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  1. dragonsyr

    delete objects with variable

    yet , lights is not deleted , for the on demand delete , my thought was to make a copy of the working script without the time loop and then use of the delete part of the code on each pad. if i can delete the lights even at night with this script running , then would be nice. if you try my code in a square pad and in a circle pad you will see what i need for lighting. i need it like this because i can easy change , add or move the lights as i want , also i can add other objects as well, the problem is that when i put this code in a while loop i cant delete the lights. if you can fix this would be nice, now if you can make it for multi pads would be perfect, and if you can make the delete on demand even at night then would be awesome!!! all this if you have the time to do it . i dont want to bother anyone from his work for my testings .... thanks
  2. dragonsyr

    delete objects with variable

    as i see the lights created (too far from helipad ....how can i move the lights closer ? ) then when time pass i see the deleting lights hint and then i see creating lights hint and loop forever . the lights is still there. and how can i delete only the h1 or h2 pad lights? (when i remove the while time)
  3. dragonsyr

    delete objects with variable

    thank you. i ll try that
  4. dragonsyr

    delete objects with variable

    all created from this script . h2 is the name of the pad and the hlight1 is the namespace i want to be selected for the namespace (ignore the hlight1 ,is for my testings for _var = _this select 1; ) edit: if you see the first commented line of each script , is the init of the pad edit2 : the script that worked yesterday is the 1st script in the 1st spoiler on post #3....not the #1st post edit3: this is the original script (working)
  5. dragonsyr

    delete objects with variable

    1st , i need the lights that is spawned in this script to more than one helipad in specific range of time and when the time comes light spawn and when the time pass i want the lights to be deleted. 2nd i need also the same script edited (without the time loop) on more than one pad , with the ability to delete the lights on each pad on demand. thats why i need unique mission namespace value for each pad
  6. dragonsyr

    delete objects with variable

    Update: Yesterday the 1st script worked. Today not. What is going on with this... i dont understand . why when i insert the code in a while loop is not working?
  7. dragonsyr

    delete objects with variable

    with manual entry of the variable , the script is working but when i replace the name to _var , then i get error Error position: <_var; Error Undefined variable in expression: _var line 45 what can i do to get this working
  8. i have this script //init of the pad [h2,4,hlight1] execVM "Lightstime.sqf"; if (!isServer) exitWith {}; while {true} do { _var = _this select 2; if (daytime >= 17.5 || daytime < 6.5) then { if (isNil "_var") then { _var = []; _target_pos = getPos (_this select 0); _point = _this select 0; _light1 = "#lightpoint" createVehicle position _point; _light2 = "Land_runway_edgelight" createVehicle position _point; _light1 setLightBrightness 0.4; _light1 setLightAmbient[0.99, 0.99, 0.74]; _light1 setLightColor[0.0, 0.0, 0.0]; _light1 lightAttachObject [_point, [0,0,0]]; _var set [(count _var), "_light1,_light2"]; if(true) exitWith{}; }; } else{ if ( !(isNil "_var") ) then { { hint "light out"; deleteVehicle _x; }forEach _var; _var = nil; }; }; uiSleep 30; }; the code working for the spawn part (daytime from/to) edit: (when the time comes the lights is spawned.) but my problem is that i cant delete the lights . edit: (when the time pass , the lights is not deleted) i have made many tests with many code changes , but i have no luck yet. i think that the variable i want to set is not working . (hlight1 in this example) how can i check it? i want this script because i want to use it on many pads with unique variable on each one because i want to delete the lights on each pad on demand from another script (without the daytime command) thanks
  9. i ll try that lifeundone......
  10. Another thing that missing from the mission is a repair and rearm point for vehicles .
  11. The civs gives you only directions where to looking for enemys that have intel for the missions. At this stage is only information . No map markings or anything visual. ;) When you kill an enemy you will see the intel infront of the body . If not, search all bodies . edit: KevsNoTrev say that allready...... I was late on my post action......
  12. another small issue i found is when i run the mission in DS , when i spawn anything from vehicles or air depot , i hear the information radio voice in fast forward. also when i deploy the mhq the radio voice is in ffw (i think that all info voices is in ffw.) when i run the mission localy within game server (host server in mp) the voices is ok. is the " BIS_fnc_sayMessage command " ds mp problem or is my pc local problem ?
  13. I have mission locations near the base and when those locations selected from the task manager , then when i try to start the mission , i get players is to close..... how can i prevent that without moving the base or exclude the locations from the map data....
  14. i want to lower or disable the distance restriction that the fn_operations.sqf use to create missions. (line 338) is it possible? edit: Also i need to move the intro camera position when player join thanks
  15. Thank you for the tips Blackheart and thank Mathias from me for his help . rpt next post.