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  1. Following situation: In my mission the RESISTANCE players and their AI disguise as EAST soldiers and infiltrate their base. For that i let them joinSilent a WEST group. WEST is allied with EAST. Works like a charm. Now once a player damages or kills an EAST soldier i want him to joinSilent Resistance again. So each enemy soldier has a kill and a dammage eventhandler. Once they fire i want the shooter to join the group grpResRejoin so that he gets treated like an enemy. I created this group at the start of the mission: grpResRejoin = createGroup [independent, false]; Now the wiki says that once the last unit of an group dies, the group always gets deleted. So it might happen that a player kills an East soldier, joins the group grpResRejoin, gets killed himself and the group gets deleted. But what if another player kills an enemy now? He can't join grpResRejoin anymore because it got deleted. So i need to check each time before i want a player to join the group, if the group does exist. If not it needs to be created first. Problem is i can't check if the group does exist. (isNull grpResRejoin) doesn't return anything if the group hasen't been created. So how do i solve the Problem? Thank you for any advise
  2. I did already 🙂 https://feedback.bistudio.com/T155018 But on reddit somebody wrote me he didn't have that problem so i wasn't sure anymore if it wasn't just a me problem.
  3. Its nice to know that im not the only one. Now i have hope it gets fixed sooner or later^^
  4. The Mora behaves very weird on destruction. It flys throug the air almost every time and the Wreck gets stuck in the ground. I encountered this bug already a few weeks ago. I now reinstalled Arma, making sure no mod are enabled. Didn't fix it thou. Here a video that showcases the bug. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDVdJIRHQqQ Am i the only one with that bug?
  5. I want AAF to be able to controll an AN/MPQ-105 BLUFOR radar. I joined the radar with an AAF unit so they should be able controll it. As Host: 1. I am a AAF unit. 2. I pick up the AAF UAV terminal. 3. I open the AAF UAV terminal. 4. The Radar gets shown to me and i can click on it and connect. (It is marked as BLUFOR unit on the map thou) As Client: 0. I restart the mission 1. I am a AAF unit. 2. I pick up the AAF UAV terminal. 3. I open the AAF UAV terminal. 4. I can't see the Radar. I also can't connect by walking up to it and trying it directly. Even test = plLeader connectTerminalToUAV secRadar; doesn't work. I get connected to the UAV but i can't controll it. I also tried placing an empty radar and moved an AAF unit inside it. If i now connect to the radar i can eject the soldier and remote controll him, which of course is not what should happen. Anybody got any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  6. Got an answer on reddit. In case anybody ever has the same question, here is the answer The AMRAAM D missile carried by the F/A-181 has a Semi-Active Radar Homing guidance package. This requires the launching aircraft to illuminate the target with its onboard Active Radar (Fire Control) system to lock, launch and guide to impact. The data link allows the Black Wasp to close to within lethal attack range before lighting up (turning on the Active Radar system) thus minimizing adversary reaction time. If you wish to attack full stealth you'll have to use the BIM-9X IR guided missile or the gun (and get much closer). When target distance is under 1 km, apparently you are able to get a visual detection but you still shouldn't be able to shoot the AMRAAM w/o your active radar. Note minimum range is 800 m for the AMRAAM. The MIM-145 Defender missile system uses a different type of guidance that requires a (remote) active radar system to guide it. In other words, its only function is to get the missile in the air. This allows a single radar to control multiple missile batteries just like IRL. Answer is from KillAllTheThings from Reddit
  7. Following situation: I placed a radar in the editor. radar is active and it shares all data link info. i fly in a black wasp with the abillity to receive data link, but radar is turned of at all time. an enemy jet is approaching the position of the radar. I expected to be able to lock onto the ememy incoming jet with my medium range radar guided missiles. But i can't. I can see the enemy jet on the sensors panel, because my allied radar detected him and sends me his position. but i cant lock onto him until im closer than 1km. If i use the defender SAM site i can lock onto enemys via Data Link. My Question: Am i doing something wrong or is the black wasp just not able to lock onto data link shared targets? Also why can i suddenly lock onto them when the distance is less than one km?
  8. I will try if that works. Of course from time to time it is usefull to be in autohover. Thank you for the advise!
  9. I created a mission where you are controlling a Blackfoot gunship. This mission can be played in mutiplayer as well. But there is an issue. After a few minutes (ca 5 - 10min) the Blackfoot gunner starts to experience extreme camera shaking. I did test the mission with a friend and he did send me this: and this: He was the host btw. I did test this again with my and my girlfriends PC and the problem was still there. Does anybody else encouter this Problem?
  10. Thanks for the answer. Somehow didn't get a notification that somebody replied to my thread. The hold action is working in multiplayer. Not a smooth as in singleplayer but im ok with that. Im currently making tests to find out how locality works exactly. Thinks don't seem to be very consistent sometimes. But im sure i will understand it sooner or later ^^
  11. Im creating a multiplayer mission where i want that only the pilot of a chopper can use a certain BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd. Several things are confusing me. First i have a container with following code in the init line: I actually expected that the pilot would now see the enty several times, one entry for each player. But to my happy suprise the pilot can only see the entry once. So this is the first thing i can't understand. But it keeps getting more confusing. Once the pilot completes the hold action, a script gets started (rearm.sqf). In this script a new hold action gets created in exactly the same way as the first one: this time suddenly the action gets added once for every player. Why does it behave different this time? I then decided to change my script. I try to get the id of the player who is controlling the pilot: pilotID = 0; pilotID = owner heli1D; I made two tests. The first time the host was playing heli1D. in that case pilotID was 2. Why was the pilotID 2? The host wasn't able to see the holdAction (he should have been). Second test the clients controlls heli1D. pilotID is 2 again. the client can see the hold action and it also got added only once. Again i don't understand whats going on. Im totally confused now. Help would be highly appreaciated.
  12. Yeah i just found that solution. Didn't know you can even create lasertargets. Everything is working now. Thanks for the answer 🙂
  13. I want a darter to target enemy AA infanty with its laser for the player. Drone name = dr1 Enemy AA soldier name = e1 The drone is succesfully spotting the AA soldier. I then execute following script: dr1 reveal [e1, 4]; dr1 doTarget e1; [dr1, "Laserdesignator_mounted"] call BIS_fnc_fire; The AI starts firing its laserdesignator but it won't target the soldier. lookAt and doWatch didn't work either. I also tried: dr1G doTarget e1; with no success Is there anything else i can try?
  14. Sorry i meant trigger not array. My bad 🤦‍♂️ Yeah i meant trigger. My bad 🤦‍♂️ Ah thanks. Thats very interresting and quite convinient.