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  1. PapaReap

    Aspect ratio option removed

    Thank you Bohemia for bringing the aspect ration option back.
  2. @zafjr At the bottom of your launcher, choose the arma3battleye.exe instead of arma3_x64.exe The game engine will choose the 64bit for you.
  3. Thanks for your response major, would you remember if this was done using fileZilla or apache?
  4. major, by chance have you had a chance to look at the post I made a page back? I haven't had any success figuring out how to use google drive with Arma3Sync, if this is not possible that's ok, I'll end my efforts. Thanks
  5. @major_shepard, First off, I want to tip my hat to you for your continued devotion to this project, your excellent work and the help you provide to the community, this is wonderful. My group and I have been using a3s for about as long as it has been around. After I first set it up on our rented server, the only maintenance I've had is just build/sync for the past years, kudos to you It's been a while since I've actually looked back to this forum topic, I decided to start from post 1 and read through the 85 pages now and catch up (I've forgotten how much a3s has evolved). My interest was the possibility of hosting the repo files to a cloud drive, such as Google Drive. I'm playing with the idea of dropping my rented server and going to a local dedicated rig for hosting game play at my house (separate from my gaming rig, but on same network). I would then setup the ftp server on this machine. The only issue I would have by doing this would be, my internet speed to upload sync'd repo to our members (mod set upwards 40gb) would be sub-par and not really a option I would take. This leads me to this question, The only real suggestion that I could find concerning google drive is here. Is this a reality of using google drive to host the source of the download/sync, and if so how exactly would one accomplish this vrs the way I do it now, ftp on rented dedicated server using fileZilla (same server hosting modset)? If this is a possibility I would gladly accept any guidance on this matter, if not possible, I understand too. Once again, thank you very much for your work with a3s.
  6. PapaReap

    Memory could not read...

    One of our members was having these same problems (memory read/write crash), actually, his game wouldn't even launch to the menu. His problem seemed to be related to full screen. We fixed his problem by having him launch the game in windowed mode, then switching after in game to full screen windowed.
  7. PapaReap

    Aspect ratio option removed

    Yes I have, several different ways actually. From my earlier post you can see that here I have moved all hud options onto my center monitor (saved and restarted). However, as you can see in this photo that the hint dialog appears to the far right monitor. This is a bug I believe, because as the picture shows, my layout it is located center monitor. There are also other items that appear to the far right monitor that I hadn't mentioned as they are from other mods used (primarily task force radio). While obviously the game can still be played, this removal of the aspect ratio option has taken this game a few steps backwards imo. Other than the hud while gaming, the whole GUI is not friendly whatsoever. Simple things like picking mission parameters, the options are to the very far left of left monitor, while the selections are to the very far right monitor. I have to highlight each line just to be able to see what selection goes with what option (my eyes can't track very far across 5' of screen). In my group alone, we have at least 5 members that use either surround or eyefinity setups. All of them are complaining of several problems that never existed prior to this last update. One of them even has given up on his triple monitor setup and is only playing with a single display. Just seems like there could be some kind of exception for multi-display settings. If we can figure out how to game with multi-displays, we should be able to set the right aspect ratio to game with.
  8. PapaReap

    Aspect ratio option removed

    Don't suppose for a Christmas gift, there are any solutions/hacks to this issue yet? Maybe a new year resolution could be to fix this Merry Christmas to all
  9. PapaReap

    Aspect ratio option removed

    Yeah, I hadn't even discussed what a pain it is going to and from eyefinity display. I like to use Arma in fullscreen window mode (easier in editor to switch to other monitors for editing, copy, paste, etc...). Prior to removing aspect ratio adjustment, I would choose my aspect ratio, switch to whichever display I wanted, restart game and good to go. CaptTyler425 don't know if any of this will work for you to get by, but this is now what I have to do to get any kind of playablity. Not sure about nvida surround vrs amd eyefinity similarities, but it seems to be affecting both of us in one way or another. Steps if I want to run the game in eyefinity. 1) Options / Video / Display - switch to fullscreen, 1680x1050 (16:10). 2) Exit game. 3) Enable eyefinity display. 4) Restart Arma. 5) Options / Video / Display - switch to fullscreen window, 5292x1050 (restart required). 6) Restart Arma again. 7) Play game. Steps to disable eyefinity. 1) Options / Video / Display - switch to fullscreen, 1680x1050 (16:10). 2) Exit game. 3) Disable eyefinity display. 4) Restart Arma. 5) I then fumble my way to (only because I have the tabs memorized) Options / Video / Display - choose 1680x1050 (16:10) resolution to fix screen font. 6) Choose Fullscreen Window 7) Exit and restart Arma again. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy Arma. I have over 10k hours in Arma 3 alone between playing and in the editor. Prior to this last change I would give the "user experience" a 10. Now, I would have to give that same rating a 4. Below are just a few more screens of the messed up ui Unreadable menus Missing menus
  10. PapaReap

    Aspect ratio option removed

    I'm not sure they're taking into account what triple head users are dealing with after this aspect ratio change. I use 3 monitor eyefinity for the added peripheral vision during game play. However, with around 5' of horizontal screen area it is quite cumbersome to have to look all the way across 3 screens to see and click on screen options. Before this aspect removal all options were allowed to be on the center screen. I would hope the dev's will look at this matter and come up with a possible solution and allow the return of aspect ratio adjustments. If only 10% are unable to adjust their screen ratio properly, perhaps allow for the other 90% to have other options to adjust their ratios. If even through other settings, we should be able to enjoy our game play as we have in the past. Below are screen shots of triple head game play. If this is what you intended triple monitor game play to be, then I believe this is a big step backwards. I only hope this was a oversite and there will be a fix coming soon. The photos below are taken over 3 monitors at 5292x 1050, viewing distance is roughly 20". With these recent adjustments, I might just get a case of whiplash :wacko: After adjusting and saving a custom hud to return my hud to center monitor, there appears to be a bug what won't allow hints and radio boxes display where set from custom hud setting. This is 2.5' from center of game play, most hints will never be seen. Again, taking eyes way away from important game play. Having the chat box to the far left monitor is no good, side monitors are for peripheral vision and taking eyes off center monitor is way too distracting and removes eyes from game play. Again, chat box is 2.5' to the left. Not good to remove eyes this far from action to see type.
  11. PapaReap

    EDEN destroying Headless Client setup

    Yes, thank all you guys for all the hard work. I know this issue was just one of many you guys were dealing with lately.
  12. Not sure if this is what you're looking for but here is what I use to set damage to individual body parts with ace for whatever reasons the mission might need. Bodypart = "HitRightLeg", "HitLeftLeg", "HitRightArm", "HitLeftArm", "HitBody", "HitHead"; Damage = 0 - 1; player setHitPointDamage [bodypart, Damage]; Example: player1 setHitPointDamage ["HitRightLeg", 0.4];
  13. @Vitio, check your pm. I don't want to hijack this thread.
  14. Soulis6, you could try this if you have debug and know players name (man1) or whatever, should make them 100% good to go, you could tweak the numbers if you wanted to leave some damage. playerName setVariable ["ace_medical_bloodVolume", 100, true]; playerName setVariable ["ace_medical_pain", 0, true]; playerName setVariable ["ACE_isUnconscious", false, true];
  15. Thanks Raymix and others, this works well for what I was looking for.