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  1. after update cup files , i see this for t_amygdalusc2s_ep1_ca tree. check it....... https://www.mediafire.com/view/387xvmhnrc5n33x/t_amygdalusc2s_ep1_ca.png/file thanks
  2. dragonsyr

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    @Dedmen I've read them before i start this threat. no fix yet. ..................................................................................... ok then.....i hope bi fix it in a future update....... thanks to all for your time 🙂 edit for Dedmen question: When the launcher says arma is already running, doesn't it offer you a button to kill it, I guess that button just does nothing? Does it do anything? yes it offers a button but does nothing .....
  3. dragonsyr

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    @Bohemia Interactive please make the launcher stop check if the game is running . do the check when the client press the play button.
  4. dragonsyr

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    @Gunter Severloh exactly....... see my pics and try subscribe a new mod and then without install see in this folder if the mod exist. only this way you will understand the problem with the arma steam launcher. if the mod it is not in the root of arma like @modblahblah , or in the !workshop folder like shortcut then you cant launch that mod with any launcher for arma..... at least i can only install mods from arma launcher because when a new mod subscribed , when the launcher starts, pops a question outside from mods tab and ask to install the new mod (yes/no). the problem is that i cant uninstall any mods because when i press a checkbox it says "please exit arma 3 to manage your mods " . the only way to do that is to unsubscribe the mod through steam big screen.
  5. dragonsyr

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    @Gunter Severloh it says "please exit arma 3 to manage your mods " !workshop dir https://ibb.co/8MCQ4DC workshop steamapps https://ibb.co/GtpNXvT my folders
  6. dragonsyr

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    mod updates done only when i start steam client app. the arma launcher does nothing. i m sure that arma is not running.... this folder not exist or is empty if you not install the mods from arma launcher. Try subscribe a new mod and then without install see in this folder if the mod exist. you will find it only in workshop folder on steamapps. you can find it there with numbers for names. i dont want to search every folder to find a mod from 100 mod folders. i want the names of the mods like the shortcuts that made the launcher in !workshop folder in the root of arma3. (for extraction and editing purposes......i have a custom island in progress......) after the end of playwithsix (shame....) the workshop is the only alternative........ i dont have the time to hunt all the mods one by one for update..... see reply above ....
  7. dragonsyr

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    thanks for the answer . i have already another arma lancher to play with.(im using it from the beggining of ARMA) All questions you listed above are answered by myself , i search on the net and i found that others have the same problem with no solution , thats why ask here the question no issues with my pc and no any changes. Also you need from me to make a video to proof that the game is not running before i press the steam arma launcher..... just believe it... 🙂 as i understand you dont have any clue about this problem. can you help on next question? i need the steam launcher only for the workshop mods. so where can i find the folders for workshop downloaded mods without installation from arma launcher.? right now when the mods are installed from steam launcher , appears in workshop folder in arma3 root. if i can find the mod folders with their names and not as irrelevant numbers then the launcher is completely useless for me. ps. thanks for guiding me through the troubleshooting of the computers 👨‍🎓.........................
  8. dragonsyr

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    i m verifying that first because i start the machine at that moment , start steam and then arma lancher and second , i know what my pc doing every time.My job is IT manager.
  9. dragonsyr

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    no, i cant select anything from mods tab. is grey and say that the game is running........ The game NOT RUNNING
  10. dragonsyr

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    and why no one from Bohemia answer something for the problem. while searching I discovered that I am not alone in this problem.....
  11. dragonsyr

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    who is responsible for the launcher? Steam or BI ?
  12. whenever i open arma 3 launcher from steam and click on mods , it says "please exit arma 3 to manage your mods " the game is not running for sure....... the only thing i can do from mods tab is to load new installed mods. (it ask automaticaly if want to load the new mod) if you press yes on the popup question , then you cant unselect any of the loaded mods that you may have. all tab main frame is dark grey and says "please exit arma 3 to manage your mods " how can i unload the mods that dont want to run? Thanks
  13. dragonsyr

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    can i set the domi mission run on my island? is it possible to have a guidance how to run the mission on custom islands? reverse engineering needs too many hours of testings and i dont have time anymore🙂 thanks
  14. dragonsyr

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Welcome back Xeno! The best mission EVER on Arma series !!!
  15. dragonsyr

    delete objects with variable

    yet , lights is not deleted , for the on demand delete , my thought was to make a copy of the working script without the time loop and then use of the delete part of the code on each pad. if i can delete the lights even at night with this script running , then would be nice. if you try my code in a square pad and in a circle pad you will see what i need for lighting. i need it like this because i can easy change , add or move the lights as i want , also i can add other objects as well, the problem is that when i put this code in a while loop i cant delete the lights. if you can fix this would be nice, now if you can make it for multi pads would be perfect, and if you can make the delete on demand even at night then would be awesome!!! all this if you have the time to do it . i dont want to bother anyone from his work for my testings .... thanks