repo or just connect with Armasync (older and latest version): Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream. Does anybody have a clue?
  5. Tobur

    MP missions on dedicated server

    @Kasimir@Kasimir so after I finally got the mod set on the server, how about the coop missions? How to start them on a dedicated server?
  6. Tobur

    MP missions on dedicated server

    @Kasimirafter my ticket Gportal now implemented a switch for GM DLC content. You can find it under basic settings
  7. Tobur

    [SP/COOP-(1-16)] Debatable Bravery

    Hey, thanks for the mission but I have troubles to start it. Apparently the files "asr_ai3_cfgcamouflage" and "asr_ai3_cfgvehicles" from the ASR AI3 mod are missing. They are not included in the Steamworkshop version (anymore?). Could you check this? Thanks!
  8. I think you can access the CBA options only during a running session. Not in the editor menu or so. Please correct me if I am wrong
  9. Tobur

    MP missions on dedicated server

    Hey, thanks for your effort, editing the @ string is known. But for Gportal there is just no possibility to add anything regarding mods / DLCs manually. The Gportal webinterface looks automatically for @xxx folders on the server and lets us activate/deactivate it only with a button. See here https://ibb.co/jGQYh2Y or I am totally nuts🤔 I guess this is the drawback for cheap / small slot servers.... I also created a ticket to the provider, they need to solve this I guess
  10. Tobur

    MP missions on dedicated server

    @Kasimirany news from Gportal?
  11. Thanks for the update. I get the error message that no running instance of Steam can be detected when I try to start. Old version still works
  12. Tobur

    MP missions on dedicated server

    Kasimir we are in the same situation with Gportal apparently... I will create a ticket there and will share any progress with them here
  13. Tobur

    MP missions on dedicated server

    Thx Mondkalb and thanks for the nice DLC ;). Unfortunately I am in the same situation as Kasimir, I don't have complete access to all server settings. It's just a small one with a Web interface, editable server.cfg not much more. Mods on the ftp server are automatically recognized and I can activate them via the interface. I will contact my provider Gportal to see what they can do. Thanks again!
  14. Tobur

    MP missions on dedicated server

    Same here, running a rented virtual server with mods (uploaded via ftp). No clue how to run the GM mod and the coop missions. Any ideas?