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  1. So ... after things cooled down in my mind (plus many messages I've got from community) I've decided to continue as before with HAFM. But ... as I can't prove that I'm innocent on Rafale cockpit matter, I'll build a new one using different technique so French kid accuser stop feeling that I stole his work. Again I'm not sure that I'll publish that aircraft but be sure that I'll post the new pit wireframe here and after that I'll not continue dealing with this matter any more. I still can't understand how this is happened but I can't do anything else for that.
  2. This mod will not be deleted ... and I need to be completely calm before continue writing (that's true).
  3. So ... first time in my life I'm getting a so strong accusation that based to the facts (one in a million coincidence for me) I can't even defend myself. The point for me isn't to prove that I'm not an elephant to community but to also prove the same to me. I can give you my word that I never cheated - ripped (no idea how) - or steal anyone else work ,,, but still those images are above my logic even. I could also re-build the cockpit (it would take me 2-3 hours most) but also this would not prove anything. Anyway ... my decision is to stop modding on HAFM and as I'm the only modder on it, the mod will be discontinued. I might continue with some parts of it on a mod with different tag and try to improve them ... or not according my will. I'm 54 years old now and after 15+ years of modding I don't have the same spirit as before. P.S. @ArmaModFrance ... you won the "battle" and must feel proud. HAFM DISCONTINUED
  4. I'll be honest .. those wireframes are too similar but not the same ... but looks like so close that I can understand your point (and your insults too as well). On any case I'm not a ripper as you claimed but still I can't prove anything based on that case ... My final decision based on what you said about me will be known on short time ... this decision will be based on your accusations and general community behavior so far. On any case ... based on those pics ... I can't blame you ... but honestly I don't know how to rip a p3d as also I can't see a reason to do that too ... especially this cockpit is an easy to make it one ... anyway ... need time to take some serious decisions.
  5. Waiting for your wireframe image too ... as you are continue to insult me ...
  6. Thanks for that unpolite accusation but I'm not using anything but what I build in 3ds max ... also I can't even figure out how is possible to open a p3d and stole whatever from inside. I'm moding over 15 years and must admit that no one ever insulted me (especially in public) like that .. but again I've nothing to proove. Good luck you too ...
  7. No, there is no problem and you can use them as before. Without ACE just the fast roping will be missed.
  8. small teaser of a wip ... Dassault Rafale F3R
  9. MOD updated to 5.4.7 version changelog HELICOPTERS - added fast rope capability using ACE3 UNITS - a new balaclava model added
  10. Not bad idea ... thanks for heads up on that.
  11. MOD updated to 5.4.6 version changelog SHIPS - Fix for Zeus (now Naval part is visible and selectable). - Some improvements on Frigate (MEKO) interior (still on beta version - only visual improvement).
  12. Αplion

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Dark ... for members community AH was just a database offered to community members gathering - indexing everything was/is already been into BI forum. People (badly IMHO) depended on it, but this was a mistake as there was nothing official. Based on that, nobody should be blamed for current situation. Fox is a respectful friend for me as many times in the past has helped me a lot. In my mind he should know (I'm sure he knew) the power that had in his hands as this database keeper. So if he decided to quit for his own reasons, he had an "obligation" to transfer this to someone else to continue. He will not get his money back, but this community was never based on money and donations (so far). Anyway ... as I said case is closed for me ... I'll not blame anyone and I don't like expressions as "illegal, selfish, ungrateful, nasty, hate posts, etc".
  13. Αplion

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    So nice darkxess ... because someone here acted wrong and maybe selfish or maybe because you don't like his breath ... the whole community is blamed and has to pay the price ... so nice ... I'm tired even reading all these "shit" (sorry) ... AH is gone with all its "treasure" together and only AH has to be blamed for that. Case closed for me.
  14. Αplion

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    You are right, I was not clear ... my post was aiming for all those people here posting just for what happened, criticizing at same time Foxhound, instead focusing of what some other guys doing to solve the issue. My apologies for been not clear enough.
  15. Αplion

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I'm reading your posts as every post in this thread ... I was not talking about you Jerry ...